Heathrow Knights of London Meet and Greet

Book now from £81.34 for 7 days parking.

Arrival procedure

Please check the booking voucher for further instructions.

The car park is open between 04:00 till 23:59.

There is no need to call when you are on your way. They have a designated desk located in the short stay car park with their friendly chauffeurs waiting to accept your car.

The directions to your terminal can be found in the booking confirmation email.

Please note that your specified meet time is appointed. If you should arrive before or after this time this may result in a delay and additional charges.

Waiting Time: As long as the arrival and return procedures are followed correctly, waiting time should not be longer than 20 minutes.

Return procedure

Please check the booking voucher for further instructions.

Once you have collected all your luggage, please call the car park on the number provided when your car was collected. When you exit the terminal a driver will be waiting for you with your car at the designated point. The instruction for your terminal can be found in the confirmation email.

Depending on the product you have paid for, you may be required to pay for the airport exit fee on your return. Please ask our driver for clarification.


The compound is surrounded by high fencing with razor wire. It is manned with 24 hr security patrol and has no public access to the compound.

Additional information

This service is not available between 23:30pm and 03:30am.

If a customer returns later than 00.00am and before 04.00am, there will be an extra charge of £25 for midnight services (subject to change).

There is a height restriction 2.2 m.

This is an extremely professional service that is stress free for customers. Your satisfaction is of the most importance.

It is essential you arrive at the terminal as near as possible to your meet time to avoid any delays.

Airport Access Fee

Price excludes £7.00 (£3.50 each way) Airport Access Fee.

This is to cover the cost of new charges being levied by Heathrow Airport to all Off Airport Meet and Greet operators for the use of the forecourts at drop-off and new designated collection areas within the short term car parks.

Heathrow Knights of London Meet and Greet reviews

Our average review score for Heathrow Knights of London Meet and Greet is 4 from 32 reviews.
Barry Andrews

Arrival at airport went without a hitch - upon return, however, since our plane had been cancelled and we were returning a day later, we needed to pay an extra £15. I assumed this would be payable with a card but no - we were told that cash only would do - so I returned to the airport, got £20 out of the ATM but, upon offering this to the Knights, it still would not do - they had no change. I disinclined to pay an extra fiver so went to a coffee shop (back in the airport) bought a 45p sweet and, back at the carpark gave the £15 (and the sweet) to the chaps. However, on attempting to leave the airport the display at the barrier told us that we still owed £4.85. I hit the 'help' button and was told that this was the error of our car park guys (and that 'they do this all the time'). Another call summoned our friends at the car park (after an argument and a bit of a wait) who came down 4 floors to tinker with a machine which released us finally into the outside world. After 12 hours of travelling we could really have done without this - why, if they run a 'cash only' business don't they keep change? Was this a regular scam they do? Those fivers mount up. Dunno - seems like at best sloppy, at worst exploitative of tired, impatient-to-get-home people. A poor show.
April 15, 2018

Phillip Dart

Every thing went like clock work, took all the stress out of the hassle of parking . Would definitely use again.
April 12, 2018

Belinda Campbell

Worked like clockwork, very competitive price.
January 16, 2018

Jane Stanbridge

Good, prompt service, value for money. Minor problem locating collection area on level 2 - could do with a sign by the lift!
January 15, 2018

Ian Nott

Our first time using the Knights and couldn't fault the service both ways!
January 13, 2018

(32) reviews