Heathrow Happy Days Meet and Greet (T2, 3 & 5)

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Customers need to pay the entry and exit fees at the car park.

This Meet and Greet service operates for travellers using Terminals 2, 3, and 5. It's not suitable if you travel from Terminal 4. A uniformed driver will meet clients on the Departures level and take their car to a secure parking facility.


Please check your confirmation email as details may vary by supplier.

Please do not use this car park if you are travelling to or from Terminal 4.

IMPORTANT: Please phone 07545 004379 or 07858 333393 between 04:30am and midnight 20-30 minutes before your arrival time to confirm your drop off.

Terminal 2:
Follow signs for Terminal 2, stay in the right lane, go up the ramp, keep to the right following signs for short stay 2, DO NOT follow ramp to upper level. Go to any of the 3 left hand barriers, take a ticket and enter turning LEFT, go down the spiral to Level 2. At Level 2, exit spiral, turn left - follow one way arrows around car park perimeter to far end, closest to the terminal buildings to rows A and B where your chauffeur will be waiting.
The postcode is: TW6 1EW

Terminal 3:
Exit the tunnel, follow the signs for Terminal 3 Departures. Keep in the right hand lane, furthest lane away from the Terminal and find a place to park up. You will be met by a Chauffeur. (During school and bank holidays ONLY the following peak periods procedures apply - As you come out of the tunnel, follow signs for Terminal 3 Short Stay Car park. Take a ticket from barrier and go to Level 3 and park in ROW A).
The postcode is: TW6 3QG

Terminal 5:
Follow the signs for Short stay Car Park found on the right hand side of the ramp as you enter the exit from the Terminal 5 roundabout. After following the signs for Short Stay Car Park, you will see a sign on the left-hand lane marked LEVEL 4. Stay in THIS lane which will take you straight to a set of barriers. Take the ticket from the barrier and make your way to Zones R-S. Park your vehicle in these designated areas which is sign posted in these zones as Off Airport Meet & Greet here you will be met by a Chauffeur.
The postcode is: TW6 2GA

Arrival procedure

Please check your confirmation email as details may vary by supplier.

Please do not use this car park if you are travelling to or from Terminal 4.

A fully insured driver will meet you on the departures level and will identify you by your car registration.

Return procedure

Please check your confirmation email as details may vary by supplier.

Vehicles are returned once you have called the car park after collection of your luggage. They will validate your ticket as soon as they arrive in the car park which gives you 15 minutes to collect your car, any parking charges after this time will be your responsibility.

Terminal 2:
Collect your vehicle on level 2.

Terminal 3:
Once you have collected your luggage and are clearing Customs, please call the number given. Take the lift (just before exit, on right) to Level 3 Short Stay Car Park, ROW A. Your vehicle will be returned where the Black and White signs say "Off Air Meet & Greet" in zone A (furthest point on right as you enter Short Stay Car park).

Terminal 5:
Once you have collected your luggage and are clearing Customs, please call the number given. Make your way to the place you dropped the vehicle off; Level 4 short stay car park, and the vehicle will be parked in Row R OR S.

Where are the cars parked

At BAA and local authority permitted access licensed compounds.

We have 1700 spaces, plus overflow on BAA perimeter compounds (approx. 750 spaces, normally used during half terms, Christmas etc.).


Your car will be parked in a Secure Compound, up to 15 miles away depending on the terminal you arrived at. Please note that some compounds may not have CCTV but have a perimeter fence and are manned.


Parking is at owners own risk and is subject to the terms and conditions of the car park, available at car park reception.

Public liability insurance: the company is covered up to £10,000,000.

Additional information

Customers need to pay the entry and exit fees at the car park.

Please do not use this car park if you are travelling to or from Terminal 4.

Opening times: 05:00 to 23:59.

Any extended days will be charged at a daily rate of £15.00 payable to the chauffeur on collection of your car. If your return time passes midnight from your actual paid booking date and your car needs to be delivered after midnight, an additional charge of £25.00 is applied.

Parking for motorbikes, vans, motor homes and all oversize vehicles available on request only. Please call the car park to arrange.

No long wheelbase vans are allowed at this car park. Any long wheelbase vans that arrive will be subject to further charges at the car park.

Valet, car repairs, MOTs, windscreen replacement services are available at an additional cost.

Please note: You must arrive at the agreed meeting time. If your arrival time changes on the day of arrival please call the car park as soon as possible. (Amendments to times before the day of arrival should be made with the supplier).

The following height limits apply to the Short Stay Car Parks at Heathrow:
Terminal 2 (Short Stay Car Park 2): 2.05m (6ft 9in)
Terminal 3 (Short Stay Car Park 3): 2.2m (7ft 2in)
Terminal 4 (Short Stay Car Park 4): Height limit: 2.0m (6ft 6in)
Terminal 5 (Short Stay Car Park 5): 2.2m (7ft 2in)

During certain busy periods or lengthy periods of stay, your car may be parked in any one of our Secondary Secure Compounds which could be up to 15 miles away (one way), depending on which terminal you have dropped your vehicle off. Please note that the secondary compounds may not have CCTV but are fenced and manned.

Happy Days Meet & Greet - Non Refundable

This product cannot be amended or cancelled once booked.

A typical driver will be

Ready to help if asked. The aim is to provide a prompt and efficient service.

Does the car park use self-employed drivers

Most drivers work on salary basis; car wash and work shop staff are self-employed.

How can a customer be assured their vehicle won't be used for unauthorised purposes

The company representative will always note mileage on check docket, and the customer retains their copy. All compounds are within the perimeter of London Heathrow.

Car relocation service

The company can arrange the car airport movement service, for example, the passenger parks at Heathrow but wants to collect it from Gatwick upon return. To arrange this please call the car park's number and select option 6.

The most exotic car ever parked

A new at the time Range Rover. This was not just a Range Rover, it had been specially adapted for an England paraplegic wheelchair basketball player going to the Chinese Olympics. When asked how much the conversion cost, he replied “The car was cheaper"!

The company parked cars for the whole team and coaches.

In their own words

"We concentrate on making sure that your parking experience is: clear (in where all pick-up & drop-off points are located), quick (checks on your vehicle are logged on both copies of checklist), stress-free (our systems warn us if your flight is early or late so your vehicle is ready on your return) and safe (that your vehicle is parked at a compound permitted by local authority)."

Tips from Happy Days Meet & Greet

1. Never use a car park that has no address details.
2. Use media, social networks etc. to gather customer reviews.
3. Do not book any car park if you are expected to pay cash on arrival.
4. Make a note of mileage on arrival.
5. Don’t leave valuables inside the car as most companies are not responsible for loss, damage etc.
6. Always read T&Cs.

Heathrow Happy Days Meet and Greet (T2, 3 & 5) reviews

Our average review score for Heathrow Happy Days Meet and Greet (T2, 3 & 5) is 4 from 420 reviews.
Anjela Chetty

They were rude because I arrived early. I left early anticipating more traffic than I experienced. Yes I got there an hour early. They refused to assist me and asked me to go and have a coffee at McDonalds. I followed all the instructions supplied with my email confirmation. I was then asked to drive back out, pay the fee of about £13 for the hour (which was fine) and then drive back to meet the driver. In the first instance they could have explained that the reason they don't want me early is they do not want to incur a parking cost. The gentleman was rude and condescending. In 20 years of international travel (I travel for work) using various meet and greet companies - I have not had this experience.
October 31, 2021

Adriane Jackson

Driver was late to collect my vehicle. I was asked to wait in passenger drop off area of terminal 5, due to the amount of time i was left there waiting, I was threatened by a police officer to be fined. He did not appreciate at all that i was waiting for an official airport valet. Which caused me to have to keep circling around the terminal numerous times until the valet driver arrived. The driver was apologetic, and gave good customer service. But overall it was a stressful situation.
October 19, 2021

Sam Forbes

Really great service. We dropped our car off at Heathrow airport Terminal 5 and they turned up within 10 minutes of waiting. On our return we experienced a similar level of service. Would highly recommend
October 8, 2021

Amy Schwartz

Highly recommend. Kept in touch with us and we’re there quickly with the car. Great service.
September 6, 2021

James Burrows

Staff were really friendly and accommodating. Very good customer service and will be using them again next time we fly. Convenient and reasonable. Great service.
August 26, 2021

(420) reviews