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This on-airport car park is a short walk from the terminal building but if you prefer to take a shuttle bus you can call for one on the intercoms which are located at each of the bus stops. Similarly buses can be called for on the return journey from the airport. Automatic Number Plate Recognition technology is in operation and there is a £5 administrative charge should you make a mistake in your booking. The car park has good security and holds the Park Mark award.



Take the A57 westbound towards the airport. You can get to the A57 via the A26 if you're coming from the north or the south. When you get to the airport, follow the signs for the Long Stay car park.

If you're coming from Crumlin, take the A52 Mill Road out of the village. Mill Road will become Nutts Corner Road. At the first roundabout, take the first exit onto Tully Road. At the second roundabout, take the first exit onto the A57 Ballyrobin Road towards the airport.

If you're using a sat nav, the airport's postcode is BT29 4AB.


Arrival procedure

The car park has automatic number plate recognition, so just drive up to the barrier and wait for the machine to read your number plate. It will then print a ticket with your registration number on. Then just drive in and park.
If after 10 seconds the machine still hasn't given you a ticket, press the help button to speak to a member of staff. Don't press the ticket button at any point.

If you can't or prefer not to walk to the airport, just go to any of the bus stops and press the intercom button to call the bus.


Departure procedure

If you need the bus to come and pick you up, just call the car park using one of the intercoms at the terminal. There's one on the pay machine (where customers who've not booked have to pay) and one by the bus stop outside the terminal.

When you get back to the car park, just drive to the barrier and put your ticket in the slot. If the barrier doesn't lift, press the help button to speak to a member of staff.



The car park is regularly patrolled and protected by CCTV, entry and exit barriers and a fence. It holds the Park Mark, a national security award accredited by the police.




Disabled facilities

The car park has 64 disabled parking spaces: eight by each of the eight bus stops. So all you need to do is park in one of these and then call the bus to come and get you. The bus is wheelchair-accessible.


Additional Information

The car park does not allow motorhomes, lorries, caravans or trailers, even if you book more than one space.

The car park does not allow trailers.

You should take a copy of your booking confirmation to the car park with you.
If you're delayed picking your car up, you'll need to pay for the extra parking. The car park will charge you at its normal rate. Prices are calculated in 24-hour blocks. If you pick your car up early, unfortunately we can't give you a refund.

Please be careful to follow the procedures as we've described them. If a double-booking is made, the car park will charge a £5 admin fee to cancel one of the bookings.

You'll be asked for your registration number when you book. If you then decide to bring a different car, you'll need to let us know.

Make sure you provide us with the correct information, including your registration, as requested and follow procedures at the car park. The car park will charge you a £5 administration fee to correct any mistakes.


Long Stay Supersaver Non-Flexible

Since this is a special package, you cannot change or cancel once you've booked.

If you would like to find out more information about Belfast and the surrounding area, please visit our Belfast City Guide.


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Long Stay Belfast International
Belfast International airport
County Antrim
BT29 4AB

Distance to airport

The car park is within walking distance of the terminal.

Transfers from airport

The car park is within walking distance of the terminal, but there is a shuttle bus which can take passengers if they want or need it. Passengers need to call the bus using the intercom at one of the eight bus stops in the car park, or if they need to be picked up from the terminal, on the pay machine or by the bus stop outside.

Long Stay Belfast International reviews

Our average review score for Long Stay Belfast International parking is 4.2 from 126 reviews.

"Very good - no problems at all!"

March 6, 2015

"Everything worked very smoothly."

January 26, 2015

"So easy to book and amend booking. Walking distance to airport and just a very smooth experience"

January 15, 2015

"We had no problem on our outward journey, parked and called for transport to airport entrance, however on our return we were surprised as we made our way outside to return to pick up our car that we saw a sign saying car park long stay, we went a little further and saw another which said long stay car park.
We decided like others to walk on towards the car park, and indeed saw others walking towards the airport pulling like us their trollers no sign of any bus.
Now if it had been raining or snowing at this time there was no shelter what so ever.
We were surprised there was no shelter close to the exit of airport building indicating that this would be the pick up point to take us to our car. Rather disappointed at this."

December 30, 2014

"Easy to book and a big saving compared to booking at travel agents"

December 21, 2014