Leeds Bradford Simple Meet & Greet

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Please see your email confirmation for details.

Arrival procedure

On the day of your arrival, please drive straight to the airport. When you are approximately 10 minutes away, please call the car park to inform them of your impending arrival.

At the airport, follow the GREEN signs marked EXPRESS PARKING, TERMINAL FRONT. Follow the 2 lanes round to the right and to the top. Please IGNORE the Premier Meet & Greet signs as this is NOT the same company. Then proceed through either of the 2 height restricted barriers which will open automatically and park up anywhere in this area. Do not go through the left hand barrier as this is marked Buses Only.

One of the car parks's representatives will come and meet you here and confirm a few details. You can then take the short walk to the airport check-in desks while your car will be taken to their secure parking compound.

Return procedure

On your return, please call the car park when you are about to collect your luggage and they will bring your vehicle to the terminal front area from where they collected it.

The representative will then hand over the keys to you and provide you with the £3 exit fee. This allows 30 mins from the time of the vehicle entering the area.

Please do not phone more than 10 minutes before you are ready for you vehicle as you will be liable for any additional charges over the 30 minutes.


This car parks offers 247 patrols and secure fencing around the perimeter.


Drivers are insured to drive your vehicle to and from the terminal.

Additional information

You will be asked to leave your keys.

The car park is closed on Christmas Day.

The £3 exit fee will be paid by the car park.

Leeds Bradford Simple Meet & Greet reviews

Our average review score for Leeds Bradford Simple Meet & Greet is 4 from 5 reviews.
Chris Byrne

First time I’ve used this service at Leeds Bradford and it will be the last. Waste of money. So badly signed, the sign was twisted and bent indicating where to go, ended up in drop off car park, couldn’t get out, had to leave airport and make second attempt to find meet and greet, all this time you are wasting valuable time, getting stressed and frustrated, queues building up, but worst of all a car park attendant couldn’t tell us how horrible where to go. So much for £76 to make my life easy, it was a waste of money. So, ok my car was waiting on forecourt upon my return but so closely parked in between two cars I couldn’t get the door open. Utter disaster. Never again.
May 25, 2019

James Lillie

This is the second time I've used the service this year and both bookings have been carried out exactly as advertised. There is no fuss or hassle, very friendly operatives and despite an early morning drop off at 5.30am all went without a hitch, as was the arrival after 3 weeks away. First class service - Thank You
September 21, 2017

Mr Dennis Blanchard

Was waiting on arrival both home and away friendly very impressed
September 5, 2017

Mrs M

Excellent service!! Never used meet and greet at Leeds before and all my expectations were met. Very nice people. Waiting for me on departure and again on arrival even though we were delayed by baggage reclaim. Quick turnaround & no messing about which with 3 tired kids is exactly what you want. Would defo use again. Why stand at a bus stop at 2 in the morning with tetchy kids and dragging 5 cases for a 5 min bus ride to a car park when there is hardly any difference in price....no brainier for me!
September 2, 2017

Mrs Heather Eastwood

Simple fast and efficient best service ever.
August 2, 2017