London City Butterfly Meet and Greet


From the A406 near Barking, keep going south until you reach the large roundabout and take the second exit onto Royal Docks Road. After a few minutes, you’ll come to an oval roundabout and here you should take the second exit onto the A1020 Royal Albert Way. Keep going along the A1020 and take the second exit at the Royal Albert Roundabout. Shortly after, you’ll come to the Connaught Roundabout and here you should take the first exit across Connaught Bridge. You’ll then come to yet another roundabout where you need to take the first exit and at the roundabout after that, it's the second exit onto the A112. Take the first left onto Hartmann Road and after a short while, you should see the Short Stay car park on your left where you will meet your driver.

Arrival procedure

Please check your booking confirmation as details may vary.

Please call the car park to let them know you're on your way when you're ca. 20 minutes from the airport. When you arrive at London City airport, please drive to the Terminal Car Park. At the car park, you'll need to take a ticket from a barrier to get in. Then, drive through and park your car in a space. A uniformed Butterfly driver will meet you to take your keys and the ticket from the barrier. All you need to do is unload your luggage and take the 2-minute walk to check-in and catch your flight.

Return procedure

On your return, please call Butterfly to let them know you’re back. Then, pick up your luggage and walk to the Terminal Car Park where a Butterfly driver will meet you with your car. You’ll also be given a ticket so you can exit the car park. You’ll need to pay £7.50 to leave.


Cars are stored in a secure indoor car parkwith CCTV and 24-hour patrols. They have won a police-accredited Park Mark award for its security.


Disabled facilities

There are specially designated disabled bays located very close to the terminal.

Additional information

It'll cost £7.50 for you to leave the car park.

You'll need to arrive as close to your booked time as possible. In extreme cases, if you're more than 25 minutes late, you may be charged a £20 waiting fee.

The car park only accepts vehicles with a maximum height of 2 metres and width of 2.5 metres.

The car park opens at 05:30 so you won't be able to drop off your car before this time.

Butterfly Business Meet And Greet

The Butterfly Business Meet and Greet package includes interior and exterior valet by Europcar.

London City Butterfly Meet and Greet reviews

Our average review score for London City Butterfly Meet and Greet is 4.5 from 55 reviews.

What a disgrace. Delivered my car back with a completely flat tyre and refused to take any responsibility saying “it just happened in the car park” and not their fault. Have left me alone at night in a car park with no way of getting home after spending over £70 for meet and greet parking. Disgusted. ***DO NOT USE***
November 14, 2018

Terence Brown

We booked our parking from 10am on a Sunday. When we phoned Butterfly twenty minutes in advance of our arrival we were told the airport didn't open until 11am. We drove around until 10.30 and when we returned we noticed people having drinks in the airport so we decided to park and have a coffee. We then phoned Butterfly again to tell them we were at the airport and they said they would send someone to us. When the rep turned up he told us we would have to pay £15.00 extra for arriving too early as this is what it would cost to pay for extra parking. We gave him the cashed he put it in his pocket and took our keys and walked off leaving our car where it was. After our holiday we phoned butterfly as requested to return our car. We walked to the car park and our car was waiting. We were then told to get out of the car park we would have to pay £10.00 at the gate or we could give him £7.50 cash and he could get us out. We decided to go to the gate and pay £10.00 and when we put our ticket in it said £3.20 to pay. We now feel that Butterfly Parking is a fiddle from start to finish with their employees working and putting cash received in their own pockets. Will never use again.
September 27, 2018

Sapna Barry

Terrible service all round... 1) told us they would be 20 mins but ended up taking 2 hours 2) called to check when car would arrive after waiting 30 mins and told that 10 people had called at once, despite the fact we were the only ones left waiting. 3) called after an hour of waiting to be told they had lost our car key and if we had a spare to go collect the car ourselves 4) kept saying they would be 10 mins when they knew they couldn't find the keys. We were waiting with a young baby which I made them aware of. 5) the 'manager' refused to give his name or explain what was causing the delay. He didn't have the professional decency to tell the truth. He refused to drop the car himself too, rather sending someone else to deal with his errors. 6) I was hung up on about 3 times and no apology was ever given. 7) driver arrived and told me I had no right to speak to his manager like I did and refused to listen to me. He opted to tell me he had a wife and 5 children and that I wasn't allowed to speak to him 8) car wasn't cleaned or valeted and we were told we hadn't booked this service 9) the driver expected us to sign the release papers without reading it first and refused to let me or my husband hold the paper 10) there is damage on the alloys and scratch on side of car which they refused to acknowledge 11) I have a video of our exchange at the car park should the owner of the business wish to see a copy and I have the name of the driver who refused to do a professional handover. The WORST service, I would not recommend using them. Customers prior to us had to wait over an hour too. You would think given flight numbers are given this business would be organised enough to locate the keys and have cars ready to leave. You would also hope that they had the common courtesy of being honest rather than lying and making people wait for over 2 hours. Do not use this service if you want a service you have paid for and want your car back in the same state as your left it!
August 30, 2018

J Droogan

Followed the instructions given on the booking form. Called 20 minutes before arrival and was met as I arrived at the carpark by a very smart young man from the company. He had all my details to hand and we quickly surveyed my car for damage before he left with it and I was in the airport in minutes. On my return I called the company again and, even though I was 2 hours ahead of agreed return time, the same young man arrived with my car within 20 minutes, showed me around the car to agree no damage and I was away. Very professional and courteous and I would have no issues using this company again.
June 29, 2018

gillian saward

Very impressed with the service considering the price. Just abide by the information and there should be no problem. Lovely polite driver upon return AMIR needs a mention.
April 17, 2018

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