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Please check your email confirmation for details.

Leave the M11 at Junction 8. Follow the road for just over a mile and you'll come to a large motorway roundabout and will need to take the first exit immediately left onto Thremhall Avenue, towards Stansted Airport. Shortly after, you'll come to the Priory Wood Roundabout and will need to take the third exit, which will come out onto the A120. Take the first slip-road on the left and you should come out onto the Bassingbourn roundabout and should take the second exit continuing on Thremhall Avenue. You'll then come out at Coopers End roundabout and should take the third exit onto Terminal Road South. As you drive up this road, you'll see the Premium car park on the left, signposted as the Orange car park.


Arrival procedure

Please check your email confirmation for details.

On arrival, please pull up to the car park’s barrier, which will read your number plate, give you a ticket and open for you.

If you have any problems, press the button to talk to the car park’s team. Please make sure you don’t push the ticket button or you will be charged again for your parking.

Please arrive at the car park at least half an hour before your flight to make sure you have time.


Return procedure

Please check your email confirmation for details.

On your return, please walk back to the Orange car park. When you've collected your car, drive to the barrier and it will open to let you out. If the barrier doesn’t open, press the button to speak to someone at the car park.



The car park has 24-hour CCTV, lighting, and is regularly patrolled by staff. It has been awarded the Park Mark award.




Disabled facilities

Parking bays for Blue Badge holders are available in each Short Stay car park and help points are also located close by.


Additional information

While the pre-booking prices are cheaper than those you'd pay at the airport, the shortest time you can book parking for is 24 hours. If you're parking at the car park for less time, it may be significantly cheaper to pay when you arrive. The car park can't offer you a refund if you book online for less than 24 hours and find the price at the car park is lower.


Short Stay Premium

The Premium package includes two security fast track ticket.

Please make sure you add them free of charge to the booking.



Short Stay Standard
Stansted Airport
CM24 1RW

Distance to airport

The car park is located right outside the terminal, about three minutes' walk from check-in.

Transfers from airport

Transfers are not required as the terminal is within walking distance.

Stansted Official Short Stay Orange reviews

Our average review score for Stansted Official Short Stay Orange parking is 3.9 from 10 reviews.

"Problem getting ou because the camera misread my number plate so caused tailback at the barrier but was resolved by pressing the help button"

June 4, 2018

"easy to park and follow the given instructions. Quite expensive"

May 14, 2018

"The parking was fine and the location excellent. However on leaving the barrier machine requested payment of £260.00, called the help via the exit machine button and the operative could not find my booking using either my car registration or confirmation reference from the e-mail.
After some 10 minutes of checking I had a build up of drivers behind me venting they anger with their horns, I could by this time not go forward because of the barrier or reverse because of the cars behind me. Eventually the barrier was opened and I went on my way, maybe the commotion helped the operatives decision to lift the barrier but not very comfortable for me.
On reviewing other posts this seems to be a regular occurrence, maybe the system needs reviewing?"

January 29, 2018

"Easy to find and park, prepaid ticket worked as expected, no problems on entry or exit.

Note: this car park can be very busy and you may have to park some way from the terminal. That said, the furthest point is only 5 minutes' brisk walk away."

June 4, 2017

"Perfect. Easy to get to. Bang opposite the terminal. Less than 3 min walk. Couldn't get any closer unless you parked IN the building!"

April 4, 2017