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Why we do what we do

At Airport Parking Shop, we're passionate about getting you the best deal. Until we came along in 2003, booking Airport Parking meant you had to spend hours comparing different prices on lots of different websites.

Airport Parking Shop was one of the first airport parking comparison sites out there and is designed to save you time and money by comparing airport parking prices, as we use our own quote engine to instantly compare deals from all our parking providers.

This means you can be sure of the latest information and best prices at any location. Because we use more than one partner, Airport Parking Shop is able to find you the cheapest price for a car park.

We are truly independent, not affiliated with or owned by any one particular brand, so you can choose from a huge range of car parks without being limited to just one provider!

Why compare with
Airport Parking Shop

We know that you want to feel confident in the knowledge that your car is being looked after whilst you're away, whether you're relaxing on holiday or on a business trip. This is why we've brought all your car parking options together in one place so you can quickly grab the best deal and make an informed choice. Here's what we're doing to make it easy for you:

  • Over 80,000 car park reviews published from our customers so you can read real customer experiences before you book.
  • Instantly see all car parks available at your chosen airport, no matter the provider or the price.
  • We care about your journey and love to hear feedback of car parks, good or bad. We work closely with our car park providers to ensure that they are keeping on top of car parks that consistently get bad reviews.
  • Book the car park to suit you, we don't push you towards the most expensive, or the closest!

Airport Parking Shop Reviews

We've partnered with the independent review service Trustpilot to receive feedback about our site and you can read some of these reviews below.

Airport Parking Shop Investigates

We care about your journey and we've been working hard to scrutinise how this could be improved.

Our team have taken in-depth looks at issues when travelling, whether it's to do with travelling with young children, advice on how to navigate the airport when you might have autism or be travelling with someone who does, or what parking facilities are doing to help travellers requiring special assistance.

We also care about getting you the best deal, and we like to use the data available to us to find out when car parks might be hiking their prices in advance of a school holiday, or when is best to book to get the best price around Christmas time.

Check out our blog for our investigations into these issues and more!

If you have a question which is unanswered by this page and our FAQs, then don't hesitate to contact us to speak to our friendly support team.