Manchester Official Meet and Greet (Terminal 2)

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Leave the M56 at junction 5, stay in the left hand lane following signs for Terminal 2. At the first roundabout, take the 2nd exit, signposted Terminal 2. At the 2nd roundabout take the 2nd exit signposted T2 Meet&Greet (T2 M&G). Proceed past the over height car park. The entrance to the drop-off area is 4th on the left hand side.

If you are able to enter latitude and longitude details into your Sat Nav, the following will be of use:
Latitude: 53.367059
Longitude: -2.277418

Arrival procedure

Please check your confirmation email for details.

When you reach the entrance to the car park (signposted Valet parking), please press the help button and quote your booking reference number and name to a member of staff. You do not need to take a ticket. Once you have parked, simply unload your luggage and enter our Valet reception to deposit your key. You will be given a receipt which you should keep safe for your return.
Once you've unloaded your car and completed a vehicle check with the receptionist, follow the footpath into Terminal 2.

Return procedure

Please check your confirmation email for details.

Enter our Valet reception at Terminal 2 and present your receipt. Your key will be returned alongside details of where your car is parked in the multi storey car park. The multi storey car park is situated opposite Valet reception.


Your car will be stored at a secured Manchester airport car park with fencing and entry/exit barriers.


Disabled facilities

Valet parking is ideal for guests with a disability. There's no need for transfers you simply drive straight to the airport and let someone else do the work for you.

Additional information

If your actual stay is longer than your booked stay, you will be charged extra on your departure. The extra money will be at the car park's standard daily rate.

No refund will be given for part used stays and any additional time will be charged at the local gate rate.

Maximum vehicle height 2.0 metres (6 feet 6 inches).

Trailers are not permitted.

Manchester Official Meet and Greet (Terminal 2) reviews

Our average review score for Manchester Official Meet and Greet (Terminal 2) is 4 from 109 reviews.
Susan Simkiss

First time using this service and the last! We arrived at the supposedly Meet and Great. Signposted M&G terminal 2 Manchester. We followed instructions car was scanned which thought great so professional. Was then instructed to park right up to car in front which were all in lines we got our baggage out of the car then instructed to take the keys to the terminal opposite and drop off at the meet and greet desk. So off we go. When we found the desk handed over the keys, and were given a card to retrieve keys. I asked where do we go when we get back and was told here in the terminal same desk. So off we go on our cruise! On our return at 4pm after travelling since 7am that morning exhausted Got through customs into the terminal and approaching the desk where we had dropped off the keys only to find it was shut! After going to information we were told the reception was in the multi story car park outside the terminal. Off we go again. On approaching the reception we spotted our car parked there aside the crossing we were Happy it was waiting for us but never the less we had to drag our cases to the car. What happened to meet and greet? Despite this tired we jumped in the car for the next leg of our journey. On the way out I actually said to my partner the car would be scanned again on exit but apparently this is not the case. Later when passing the car noticed a white scrape on the front bumper. Then the other side the same thing but not as big. This was a new bumper as we had not long got the car back after being hit by another car. And was in perfect condition but the company deny any liability and that we should have checked before leaving even if we had the car was parked in the shadows and up to a pillar. If they are going to scan then why not both ways or if it was meet and greet as described and advertised the driver would have to meet and ask you to check the vehicle as garages do when your car is returned. Why call it meet and greet if you are not going to do either! Manchester Airport don’t advertise meet and greet if it's NOT!
May 15, 2019

Anthony Hyams

I think Manchester Airport should be prosecuted for describing this as Meet and Greet. It is an open air car park. You have to drive to the car park, wait to get in, wait to get served, go and park your own car, walk to the terminal PAST the multistory which is closer, in the rain if the weather is poor, without any trolleys. Then you reverse the process. ITS JUST AN OPEN AIR CAR PARK NOT MEET AND GREET. Wouldn't ever use it again it's cheaper and easier and drier to use Multi storey East. Manchester airport should be ashamed taking money and not providing the service.
April 7, 2019

Simon Farrelly

Do not use this Meet and Greet. We returned from our holiday to find a large crack in the windscreen. We reported this prior to leaving their premises. Photographs were taken of the damage, and they said they would compare it with photos taken by themselves as the car entered their premises. We have received no photo evidence, just an entry on the key tag stating there was a crack to the windscreen. I can assure anyone reading this review there was no prior damage to the windscreen. This company are dishonest, disreputable and not to be trusted.
February 26, 2019

Chris M

Great idea but a terrible experience - almost missed flight and damaged car. Firstly the directions are misleading - they tell you its at the top of the T2 multi-story car park so you follow the signs for that and end up in the drop-off zone where you can see the Meet and greet through fences. My bad, £3.50 to get out quickly. Try again, this time carry on round to the multi-story because it's at the top of that right? Wrong! at the top you can still see the Meet and Greet but it's still across a fence! Have to get out climb over the fence and ask the guys who say it's on a completely different exit from the roundabout! I have to wait 10-15 minutes to get out of the multi-story without paying and drive round the block yet again! So you don't come off the roundabout at the multi-story entrance, there is a special M&G exit further round that you can't see until you get there!! Please can we have a map or some decent instructions?! OK found it at last! drive up the ramp and stopped behind the queue at the entrance barrier. They're not moving, why? because they don't know what to do. Why's that? because the instructions are on a screen about 10ft up in the air and they haven't noticed it! You have to open your sun visor and strain forward over your steering wheel to see it! You have to wait while it takes photos of your car. Then you're in another queue to park your car in a lane. Nobody there, I'm already late for my flight! I get out lock it and run to find a guy and then in to the key drop off desk. This is supposed to be automated but it doesn't work so yet another queue to drop off the key! Last person to board the flight - thanks! Oh well, at least pick up will be easy right? Wrong! Do I go back to the same desk? No! you have to get out into the car park again where they have an office. You have an card with a bar code that you just scan in the machine and a locker opens with your key in it. Except it doesn't because that doesn't work either! (never has apparently but there's nothing to tell you that!). Again you have to queue to get the guy at the desk to find and give you your keys. Once you find your car you have to get out of the narrowest exit I've ever seen in a car park which is at a weird 45 degree angle (requiring a 135 degree turn in a tight space) and surrounded by kerbs. Judging by the amount of scrapes on the top of the kerbs I am not the only one to scrape the underside of my car on them. After a multi-point turn I can still hardly line up my car without hitting the kerb! Might be just passable with a Ford Ka at most! Finally, I leave this God-forsaken car park never to return!!
February 19, 2019

Alan Davies

Used to think term2 meet and greet was best, have used a few times, just returned from 8 1/2 hour flight, car damaged, took it to reception area to show the damage, they agreed no damage on entry, email received quoting not responsible for damage caused. This will not be the end of the matter, I suggest you DO NOT USE this service.
February 14, 2019

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