East Midlands Stress Free Meet and Greet Parking

Book now from £ for 7 days parking.


Please check your booking confirmation for details as instructions may vary.

From the North leave the M1 at junction 24 and following the signs to the airport, take the A453 for approximately half a mile. Turn right into the airport.

From the South leave the M1 at junction 23a and follow the signs to the airport.

From the West follow A50 to junction 24 then follow the signs to East Midlands airport.

On arrival at the airport please follow signs for drop-off point.

Arrival procedure

Please check your booking confirmation for details as instructions may vary.

Please call our team of chauffeurs on 07721 738549 when you are 30 minutes away from the airport. Your chauffeur will then be dispatched to meet you at outside the departures. It is important if you are running late or early that you call to give as much notice as possible. On arriving at the airport, please pull into the bays in Car Park C of short stay where a chauffeur will be waiting for you. Collect a ticket from the barrier and hand it to the chauffeur who will be waiting for you.

Return procedure

Please check your booking confirmation for details as instructions may vary.

Simply call the chauffeur on 07721 738549 when you are waiting for your luggage, and you’ll be met at the pick-up point with your vehicle.

When you collect your car from the pick-up point on return from your holiday, there is a fee of £2 to exit the drop-off car park. If you go over 10 minutes, you will be required to pay the airports standard fee to exit.


Your car will be stored at Airparks. It is manned with 24-hour security, regular patrols and a high perimeter fence.


Parking is always at the vehicle owner's own risk.

Disabled facilities

This service is ideal for disabled passengers. Please note that adapted vehicles cannot be accepted for safety reasons.

Additional information

When you collect your car from the pick up point on return from your holiday there is a fee of £2 to exit the drop off car park which you'll be required to pay at the exit barrier. The maximum stay is 10 minutes. If you go over the 10 minutes, you will need to pay the airports standard fee to exit.

If you are bringing large items with you, we suggest you check beforehand that your airline will accept them for carriage. It is the responsibility of the vehicle owner to ensure that the vehicle is roadworthy, holds a valid MOT certificate and displays a valid road tax licence.

If there is a change in your arrival or departure time to that specified in your booking, please advise us of your change of plans and giving as much notice as possible or a minimum of 1 hour. This is to help us to ensure that we have a chauffeur waiting for you. Failure to do so may risk a slight delay to your car parking arrangements.

Please note, this car park cannot accept bookings for minibuses, high-sided vehicles, mobile homes, lorries, caravans or trailers, even if multiple spaces are booked. There is a maximum height limit on all vehicles of 2.10metres (7 feet).


Please note that bookings made for this product cannot be amended, cancelled or refunded.

East Midlands Stress Free Meet and Greet Parking reviews

Our average review score for East Midlands Stress Free Meet and Greet Parking is 2.5 from 24 reviews.
John Kennedy

It does worry me when I see the scathing reviews on here as most are genuine people with real off-putting stories of their experiences, the good news is mine is a good review. We always arrive early as I am the most impatient person who explodes when things go wrong through incompetence, we pulled into the 'shed' pressed the button and the chap on the other end asked if it was the correct surname, I confirmed this and he told me which lane to park in, I dropped off the keys in the office and picked up my ticket then walked into departures. On return again straight from arrivals into the office where there was one other person in front of me, I picked up my keys and instructed as to where my car was, got in and drove off. Hopefully the bad experiences won't happen to me but I have used this service at various airports for years and don't book any other, I have in the past had a chap meet me and drive my car away but with the horror stories of cars parked on industrial estates I do believe these are more professional even if their compound they take the car to sounds dusty, my car had rain spattered dust marks but not particularly bad and had I not read other reviews of cars being filthy then would have commented about it. I will continue to use them as I don't like the drive to a park some distance away then the bus back to the terminal which is one cheaper option.
August 15, 2018

Alan Boxall

I have used this service for a few years and it has gotten progressively worse. It was a true meet and greet initially whereby your car was parked for you and you called the parking number from baggage collection on your return and your car was waiting for you when you came out. Now all the experiences of reviewers posted here has happened to me. The final straw was this year in June returning at midnight having suffered the cattle market that is border control and the conveyor belt breaking down we finally got to the office an hour later and with our keys we were handed a voucher for a free car wash. That's a nice gesture I thought. We received the vague directions to where our car was parked and after 3 laps of the car park finally found our car when the reason for the free car wash became glaringly obvious. The car was covered in a thick (and I mean thick) layer of dust making it impossible to see out of the windows. I returned to the office to complain and the bloke behind the desk said " Whats the mater don't your screen washers work"? I said they do but they do not clean the side windows and it would be dangerous to drive in that condition. To cut a long story short another chap said he would come and clean them eventually arriving with a bottle of water and a rag and left them in a worse state than when he started. What with other issues with this airport i.e. long queues at security, the rip off price for fast track (joke) and the longer queues at border control we will not be flying from here again.
August 14, 2018

Becky Jones

Do not use this service!! I normally park in the short stay car park and wished I had on this occasion, however, as I was going on my hen do and there was more of us we decided that it would be easier to park and do the meet and greet. Firstly we arrived and there was a massive queue into the car park, took at least 30 mins to park the car in the bay, then you have to go any hand over you keys and get a receipt, again a massive queue, so that took a further 10 mins. Finally we got into the airport and all decided that next time it would be quicker and easier to simply park in a car park. On our return I went and collected my key, and found my car which considering it is 'meet and greet' it was quite a walk, got into my car to find everything had been pulled out of my glove box onto the passenger chair and the glove box was wide open, so of course flat battery, the guy came and started my car and we set off home 2 hour drive home and after an hour I wanted to pop to the shop to find the car wouldn't start again. So promptly jump started the car and took it to the local garage where to be told the battery if a battery is run too low it can completely ruin the battery. So £110 later on a new battery my car will finally start, spoke to the manger and he didn't care one bit nor take any responsibility. Please do not use this service, much easier just to park as normal.
July 9, 2018

Julie evans

Car went in clean then when I picked it up looked like it had been rally racing and following day when I went to take it to be washed as I have a soft top realised it was damaged ... never again and would defiantly not recommend
June 22, 2018

david wickens

I arrived at the meet and greet and was told to park in bay 10,fine I thought,took keys to office and they gave me a card. returning to office at the end of my holidays I thought my car would be close to where I left it.NO,was told it was in bay 169? It was pouring with rain,I said where is 169,was shown a map and it couldn't have been much further away, myself and my wife were soaked. where was the meet and greet.laughable.NO i will not be using again.,
March 21, 2018

(24) reviews