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This Meet and Greet service at Manchester Airport appeals to travellers in a hurry, the disabled or those with a lot of luggage. Simply call 20 minutes before arrival and a driver will be at the terminal, outside Departures, to meet you, help with the luggage and take your car to be parked in a fully secure Park Mark car park. A similar procedure applies for your return.

Directions information


Drive to the Terminal and your Driver will collect your vehicle from you. The meeting point for your driver will be confirmed when you call 20 minutes in advance of your arrival.

Arrival procedure information

Arrival procedure

Please call the chauffeur 20 minutes before your booked meet time on 07921 145602 and a driver will confirm the meet and greet details for the vehicle drop off point (emergency number 07717 011 321). If you do not arrive at the time booked, there may be a delay in the meet and any additional costs in the car park will be payable by the customer.

There is a fee to enter and leave the airport of £4.00 each way (total £8). All customers will need to pay the chauffeur £4 on arrival to cover the exit fee from the terminal in their vehicle. On return, you will be met by the chauffeur and taken to your vehicle. You will then be given the exit token and you will have to pay at the pay station prior to exit.

Terminal 1:
Customers departing from T1 will be told to follow signs either for Departures A which is up the ramp, or Departures B which is at ground level.

Terminal 2:
Customers departing From T2 will be told to follow signs for T2 drop off which is around the bend past the bus stops on the left and under the terminal building.

Terminal 3:
Customers departing from T3 will be told to follow signs for T3 drop off and park in one of the clearly marked bays outside the terminal building.

At no point should customers go to any on site airport meet and greet car parks.

Return procedure information

Return procedure

On your return, please call the car park after you exit arrivals on 07921 145602. For all terminals, cars will now be returned in the multi storey car parks.

Terminal 1:
Customers need to go to Level 3 and wait near the lift doors for their car.

Terminal 2:
Customers will need to go to level D.

Terminal 3:
Customers need to go to Level 3 and wait near the lift doors for their car.

Customers should only call us when back at the correct collection point as the cost to exit will increase if they take a long time.

Please be aware that customers are advised not to text or leave voice mails on the mobile phone numbers provided as the operators do not have access to check these.

Departure information

Where are the cars parked

In their car park on Boundary Farm, Styal Road.

Departure information

Head Office Address

Eazypark Ltd
141 Atlas House, Atlas Business Centre
M22 5PP

Security information


Park Mark - Safer Parking Award. The car park has barrier control, CCTV and security fencing.

Departure information

Total number of spaces at this car park


Departure information

Hours of operation

24 hours a day, no restrictions.

Departure information

Dealing with customer complaints

The car park fills out an inspection form on arrival, damages are marked on it with the customer being present. If a customer thinks their car has been damaged they MUST report it to the driver who returns the car at the airport or no action will be taken later. If this is done, it then gets passed on to the complaints manager who deals with it from there.

EXTRAS information


Departure information

Disabled facilities

Perfect for the disabled traveller as a driver will carry out the transfer procedure and help with luggage.

Departure information


Motorcycle parking not available.

Departure information


Trailers and motor homes not allowed.

Departure information

Additional information

You will be required to leave your keys.

There is a fee to enter and leave the airport of £4.00 each way (total to pay £8).

Please note that the car park has been experiencing some delays in the collection/drop off of customers vehicles due to the large amount of construction work taking place at Manchester Airport and its infrastructure i.e. roads. These delays are beyond their control and maybe greater during rush hour periods. Please allow more time before your check in time.

Customers are advised not to text or leave voicemails on the mobile phone numbers provided as the operators do not have access to check these.

If your return is delayed and you park for longer than you have booked, extra days parking will be charged at £5 per day or part day after your booked return date (this rate is subject to change).

There is a £10 additional charge for long wheel based vehicles/vans.

Departure information

Drivers working for this car park

Departure information

Average driver age


Departure information


Drivers are given full training, shown how to reverse park and will drive along in the driver collection vehicle to see how we work on the airport. They will shadow one of the more experienced drivers for a couple of shifts.

Departure information

Driver uniform

All drivers wear a uniform, which consists of black trousers, white shirts and blue high visibility vests.

Departure information

Are all drivers police checked


Departure information

A typical driver will be

Polite, on-time, neat and tidy, and speaking a good level of English.

Departure information

How the workflow is managed

They have two cars driving to and from the airport all day with drivers in. Whoever is back first, gets the next job.

Departure information

Does the car park use self-employed drivers


Departure information

How can a customer be assured their vehicle won't be used for unauthorised purposes

The company guarantees it and say that none have been used that way up to now. The drivers are far too busy to "use" customers' cars for anything other than going to and from the airport.

Insurance information


All drivers are fully insured to drive all types of vehicles, they all have the Car Jockey Insurance. The company is covered up to 1 million pounds.

Departure information

The most exotic car ever parked

Range Rover Overfinch, Bentley, Nissan GT-R, mint condition Ford Capri.

Carpark Map

Distance to airport

This service operates from the departures area outside all terminals. Your car will be stored in a fully secure compound.

Transfers from airport

Transfers do not apply for this service, as you will be met at the Terminal itself.

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Manchester EazyPark Meet and Greet reviews

Our average review score for Manchester EazyPark Meet and Greet is 4.5 from 838 reviews.

Rubbish company - got my car back covered in mud. My father-in-law got his brand new car back not only covered in mud, but fag ash he doesn't smoke, passenger seat laid back, junk and rubbish in the back, radio on foreign station over 200 miles used on the car and fuel and engine warning light on obviously been using for personal use - avoid avoid avoid!!

January 15, 2019

I used eazypark for parking when I went to Spain for a long weekend, staff were friendly and on time. I couldn’t recommend this company highly enough 5 out of 5

December 8, 2018

My flight had changed for the Saturday morning. I called eazypark on the Monday explaining the situation and that I would need the at collecting and hour earlier than booked. He confirmed this was ok. On the morning of our flight they refused to send a driver until the allocated time even though I explained the conversation I had had with the office earlier that week. Consequently we had to be rushed through the airport with children so not to miss out flight!! Very disappointed with their service and attitude

June 12, 2018

We have used various meet & greet parking at Manchester several times without issue. This time after phoning ahead to confirm our arrival time at T2 we found nobody to meet us. We waited in the drop off zone, called Eazypark at least 4 times and were told by Airport Security to leave the drop off zone and re-enter twice as we had overstayed the permitted waiting time. Eazypark arrived 45 minutes late. Not acceptable. On the return trip we called to recover the car after picking up our luggage. We were asked where we wanted the car taken to. There was a mumbled comment about it costing several pounds to go in the car park but it was not clearly explained so naturally we said where we dropped it off (i.e. the drop off zone where we had collected our car in the past). We were told to go to the drop off zone and then one floor up which when we went there we found we were in the car park. We rang Eazypark who told us they were not allowed to drive into the drop off zone which they had failed to tell us when we booked. We were told to avoid the car park fees we would have to go to the train station which was a good 10 to 15 minutes walk from T2 with all our luggage. When we got to the train station we had to call again to find out exactly where our car was. This was not Eazyparking for us and we will not use this company again.

June 7, 2018

Great service, I'll certainly use it again!

June 5, 2018