Birmingham Swift Meet & Greet

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Arrival procedure

On the day of your travel, please call the car park on the number provided on your confirmation email 20 minutes before arriving at your terminal. The chauffeur will be waiting for you at the designated terminal point. After meet and greet, a speedy inquiry is conducted by our representative to catalogue any previous dents or damages to your vehicle; then it is time to handover your car keys and head to the departure lounge.

Return procedure

On your return, please give them a call after clearing customs on the number on your confirmation and the chauffeur will be dispatched right away with your car to your terminal while you make your way to the designated meeting up point. You will be asked to conduct a vehicle inspection to your satisfaction. After the brief checking process, your keys will be handed over to you for your journey home.

Please note that once your exit ticket has been paid by their staff member, you then have 10 minutes to leave the 'valet parking' car park as failure to do so will result in extra charges payable by you to NCP car park.


Experienced CRB-checked staff with uniform and IDs. Barrier controlled car park with CCTV.

Birmingham Swift Meet & Greet reviews

Our average review score for Birmingham Swift Meet & Greet is 2.5 from 13 reviews.
Jeanette Reakes

Won't be using this company again! Definitely not a Swift service! Had to wait for them to arrive to collect the car, and on our return had to wait 20 minutes at 2 am for them to turn up after a few phone calls to see where they were! No checks to see who we were, car keys could have been handed over to anyone! Never again.
May 27, 2019

Peter Jones

I have used meet and greet many times from Birmingham and have to say this is the worst experience ever encountered. The reviews below are all echoing the same feelings that I have. Naturally, I complained on our return on the 17th April after waiting in the freezing cold -1c. They didn't know where our car was, they offered me a lift in the end in a customer's car to fetch my own car! It took over an hour to get the car back. Skyparksecure assisted some how to use their accounts to refund me my money less an admin fee, quite how they use their accounts is beyond me as they deny that they are responsible for Swift Meet and Greet? I suspect strongly that all these little meet and greet companies are under the umbrella of the big one for business reasons. I think my next step could be to use anyone else except this outfit who don't have a clue.
May 3, 2019

Becky Rice

Terrible service. We booked in order to retrieve our car quickly and easily. We waited an hour to get our car back in the end. The representatives were unapologetic and rude. We will not be using this car park again.
April 17, 2019

Tony Clarke

I don't normally do reviews, but feel one is needed on this occasion! They ask you to call 20 mins before arrival, I tried for 25 mins, around 20 calls, just going to mobile answerphone, which said inbox full, no messages can be left. I tried the office number twice, no reply, I sent a text. We had actually arrived at the airport, and entered a car park when we got a call back to tell us where to go to. The attendant receiving us was just constantly on his phone, and didn't seem to realise by now, we were getting close to missing our flight. Eventually, he just took the key and we went to the terminal. On arrival back, pretty much the same, 20 minutes of trying to get through, never did get a reply, so went to where we left the car, only finding a very irate lady who had been waiting for 2 hours plus for her car, ranting on the phone and to the attendant. We waited an hour, the other lady still hadn't got her car back and the only saving grace was the nice NCP attendant, who let us stay in his office, otherwise we would have frozen. Certainly, won't be using this service again.
April 10, 2019

Margherita Boon

Worst Meet and Greet Parking Experience EVER - Call en route to airport as requested. Upon arrival no-one from this company around. Called them again and shouted at by operator saying that should have phoned when on way - replied I did, to be told that if there were extra waiting charges these would be passed on. Finally someone arrived to take vehicle - no hi vis, no indication of company name - took keys, did not inspect car and did not provide receipt. On return - called as requested when collected luggage - no answer to multiple calls. Finally after trying many times got answer and operated indicated they were not sure where car was and would phone back when found! I made my way to drop off area and waited in the cold - finally someone arrived with vehicle - an hour after first contacting them. After departing car park - I then noted that vehicle had done over 100 miles since I had left it (I had photographed mileage when I left vehicle). DO NOT USE THIS COMPANY - Appalling service.
March 14, 2019

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