Stansted Official Short Stay Premium - Orange Zone

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From the north:
Leave the M11 at Junction 8 and take the A120 exit to Stansted Airport/Colchester/B.Stortford. At the roundabout take the 1st exit onto Thremhall Avenue, towards Stansted Airport. Shortly after, you'll come to the Priory Wood Roundabout and will need to take the third exit, which will come out onto the A120 towards Colchester. Take the first slip-road on the left and you should come out onto the Bassingbourn roundabout and should take the second exit, continuing on Thremhall Avenue. You'll then come out at Coopers End roundabout and should take the third exit onto Terminal Road South. As you drive up this road, you'll see the Premium Orange Zone car park on the left, signposted as the Orange car park.

From the south:
Leave the M11 at Junction 8a and take the A120(E) exit toward Stansted Airport/Colchester. Keep right at the fork to continue toward A120 signposted Colchester (A120) Terminal. Continue onto A120 and take the exit toward Stansted Airport. At Bassingbourn roundabout you should take the second exit, continuing on Thremhall Avenue. You'll then come out at Coopers End roundabout and should take the third exit onto Terminal Road South. As you drive up this road, you'll see the Premium Orange Zone car park on the left, signposted as the Orange car park.

Arrival procedure

Please check your email confirmation for details.

On arrival, please drive up to the barrier. Your number plate should be automatically recognised, but if not please press the assistance button and speak to a member of the team. Don't push the ticket button or you may be charged again. Once the barrier has lifted, please drive through and park in any space, make a note of the zone and row, then take the short walk to the terminal. If you have any problems, please press the help button to talk to the car park’s team.

Return procedure

Please check your email confirmation for details.

On your return, please walk back to the Orange car park. When you've collected your car, drive to the barrier and it will open to let you out. If the barrier doesn’t open, press the button to speak to someone at the car park.


The car park has 24-hour CCTV, lighting, and is regularly patrolled by staff. It has been awarded the Park Mark award.

Disabled facilities

Parking bays for Blue Badge holders are available in the Short Stay car park and work on a first come, first served basis. You'll need to display your badge while you're away.

Additional information

You park your own car and keep your keys.

The car park offers a grace period of 6 hours at their discretion; any longer than this and you’ll be charged the car park’s standard rate of £52.50 (subject to change).

While the pre-booking prices are cheaper than those you'd pay at the airport, the shortest time you can book parking for is 24 hours. If you're parking at the car park for less time, it may be significantly cheaper to pay when you arrive. The car park can't offer you a refund if you book online for less than 24 hours and find the price at the car park is lower.

Most standard cars (without trailers/not commercial vehicles) will be accepted at the car park as long as they fit in a standard-size parking bay (2.4m x 4.8m).

Stansted Official Short Stay Premium - Orange Zone reviews

Our average review score for Stansted Official Short Stay Premium - Orange Zone is 3 from 15 reviews.
Mark Bowman

Worst airport car park I have ever experienced for robbing you blind on the charges. I have travelled to many destinations around the globe and left my car in many different car parks where most of the time I caught the bus from park to airport. But on this occasion as we were only going out the country for a short break I booked online for convenience one off Stansted's closer airport carpark the orange one. I paid online £60 from the 18/04/2019 to midnight 21/04/2019. Everything seemed great at first - easy drop off, got through security, etc. and had a beautiful time treated like kings overseas in Berlin. All changed when we arrived back in UK. We arrived 5 mins late but took over an hour just to get through passport control because everyman and his dog arrived at the same time, 5 planes landed and all passengers queuing, need to say you could see a lot of tied and frustrated passengers returning or starting back from their holidays. With this delay it put us 30 minutes over my prepaid car park booking so when I put the ticket in the machine at the gate it required for me to pay another £57 for 30 minutes. Well, that is daylight robbery from our own British airport. I disputed it only to receive same old crap from some money stealing office staff sitting behind a desk all day working out how much more they can make from holiday makers. Absolutely appalled by the price they charge and never again will I ever use these car park and in future I will do my very best to avoid flying from Stansted again. Disgusting service. BE WARNED.
April 29, 2019

Lee Keane

Arrived at airport to collect partner with our son drove into car park only to get a text from partner saying flight was delayed by an hour - drove straight back around to the exit assuming there must be a grace period but the ticket machine wanted the £6 (fair enough it’s a machine it knows no different) - pressed the help button explained to the guy look we’ve barely been in the car park 4 mins flights delayed an hr taking my son for something to eat haven’t even taken our seat belts off however he insisted that I needed to pay the £6 - the guy couldn’t have cared less - where’s the decency common sense and human element supposed to exist by having the help button in the first place!??? So now I’m forced to either pay the £6 or finding myself having to reverse back through a one way exit system having to pay airport prices for food and drink whilst paying three times as much to park!?? It begs the question who is that ‘help’ button helping? Daylight robbery!!!!
April 29, 2019

Bill Glebioska

Arrived back from a night flight & the barrier wouldn’t open. Used the buzzer, had to wait 3 minutes for an answer from a surly attendant with no manners, who wanted me to pay over £200 even though we had pre-paid. Eventually sorted but took 10 minutes. Extremely disappointed at the man's attitude, having spent a week in Spain where we received excellent customer service from staff that seemed to care. What a shame Britain lets us down. Problem sorted for future though - I won’t fly from Stansted again.
April 27, 2019

Mr Luban Choudhoury

I went to orange car park, stayed 51 min and paid £10 and now I have received a letter for £60.00 fine.
March 4, 2019


Extortionate price, 1 1/2hr plus delays for arrivals and meter counting. Tchtching for stanstead, £15 I will need to pay if not more. Also last time I made a mistake and entered the drop off area and they made me pay 3.50 just to drive through it
August 18, 2018

(15) reviews