Heathrow Parking Force Meet and Greet

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Please call the number in your confirmation email when you are 30 minutes away from the airport and your chauffeur will then be dispatched to meet you at your departure terminal.

Terminal 2:
Once you exit the long tunnel follow signs for terminal 2 and keep on the right lane. Then follow the signs for terminal 2 passenger pick up (short stay car park) and once entered the short stay car keep left and drive to the barrier. Take the ticket and follow the signs for Level 2 and you will see the sign for off airport parking. Then go to row B where you will be met by our staff.
The postcode is: TW6 1EW

Terminal 3:
Once you exit the long tunnel follow signs for terminal 3 passenger pick up(short stay car park) then drive to the entry barrier, take a ticket and proceed to Row -A at level 3 where you will be met by our staff.
The postcode is: TW6 3QG

Terminal 4:
Follow signs for terminal 4 departures, drive up the ramp staying in the left-lane and park your vehicle in lane -A where you will be met by our staff.
The postcode is: TW6 3XA

Terminal 5:
Drive towards the passenger pickup and departure point, as you go up the ramp keep right and follow the sign for Passenger Pick up Short stay Car Park then follow the sign Level 4. Drive to the Barrier, take a ticket and then proceed to Row -S, where you will be met by our staff.
The postcode is: TW6 2GA

Arrival procedure

Please call the number in your confirmation email when you are 30 minutes away from the airport and your chauffeur will then be dispatched to meet you at your departure terminal. It is important to let the car park know if you are running late or early.

Return procedure

The return directions will be given to you in printed copy on arrival.

Please give the operation team a call on the number on your confirmation once you clear the customs. If you only have hand luggage, please call as soon as you land.

Terminal 2:
From arrivals turn left and exit the terminal opposite Travelex/M&S food. Walk across the pedestrian bridge and set of lifts on the left to level 2. Your car would be delivered to you in row A/B.

Terminal 3:
From arrivals follow the sign for Short stay Car Park 3, Take the lift to level 1 turn left and walk across the bridge, take the lift to level 3 and your car will be delivered to you in row A/B.

Terminal 4:
From arrivals exit the terminal next to WH Smith, Cross the first 4 lanes, turn left pass the pay machine and turn right, your car will be delivered to you in fare lane.

Terminal 5:
When outside the building take the lift to level 4 'Short Stay Car Park' Your car will be delivered to you near row S.


This car park holds the Park Mark Award. It is a fully secure car park with night manned security, CCTV covering all the car park, and bollard entry and exit system. All drivers are fully insured to drive your vehicle.

Additional information

Operation times: 04:00 to 23:59. After Midnight till 1 am drop off: £15 (overstay charge ) + £25 service charge payable to the driver.

The following height restrictions apply at the car park: Max 6 feet and 6 inch height. They do not accept trailers, caravans, Mini Buses, motor homes or cars with rooftops in the car park.

Waiting Time: As long as the arrival and return procedures are followed correctly you should only have to wait a few minutes.

Airport charges are included in the fee.

The overstay extension charge is £15 per day.

It is the responsibility of the vehicle owner to ensure that the vehicle is roadworthy, holds a valid MOT certificate and displays a valid road tax licence.

You will not be able to wait on the departures level therefore you must arrive at the agreed meeting time. If you anticipate arriving earlier or late, please call the number provided.

Service provider will pay the entry and exit fee of the Short Stay Car Park up to 15 minutes.

We request the customers to remove all valuable from the car. Contents of vehicles are left at owner's risk.

These locations may be subject to change and our Operation Manager will advise of any changes. We work closely with BAA (HAL) and abide by all their Rules and Bylaws, so please understand that any changes made would be the enforcement of BAA (HAL) of which we have to comply with.

Heathrow Parking Force Meet and Greet reviews

Our average review score for Heathrow Parking Force Meet and Greet is 1 from 9 reviews.
John Matthews

Our flight into Terminal 2 at heathrow was late, it landed at 23.35 not 23.00 as scheduled. When we telephoned to get our car delivered we were told this was a £30 out of hors charge, or we could pick the car up the following morning. The T&C's indicate that this is the case (not the £30 the T&C's suggest £15 or £25) but they are buried at the bottom of the info. I will never use this company again.
August 11, 2018

Paul Evans

Disappointing service on return from a weeks holiday. Our car wasn’t delivered and they didn’t have a driver ready to bring the car. We were eventually (90 minutes after landing) taken to their car park to drive away the car. Not what I expected or paid for.
February 22, 2018

L Morgan

The above booking was made for a Meet & Greet Service at Heathrow Terminal 4. I'd booked it as an added extra to the Birthday trip I planned for my husband. (I thought it would be nice to have the service to the airport rather than be troubled by using Public Transport or Shuttle Buses.) We followed all the instructions given and have to say we were more than a little disappointed. We rang as instructed to confirm our arrival time and drove to the airport. On arrival, there was no sign of anyone to collect us. Eventually someone did turn up. No check was made of the vehicle. We weren't asked to sign anything. Off we went. On our return we rang, as instructed, and were told that it would take 20-25 minutes for the car to get to us. Not ideal. We were advised to wait in the airport and we'd get a call when the car was a few minutes away. We waited over 30 minutes and I was about to call again when we had a call to say the car was 7-10 minutes away and would we please go to the Departures area and go to where we'd dropped the car off. This we did - and waited. It was dark outside so colours of cars were not easy to see. However, compared to other cars arriving at the airport, mine has something of a distinctive shape. At one point I saw a car hurtling up the ramp towards the drop-off point and jokingly said to my husband 'That looks like my car but I hope it isn't, being driven like that!'. I was relieved to see it parked in another area. Unfortunately, it turned out it WAS my car! We had a call to say to come and collect it away from where we were. I was asked to sign a form but said I would check the car first, which I did. I noticed there was a section on the form that I should have signed when we first left the car. Once inside, I noticed the front passenger seat was tilted forward. There should have been no reason for this. (It's a 4/5 door car.) I subsequently noticed that a mat that was on the dashboard for the Sat Nav was in the passenger foot-well, and that the parcel shelf was upside down. As it happens, I had filled up with fuel the day before we left and had zeroed the odometer. The car had travelled 43 miles, of which a maximum if 8 would have been driven by me. It had gained another 35 miles. I do not see why so much mileage would be added if, as indicated when we booked, vehicles are parked at, or near, the airport. On our return I checked the website for this company. (I had not thought to do so before as I had trusted Looking4Parking with whom we had previously had no issues.) The reviews on here are not good! We were disappointed with the service given, particularly at the end of a holiday when you are tired and just want to get home. We'd have got home sooner if we'd taken the bus!
February 20, 2018


Absolutely terrible. Do not book with them. 40 minutes late to meet us at drop off , over 1 HOUR LATE to bring our car to us on return. And I got shouted at and told it was my fault as we were 15minutes late arriving ( we had phoned 30 mins before to tell them). Horrendous.
December 1, 2017

A Powell

Terrible customer service. No staff at LHR car park, unlike other companies. I understood “Meet & Greet” meant there was actually someone to “meet” you on arrival at the airport. Called 25 minutes before arriving at Heathrow, phone not picked up - went to answerphone. Left message and asked for call back. Didn’t happen. Phoned again when in car park - waited 25 minute at LHR car park before a driver turned up. Both he and the person on the office phone insisted that the 30 minute notice referred to the booked arrival time. That is not clear in the terms and conditions. On return - phoned them from baggage collection. Told my vehicle was already in the car park. But still waited 30 minutes in car park until a driver turned up with my car keys. Terrible company, don’t use them.
November 29, 2017

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