SkyParkSecure Company Information

Established for over 15 years, SkyParkSecure has direct relationships with more than 300 secure U.K. airport car parks, which means you will always find a car park suited to your needs. These include official on-airport parking, off-site meet and greet services and also the more economical park & ride option.

With SkyParkSecure you are only offered car parks that meet a very high standard of security and which meet the official Park Mark seal of approval.

If a car park falls below a certain level SkyParkSecure will issue a warning, if the reviews don’t improve the car park will be removed from the site. This is unique for an airport comparison site and ensures only the best car parks are listed.

Car Parks Offered by SkyParkSecure

Here is a breakdown of all the car parks offered by SkyParkSecure at each airport location.

Click each airport or specific car park to be taken through to the relevant information page.

Aberdeen Airport Aberdeen Airpark Aberdeen Long Stay
Belfast City (George Best) Airport Belfast City Short Stay Belfast City Long Stay
Belfast International Airport Belfast Cosmo Parking Karl Airport Parking Ltd Belfast International Main Stay Car Park Belfast International Long Stay Car Park
Birmingham Airport Birmingham Airparks Services APH Birmingham Birmingham AngloParks Meet and Greet Birmingham Airport Car Park 5 (formerly Long Stay 1) Birmingham Airport Car Park 1 (formerly Short and Medium Stay 1) Birmingham Airport Car Parks 2 & 3 (formerly Short and Medium Stay 2 & 3) Birmingham Stress Free Meet and Greet Parking Birmingham Blue Circle Meet and Greet (formerly Drive Fly) Birmingham Ace Meet & Greet Birmingham Skyparksecure Super Saver Meet & Greet Birmingham I Can Park and Ride Birmingham Swift Meet & Greet Birmingham Maple Parking Meet and Greet
Bournemouth Airport Bournemouth Airport Car Park 2
Bristol Airport Bristol Chauffeur Parking Bristol Official Meet and Greet Bristol Official Silver Zone Car Park Bristol Official Long Stay Parking Bristol Official Multi-Storey Parking
Cardiff Airport Cardiff Airparks Services - CLOSED Cardiff Highwayman Security Park
Dover Airport Dover Ferry Parking Dover Cruise Parking Dover Port Parking
Dublin Airport N/A
East Midlands Airport East Midlands Jet Parks Plus East Midlands Stress Free Meet and Greet Parking East Midlands Jet Parks 1 East Midlands Jet Parks 2 East Midlands Short Stay 3 East Midlands Airport Meet & Greet East Midlands Long Stay 1 East Midlands Mid Stay 1 East Midlands Mid Stay 2 East Midlands Long Stay 2 East Midlands Mid Stay 3 East Midlands Short Stay 1 East Midlands Short Stay 2
Edinburgh Airport Edinburgh Quality Parking Edinburgh Secure Airparks - Self Park Edinburgh Flying Scot Edinburgh Park & Fly Meet & Greet Edinburgh Low Cost Parking EDI Parking Long Stay Edinburgh Airporter Meet & Greet EDI Parking Official Valet EDI Parking Terminal Multi-Storey with FastTrack EDI Parking Terminal Surface Edinburgh Plane Parking Meet & Greet Edinburgh PremiAir Edinburgh Plane Parking Edinburgh Ace Meet & Greet EDI Parking Mid Stay EDI Parking Official Business Valet Edinburgh Maple Parking Meet and Greet Edinburgh Airport Official Long Stay Express Edinburgh Plane Parking Express Edinburgh Airport Official FastPark Edinburgh Flying Scot Self Park - Summer Special
Exeter Airport Exeter Flyparks Park and Fly Exeter Grange Park and Fly Exeter On Airport Long Stay 3 Exeter Main Yard Meet & Greet
Gatwick Airport Gatwick Skypark Super Saver Meet & Greet Gatwick Tudor Rose Meet and Greet APH Gatwick Gatwick Skyone Meet & Greet Gatwick Airparking Meet and Greet Gatwick Tudor Rose Chauffeur Park and Ride Gatwick I Love Meet & Greet Eco-Parking Meet and Greet Gatwick ACE Meet and Greet Gatwick Purple Parking (formerly Airparks) Gatwick APH Meet and Greet (South Terminal) Gatwick APH Meet and Greet Forecourt Gatwick AMAG Parking - Meet and Greet Cophall Parking Gatwick Gatwick Help Me Park Meet and Greet Parking Gatwick Sure Parking Meet & Greet Gatwick Secure Meet and Greet Gatwick ABC Meet and Greet Parking Just Valet Parking Gatwick Gatwick I Love Park & Deliver Gatwick Holiday Parking North (Keep Your Keys) - Non Flexible Gatwick Holiday Parking South (Keep Your Keys) - Non Flexible Gatwick Holiday Parking North (Drop Off Your Keys) - Non Flexible Gatwick Bubble Park & Deliver - Return Meet Gatwick Bubble Valet Parking - Eco Meet & Greet
Glasgow Airport Glasgow Flyaway Parking Swift Park Parksafe Glasgow Glasgow Flying Scot Express Meet and Greet Park 'N' Fly Glasgow Glasgow Flying Scot Direct Parking Skyport Parking Glasgow Glasgow Long Stay Self Park Glasgow Parkfast Glasgow Speed Park Glasgow My Easy Park and Ride
Heathrow Airport Heathrow Star Parking Meet & Greet - Terminals 2, 3, 4 & 5 Heathrow Buzz Park and Ride Heathrow Happy Days Meet and Greet (T2, 3 & 5) Heathrow Blue Circle Meet and Greet (formerly Drive Fly) Heathrow Purple Parking Park and Ride T5 Heathrow Business Meet & Greet Heathrow Blue Circle Park and Ride (formerly Drive Fly) Heathrow Knights of London Meet and Greet Heathrow Skyparksecure Supersaver Meet & Greet Heathrow National Meet & Greet Heathrow Purple Parking Meet & Greet Heathrow NCP Flightpath - Terminals 2 and 3 Heathrow Sky Spring Special Heathrow SPS Meet & Greet Heathrow Ace Meet and Greet Terminals 2-5 Heathrow Aero Park & Ride Heathrow Thistle Parking (T5) Heathrow Parking Force Meet and Greet Heathrow Purple Parking Park and Ride T4 Priority Heathrow Purple Parking Park and Ride T4 Heathrow Purple Parking Park and Ride T2 and T3 Heathrow Good To Go Meet & Greet Heathrow Happy Days Park and Ride Heathrow Maple Parking Meet and Greet Terminals 2-5 Heathrow Good to Go Park and Ride (Terminal 5) Heathrow Good to Go Park and Ride (Terminals 2 and 3) Heathrow Royal Meet and Greet Heathrow MBW Meet and Greet Heathrow Premier Park and Stroll - Terminal 4 Heathrow Airtime Meet & Greet Heathrow Airtime Park & Ride Heathrow AirParker Park & Ride - Terminals 2, 3 & 5 Heathrow AirParker Park & Ride - Terminal 4
Humberside Airport Humberside On Airport Parking
Inverness Airport Inverness Airport Long Stay Car Park Inverness Airport Short Stay Car Park
Leeds Bradford Airport Leeds Sentinel Security Leeds Bradford In2 Car Parking LCS Meet and Greet Leeds Bradford Leeds Bradford Airport Car Parks Leeds Bradford Airport Car Parks Meet and Greet Leeds Bradford Meet & Shuttle Return Leeds Bradford Simple Meet & Greet Leeds Bradford Airport Long Stay Leeds Bradford Airport Mid Stay Leeds Bradford Park2Travel Leeds Bradford Airport Parking Services Meet & Greet
Liverpool Airport Liverpool Chauffeur Parking Liverpool Park and Ride Liverpool In2 Car Parking Liverpool Imagine Car Parking Liverpool Skypark Liverpool Skypark Meet and Greet Liverpool APL Parking Liverpool Long Stay Parking Liverpool Multi Storey Car Park Liverpool Premium Car Park Liverpool Park Smart (formerly Cheap Parking)
London City Airport London City Butterfly Meet and Greet London City Cohen Greet and Go London City Terminal Short Stay Parking London Official On-Site Parking
Luton Airport Luton Airparks Services Luton Long Term Parking Luton Mid Term Parking Luton Short Term Parking Luton Priority Parking Meet and Greet Luton Stress Free Meet and Greet Parking Luton Blue Circle Meet and Greet (formerly Drive Fly) Luton Skyparksecure Supersaver Meet & Greet Luton Pink Pig Parking Park & Ride Luton Pink Pig Parking Meet & Greet Luton 247 Airport Parking - Meet and Greet Luton Swift Park Meet and Greet Luton Paige Airport Parking Ltd Luton Easy Parking Meet & Greet Luton Park and Ride Luton Help Me Park - Meet & Greet Luton Swift Park and Ride Luton ABC Meet and Greet Luton Terminal Car Park 1 (formerly Multi Storey) Luton Smart Meet and Greet
Manchester Airport Manchester Purple Parking Park & Ride Manchester Chauffeur Parking Manchester PPS Meet and Greet Manchester H and P Secure Parking APH Manchester Manchester Shenton's Park and Ride Manchester Toad Parking Meet & Greet Manchester EazyPark Meet and Greet Manchester Jet Parks Plus Manchester Airport Multi-Storey Terminal 1 Manchester Airport Multi-Storey Terminal 2 East Manchester Airport Multi-Storey Terminal 3 Manchester Jet Parks 1 Manchester Long Stay Terminal 2 Manchester Long Stay Terminals 1 & 3 Manchester Official Meet & Greet Plus (Terminal 1) Manchester Official Meet & Greet Plus (Terminal 2) Manchester Official Meet and Greet (Terminal 1) Manchester Official Meet and Greet (Terminal 2) Manchester Official Meet and Greet (Terminal 3) Manchester Official Meet & Greet Plus (Terminal 3) Manchester Jet Parks 3 Manchester Indoor Park n Ride Manchester Skypark Ltd Manchester Toad Park & Ride Manchester Jet Parks 2 Manchester Jet Parks Ringway Manchester Hunters Airport Parking Manchester Peter Ashley Park & Ride Manchester APL Parking Ltd Manchester Carepark Meet & Greet Manchester Carepark Park & Ride Manchester Airport Multi-Storey Terminal 2 West Manchester Airport Long Stay Multi-Storey - All Terminals Manchester Airport Mid Stay Terminals 1 & 3 Manchester Airport Drop & Go (Terminals 1-3)
Newcastle Airport Newcastle Park & Fly Newcastle A1 Airport Parking Airparks Newcastle Newcastle Official On Airport Long Stay Parking Newcastle On Airport Meet and Greet Newcastle A1 Parking Meet & Greet Newcastle Official On Airport Short Stay 1
Norwich Airport Parking at Holiday Inn Express Norwich
Prestwick Airport Glasgow Prestwick Watsons Ayr Park Prestwick Secure Parking Glasgow Prestwick Car Park 3 (Terminal Mid & Long Stay)
Robin Hood Doncaster Airport Platinum Meet and Greet Doncaster Robin Hood Long Stay Car Park Doncaster Blue Sky Park and Ride Robin Hood Airport Premium Parking Robin Hood Short Stay Car Park Robin Hood Mid Stay Car Park Robin Hood Meet and Greet
Shannon Airport N/A
Southampton Airport Southampton WF Parking Southampton WF Parking Meet and Greet Southampton Meet and Greet at Short Stay Southampton Airlynx Park & Ride
Southend Airport Southend SACP Car Park Southend SACP Meet and Greet
Stansted Airport Stansted Park and Fly Meet & Greet Stansted All Seasons Meet and Greet Stansted Go Airport Parking Meet and Greet Stansted Easy Parking Meet & Greet Stansted Kings Meet and Greet Stansted Alpha Meet and Greet - Non Flexible Stansted OPS Mid Stay Park & Ride Stansted Meteor Meet & Greet Parking Stansted Pink Elephant Park & Ride Stansted Official Meet and Greet Stansted Official Long Stay Stansted Jet Parks Stansted Official Valet Parking Stansted Valet Parking Stansted I Love Meet and Greet Stansted Maple Parking Park & Ride Stansted Ace Meet & Greet Stansted Maple Parking Meet & Greet Stansted I Love Park and Ride Stansted Peak Park and Ride Stansted My CSL Meet and Greet Stansted My CSL Park and Ride Stansted Official Short Stay Green Multi Storey Stansted Official Short Stay Premium - Yellow Zone Stansted Official Mid Stay Stansted Official Short Stay Economy - Blue Zone Stansted Bubble Park & Ride Stansted Bubble Valet Parking - Eco Meet & Greet
Teesside Airport Teesside Official On Airport Parking