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Electric Vehicle Charging at UK Airports

  • 06 Feb, 2023
  • Alice Fowler
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Which airports have electric vehicle charging stations?

As we move towards becoming a more sustainable nation, many drivers are considering, or are already, switching to an electric vehicle. From the obvious environmental benefits and low running costs to the improved driving experiences and government grants available, it comes as no surprise that the demand for electric vehicles is on the rise and quite naturally, so is the demand for electric vehicle or EV charging stations. Read More

The Truth About Free Airport Parking

  • 10 Mar, 2023
  • Franki Napolitano
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Free parking

We get it; everyone’s always looking for a bargain. You just got a great deal on your holiday and whilst you’re still on a roll with saving money, how to get free parking at the airport is the next thing you might look for.

Whilst it’s tempting to search for, we’re going to look into the dangers of being cheeky and parking up in residential roads rather than booking a legitimate parking option while you’re away.
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96% of the time, Airport Parking is Cheaper than a One-Way Taxi!

  • 07 Oct, 2021
  • Alice Fowler

Taxi or airport parking - which is cheaper?

If you have a holiday coming up, you may be wondering whether it is better to get to the airport by taxi, public transport or by driving your own car and parking once you get there. There are of course arguments in favour of all methods. It’s natural to weigh up airport parking pros & cons against other methods available, so we’re here to help!

It’s a question that always gets asked; “Why book aiprort parking when I can just take a taxi?”, and it’s a valid one! Taxis seemingly take the stress out of having to drive yourself or having to find a parking space, but at what cost does that come?

Airport Parking Shop took it upon ourselves to investigate, as we love a research piece! We compared the cost of parking at the airport from October 5th to 12th to the one way cost of a taxi, return train journey and a coach trip.

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Cost of Airport Parking – are parking prices on the rise?

  • 19 Jul, 2021
  • Alice Fowler
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Is airport parking getting more expensive?

When you’ve sorted your holiday budget and got everything ready to go, the last thing you want to do is think about how to get to the airport. There are plenty of options available, and people often default to public transport because “airport parking is so expensive!”.

But is it? Train fares rise every year (the level of service not always increasing with it…!) and the same can also be said for other methods of transport. Is it the case, however, for airport parking?

At Airport Parking Shop, we decided to have a look at whether or not airport parking really does always get more expensive year on year. We first did this in 2014, and the results were surprising! To see how it compares to what we found in 2014, see here.

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How to beat the airport parking price hikes this Easter

  • 30 Mar, 2022
  • Alice Fowler
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out-smart airport parking

As schools are able to pick their own holiday dates, arranging the annual family holiday can sometimes be tricky! Especially when the varying dates for Easter holiday breaks actually falls over three weeks! This varies by county too, so if you have a child in school in one county, and one in school in another, picking a date to go away can get even more complicated.

So not only do you have the cost and timing of your holiday fluctuating, your parking may end up being a bit more costly, too. With this in mind, every year we take a look at some of the UK’s busiest airports to see how you can avoid paying too much for your airport parking.

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