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Follow the signs for Edinburgh Airport and at the roundabout with the Hilton Hotel, turn right. At the next roundabout, turn left, following the signs for the Mid Stay car park. The car park is located on your right.


Arrival procedure

On arrival, please drive up to the barrier at the entrance. The barrier will recognise the car registration and automatically generate a ticket. If the ticket is not issued, please press the intercom for assistance.


Return procedure

When you return, your number plate will be read automatically at the exit barrier. If you have any problems, please press the intercom button to talk to our staff.



The car park has full Park Mark award accreditation and CCTV.


Additional information

You simply park and walk to check-in so you get to keep your car keys.


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Mid Stay
Gogar Bridge Road
Edinburgh Airport
EH12 9DN

Distance to airport

The car park is located within a 5-8 minutes' walk from the Terminal.

Transfers from airport

Transfers are not required as the car park is within walking distance from the terminal.

EDI Parking Mid Stay reviews

Our average review score for EDI Parking Mid Stay is 4.5 from 2 reviews.

"Overall a good experience. Relatively short walk to the terminal and very reasonably priced. The only surprise was on the return journey. I put my ticket into the machine to depart the car park, but as our flight had been delayed, we were over our time. The result was, the screen saying I owed £450! A bit of a shocker after an already difficult journey. However, I pressed the buzzer and spoke to the attendant who requested my booking reference number. He then lifted the barrier. All's well that ends well...."

September 26, 2016

"Great, very reasonable parking, easy instructions and communication. Only a little 5 minute walk to terminal where pathway is very well lit. We'll definite use again, thank you"

August 19, 2016