Liverpool Park and Ride

Book now from £34.3 for 7 days parking.


Please check your booking confirmation.

Arrival procedure

On arrival, head to reception to give the details of your booking along with your car keys. Take the shuttle transfer to the airport.

Return procedure

Please call the the car park on the number you will have been provided with. The transfer bus will collect you.


Uniformed staff, CCTV, secure entrance with gate and barrier, 13ft security fence, security patrols at night.

Disabled facilities

None known.

Additional information

- Car Park accepts larger vehicles ie. Camper Vans, 18ft long, 10ft high if it fits into a normal car parking space.

- No long based vehicles or over 2 meters wide.

- MOT's, vehicle repair and valeting offered at additional cost - please ask on arrival.

Liverpool Park and Ride reviews

Our average review score for Liverpool Park and Ride is 4.5 from 184 reviews.
Kath Toole

Terrible service on return. They basically lie about the whereabouts of the pickup van. When he did turn up he was not professional at all. Shouting out of his window to his mates about going down the pub, then stopped at the petrol station for fuel without telling us and then flying over the bumps on the drive back. We were just relieved to see our car in one piece and get home. Would rather pay more for closer car park where you keep your keys.
August 24, 2019

Melissa Bradshaw

Good efficient service, friendly staff. Maybe needed to make it clearer at the time of booking that the drop off, pick up point was a walk from the terminal building; appreciate this is done to keep costs down, but a heads up would have been useful.
June 30, 2019

James Berry

Car was ready. Picked up on time. very good and courteous driver.No problems. Will use again.
May 1, 2019

Imran Shakir

Very good. No issues or delays during departure and arrival. Left car and keys. Straight in the van and was dropped off at the free carpark which was a 5 minute walk to the airport. On arrival, rang host and van was there in 10 minutes as promised. Would recommend and definitely use again
April 15, 2019

Y Khan

We travelled on 2nd April and had a lovely driver drop us off to the airport. We travelled back on the 6th April and when I rang to say we had arrived the person on the other line could not find the booking. I had to give my reg three times. He kept on asking make of the car. When we finally got there I informed him that we will be waiting where the driver dropped us off. We were waiting for 30mins so rang again to ask where he was. He said he has been waiting but it was across the road. So we walked and had to ring him a few times to find out where he was parked. When I explained to him the driver did not drop us off here and when he dropped us he said we will be picked up from the same location. He started arguing and saying no it's not and this is where I pick up. He was creating a scene with other people going past so I said I just want to get to my car. He then said you are lucky I am taking you to your car I am a private vehicle and I can leave you here. I told him not to threaten us. Considering 2 females were travelling on their own he was becoming really aggressive. When he got in the car he was shouting and saying this is where I drop ppl off. I told him just take me to my car and put the seat belt on as there is a police car. He then stopped his van and started shouting and saying I do not need to wear my seat belt. When he was driving he kept on stopping and answering his phone. Then he stopped in the middle of the road and started calling this taxi driver across the road and said tell her we do not need to wear a seatbelt. This was getting ridiculous, he was acting very immature and aggressive. We finally got to the car and he slammed his door and went inside. We had to open the car doors and open the boot to get the luggage out. His friend was inside and I went inside to say who can I speak to as not happy with the service. He said I am my own boss so get lost. His friend who was sat inside started swearing at me and telling me to fucking get out and not to come back again. I told him not to speak to me like that and he then got up started to come towards me. What a coward. The man said you can't do anything and you are on my private property, get lost and do not come here again. Shocked at the amount of abused received and the service. We were 2 females travelling wondered how they would have behaved if there were men with us. Disgusted by the service. I travel a lot and leave my car at various locations but never have I experienced such abuse and aggressiveness. Be warned do not use them.
April 6, 2019

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