VIP Parking - Meet and Greet

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Please check your booking confirmation for details.

Please follow signs to your drop off terminal. The post code for Manchester Airport is M22 5YA.

Arrival procedure

Please check your booking confirmation for details.

It is important that you contact the car park on the number on your confirmation when you are 10-15 minutes away from the airport, to inform them of your arrival at the airport. The airport will issue a £25.00 fine if you are over 10 minutes in the drop off bays.

There is a fee to enter and leave the airport of £4.00 each way (total £8), to be paid by the customer.

Return procedure

Please check your booking confirmation for details.

On your return, please only call the vehicle collection number the number on your confirmation once you have collected all your luggage and the driver will advise you where to meet.

There is a fee to enter and leave the airport of £4.00 each way (total £8), to be paid by the customer.


The secured compound is located approx. 3 miles from the airport. It is equipped with electric gates and CCTV cameras.

Where are the cars parked

In the parking compound in Hale.

Total number of spaces at this car park


Hours of operation

24 hours a day, no restrictions.

Additional information

VIP Meet & Greet is a private car park, it is not part of Manchester Airport Group.

You will be required to leave your keys.

Any extra hours will be charged by the car park on return.

There is a fee to enter and leave the airport of £5.00 each way (total £10.00).
All customers will need to pay the chauffeur £5.00 on arrival to cover the exit fee from the terminal in their vehicle. On return, you will be met by the chauffeur and taken to your vehicle. You will then be given the exit token and you will have to pay at the pay station prior to exit.

The time you have booked on your booking confirmation, is the time the chauffeur will be expecting you to arrive at the airport. If you are going to be late or early, please call VIP and let them know.

Late Returns: If your return is delayed and you park for longer than you have booked, extra days parking will be charged at £5 per day or part day after your booked return date.

Early Returns: If you are returning ahead of schedule, please telephone VIP Parking ASAP. They must have 24 hrs notice (or as much notice as possible) so that they can make sure the vehicle is ready and you are not kept waiting on your return. There is no refund for unused days.

Motorbike parking

Not available.

Dealing with customer complaints

All customers are given a vehicle inspection form, indicating the condition of the vehicle, fuel and mileage. If there is any reason for complaints it is dealt with by the owner/ Managing director.

Average driver age


Driver training

All drivers must hold a clean licence. In-house training on how we operate, and customer service training are provided.

Are all drivers police checked


Driver uniform

All drivers wear a uniform of black and orange polo shirt, and black trousers.

A typical driver will be

Polite, good at time keeping, a friendly face. They are expected to be competent, co-operative, and give clear instructions.

How the workflow is managed

The company operates from their short stay car park. It's essential for passengers to pass correct details for return flight so that car park representatives can keep track on flights in order to deliver the cars back in good time (weather and traffic permitting).

Does the car park use self-employed drivers


How can a customer be assured their vehicle won't be used for unauthorised purposes

A vehicle inspection form is used by this car park, which shows the mileage. The car on return shouldn't have done any more than 15 miles.

Driver insurance

All drivers are fully insured.

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VIP Parking - Meet and Greet reviews

Our average review score for VIP Parking - Meet and Greet is 4.5 from 302 reviews.
Ian Farrington

Excellent service.
November 30, 2021

Wilf Aspray

Found it a total breeze and would use again
November 7, 2021

Russell Marriott

Brilliant service, prompt,easy and polite, great value for money.
October 25, 2021

Keith & Melanie Hennessy

We've used various Manchester based meet & greet providers but this company appear to have the most professional, well organised team who are determined to ensure you have a smooth car parking experience. We called 15 minutes prior to our arrival and were given directions as to where the representative would be. We arrived and after double checking all inbound flight information, a quick once over of the car; we continued on our travels. The only thing to remember here is to have £5 cash to handover so that the rep can exit the airport (might be easier if this was added to the overall booking and refundable if a booking had to be cancelled). We have a 1 hour delay returning to Manchester but the driver was already aware as the team keep an eye on arrivals and plan around landing times. We collected our bags, phoned the driver and walked out to find him. No hassle at all! We walked over to the car collection point, just as the driver was pulling into a space! Additional feedback; - prices are reasonable and comparable to other providers - drivers are professional and easy to spot in their orange/black t-shirts - remember to have cash on hand for airport entry/exit for driver collecting car A few considerations to further improve the service; - offer transfer of booking if travellers unable to travel - include carpark fees so that traveller knows exactly how much meet & greet service costs - introduce an app for quick and easy access to booking, updates etc - share drop off/pick up points for each terminal in advance so that the traveller is fully informed All in all; a great service!
July 26, 2021

Ed Stentiford

The service was excellent and very polite. In my case in particular I was made to fully appreciate how good they were. We returned home and cleared baggage at about 1.15 in the moring, I phoned VIP and got hold of a member of staff who was in bed as he didn't think they had any pickups at that time in the morning. He was coreect and I had given the following day as my arrival back in Manchester. The man I talked to on the phone was very understanding, got out of bed, went to the yard to collect my car and was with us within 45 min from my call. I think I would not have been in the best of moods if this had happened to me but the man from VIP was fully understanding, very polite, and very good to deal with. I would recommend VIP at the highest level to anyone. We used them following the excellent experience my daughter had had using their service.
July 1, 2021

(302) reviews