Stansted Easy Parking Meet & Greet

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Due to Stansted's entry and exit fees, customers will be required to pay their own exit fee of £10.00 after collecting their vehicle on the return journey.
Cars are stored in a secure car park.
This service operates between 04:00 to 23:00.


From all major roads, please follow the signs to Stansted Airport and follow the instructions below.

Arrival procedure

Please phone Stansted Easy Parking on the number provided 20 minutes before your arrival at Stansted to confirm your drop off point, of which there are two, and to make sure the driver is there to meet you on time. If you do not call the car park, this may delay your booking-in and could cost you extra money. Also, if you are running early or late, please keep the car park informed so they can help you.

If when you call the car park you are asked to enter the Orange car park, the directions are as follows:

From all major roads please follow the signs to short term car park Stansted Airport, enter the short term road and stay in the right hand lane. Go past the bus station on your left and the next car park is the ORANGE Car Park - enter it, collect a ticket and follow the outer perimeter, which will bring you to row A and B next to the four pay machines. You will be booked in there so please have your exit ticket to hand.

Departure procedure

After you have collected all your luggage and you are through Customs, please call the number provided on your voucher. You will then be given directions either to the front of the terminal building (known as the express set down zone C) by the two flag poles or the short stay.

You will have 10 minutes from the time of the phone call to exit; otherwise the airport will charge you a £50 levee!

If you are asked to make your way down to the Orange short stay car park, please go to row A&B unless otherwise advised.

Customers are required to pay their own exit fee of £3.50 (CASH ONLY).

At the time of vehicle collection on your departure day, you would have been issued a receipt for your vehicle. Please have it ready to hand over to the driver. If you lose it, please have your passport as identification.


This car park has a 6ft perimeter fencing and frequent security patrols 24/7.

Additional information

Entry fee is included but exit fee of up to £10 is to be paid by customers on their exit.

This service operates between 04:00 to 23:45. Please only make a booking if your meeting times on arrival and departure are within this period; any delays will be dealt with by the Stansted Easy Parking team so do not worry. However, if a booking is made knowingly out of these specified times, an additional £100 fee will be charged on return.

If your flight is delayed to outside of the operating hours, Easy Parking will charge an extra £50. Please know that they only have the facility to wait until 2am at the latest; if you reach the pick-up point after this time, you will have to wait until 4am.

Please note that your specified meet time is appointed. If you arrive before or after this time, this may result in a delay. If you are running late or early, please phone the car park to reschedule your meeting time.

As long as the arrival and return procedures are followed correctly waiting time should not be longer than 20 minutes.

Please print and take the confirmation email with you on the day.

The car park cannot accept a minibus above 13 seater.

Stansted Easy Parking Meet & Greet Saver

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Stansted Easy Parking - Meet and Greet - Wash & Wheels

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Easy Parking Meet & Greet- EV Charging

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Important Information

This service operates between 04:00 to 23:00. Only make a booking if your meeting arrival and departure times are within this period; any delays will be dealt with by the car park's team up to 23:59 so do not worry! In case of a delayed flight the car park staff will ONLY wait until 23:59, then your keys will be placed in a lock box, and the car park will send you the address and relevant codes by text. Otherwise, you will be required to wait until 04:00 AM when the car park re-opens. If a booking is made knowingly out of these specified times a £100 levy will be charged on return.

Stansted Easy Parking Meet & Greet reviews

Our average review score for Stansted Easy Parking Meet & Greet is 4.5 from 65 reviews.

It's my worst experience with parking. I couldn't find out who has responsibilities for booking parking. I asked about full terms and conditions, and both companies saying they can't provide them for me. Really? This is just a waste of my time and money.
May 16, 2019

Liz Johnston

Professional, friendly, prompt service
April 2, 2019

Ray Dixon

Rang 20mins before arrival and met by a perfect gentleman who was waiting with all the relevant information so felt very comfortable leaving my car so when we came back to Stansted I said to the wife we should give him a good tip. I called in the shop while she went ahead only to find her alone struggling to get the cases in the boot. When asked where the guy went she said he said 'here's your keys, I don't have time to wait' and left. Didn't even wait for his tip… Shame
March 1, 2019

Robert Walker

Very courteous and efficient service and a great price. Highly recommended. (Make sure you get out of the car park within 10 minutes of requesting your car otherwise the airport will charge you £25!)
January 25, 2019

Clare Godden

Super easy and friendly. The people were so friendly, helpful and quick to pick up and return our car. Thank you!
December 14, 2018

(65) reviews