Stansted Official Short Stay Premium - Green Zone


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Please leave the M11 at Junction 8. Follow the road for just over a mile and you'll come to a large motorway roundabout and will need to take the first exit immediately left onto Thremhall Avenue, towards Stansted Airport. Shortly after, you'll come to the Priory Wood Roundabout and will need to take the third exit, which will come out onto the A120. Take the first slip-road on the left and you should come out onto the Bassingbourn roundabout and should take the second exit continuing on Thremhall Avenue. You'll then come out at Coopers End roundabout and should take the third exit onto Terminal Road South. At the end of this road, you'll come to one last roundabout and the Green car park is at the second exit.

Arrival procedure

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On arrival, please pull up to the car park’s barrier , which will read your number plate, give you a ticket and open for you.

If you have any problems, please press the button to talk to the car park’s team, but make sure you don’t push the ticket button or you will be charged again for your parking.

Please make sure you get to the car park at least half an hour before your flight to make sure you have time.

Return procedure

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On return, please walk back to the Green car park. Once you've collected your car, drive to the barrier and it will open to let you out.

If the barrier doesn’t open, please press the button to speak to someone at the car park.


The car park has 24-hour CCTV, lighting, and is regularly patrolled by staff. It has been awarded the Park Mark award.


Disabled facilities

Parking bays for Blue Badge holders are available in each Short Stay car park. Help points are located close by.

Additional information

You park your own car and keep your keys.

While the pre-booking prices are cheaper than those you'd pay at the airport, the shortest time you can book parking for is 24 hours. If you're parking at the car park for less time, it may be significantly cheaper to pay when you arrive. The car park can't offer you a refund if you book for less than 24 hours and find the price at the car park is lower.

Short Stay Saver

Bookings for this product cannot be amended or cancelled.

Stansted Official Short Stay Premium - Green Zone reviews

Our average review score for Stansted Official Short Stay Premium - Green Zone is 3.5 from 25 reviews.
N Dybisz

Easy in, easy out. Short covered walk from terminal. Perfect
May 5, 2018

R Mcdowell

The parking experience is to me the only good part about Stansted Airport. You arrive at the nominated time , select a parking space and secure the car. The Terminal is stressful, the security checks are rushed;there is no common sense applied. the route through the retail section should be by- passed as it is a torture chamber. Accessing the gates and embarking is not fluid , with passengers and their luggage being requested to wait in the weather outside whilst the plane service crew undertake simple tasks. On the return you wait to disembark for over half an hour whilst the support team are contracted to undertake the task. The delayed return flight takes the flight outside the normal working hours at Stansted. Then the luggage is delayed getting to the carousel for a further hour. Finally you get to leave the Terminal building without a cheerio from anyone in authority or access to a drink of water. A healthy stroll to your car which starts first time and whisks you off to a good nights sleep. - Car parking is great - please sort out Stansted Airport
April 6, 2018

William newell

Entry was fine and very close to the terminal but on exit the barrier wouldn’t lift and the card machine demanded £180 outstanding charge even though I’d paid in advance. Being small hours, very dark and the exit area being un lit, I couldn’t see the call button and this caused stress as a queue was behind me. Same thing happened to the car in front of me so I was already wound up. Once I spoke to someone and gave name and reg the barrier was lifted. Doubt I’ll use it again.
March 13, 2018

B Silva

Great park!
February 19, 2018

Mr G Shorrock

Outrageously expensive. Everything else great.
February 17, 2018

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