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This off-site car park is 5 miles from Luton airport and courtesy buses run regularly (every 20 minutes), taking around 14 minutes. During rush hour it can take considerably longer. The car park is fully secure and has been awarded the Park Mark. The operator will park your car for you, meaning that it is necessary to leave your car key with them. Airparks offers extras such as weighing scales for your luggage (a charge applies), heated bus shelters, and a free jump-start service.


Increasing problems with congestion are being reported at Luton airport, and the airport is advising passengers to make sure they arrive with ample time to spare before their flight to avoid the risk of missing it. The official recommendation is to arrive three hours before a long-haul flight, two hours before a European flight and 90 minutes before a domestic flight.

We strongly recommend that you don't use a sat nav to find Airparks Luton, as we've found that with some sat navs, customers have had trouble finding Airparks with just the postcode. There are also two Grove Roads, one in Slip End and the other in Luton town centre. We recommend that you follow the directions below, but if you do still wish to use a sat nav, you should enter Grove Road and the postcode, or Slip End and the postcode.

From the M1 (north and south):
Leave the M1 at junction 10. At the roundabout which goes over the motorway, take the exit signposted Luton and the airport (A1081). At the next roundabout (junction 10A), take the third exit onto the A1081 for Harpenden/St Albans. Take the first right onto Newlands Road, following the sign to Airparks. Take the next left signposted Slip End and Markyate (B4540). At the traffic lights in Slip End, turn right into Grove Road. Take the first left into the service road and Airparks is 100 metres on the right.

From the A1 (M):
Follow the A505 into Luton. At the airport roundabout, follow signs for 'Other routes, Parkway and the A505'. At the next roundabout, go straight on and follow signs for the M1 and St Albans (A1081). At the next roundabout at junction 10A of the M1, take the first exit for Harpenden / St Albans (A1081). Take the first right onto Newlands Road and follow the signs to Airparks. Take the next left signposted Slip End and Markyate (B4540). At the traffic lights in Slip End, turn right into Grove Road. Take the first left into the service road and Airparks is 100 metres on the right.

There are currently roadworks on the M1 between junctions 6a and 12. We recommend that you check the Highways Agency website before you travel, and that you allow extra time for your journey in case there are traffic jams because of the roadworks.

Arrival procedure

Please check your booking confirmation for details.

Checking your car in at Airparks Luton takes just seconds. The site was revamped in June 2011 and fitted with sophisticated new machines which take care of the whole process in the blink of an eye. All you'll need is a copy of your booking confirmation.

On arrival, please drive into the car park and the barrier will open automatically, then press the green button at the second barrier in order to enter the car park. As you enter they will record the condition of your vehicle for safety and security. Please park in one of the numbered arrivals lanes and make a note of the lane number. Then unload your luggage and make your way into the check-in building in front of you. Head to one of the machines and follow the instructions. You'll just need to scan the barcode on your booking confirmation, and if you gave them all your details when you booked, the whole process should take about a minute.

Airparks parks your car for you, so you leave your car key with them. The machine will give you a key tag, which you'll need to attach to your car key, as well as a ticket so you can collect your key when you come back. Once you've put the key tag on your key, you just need to drop it in the box to the right of the check-in building, in the slot for your lane number. You're then ready to board the transfer bus and head to the terminal. If there isn't a bus there, there's a big heated shelter with plenty of seats to the right of the check-in building.

Your car key is the only one you need to leave with Airparks, so it's a good idea to take all your other keys off your keyring before you leave home.

Departure procedure

Please check your booking confirmation for details.

The transfer bus will bring you back to the car park. You'll need to show the ticket you were given at check-in to the driver.

When you get back to the car park, make your way to the check-out building. Go up to one of the machines and scan the barcode on your key collection ticket. A map of the car park will come up, showing you where your car is, and you'll get your keys back. This should take a few seconds. Then you can collect your car and set off home. At the barrier, you'll need to scan the key tag attached to your car key to get out.

Again, if you have any problems, just press the assistance button and a member of staff will come and help you.

If you're going to come back early, please let Airparks know, if you can.


Airparks Luton is protected by CCTV, entry and exit barriers, a fence, floodlighting, and is patrolled 24 hours a day. It holds the Park Mark award.


Parking is always at the vehicle owner's own risk.

Disabled facilities

The transfer buses are wheelchair accessible.

Additional information

Airparks Luton has free wifi on site and aboard the shuttle buses, well-lit heated bus shelters, flight information screens, toilets, baby changing facilities, vendings machines and free drinking water.

If you come back to a flat battery, the car park will be happy to jump start your car for free.

If you're worried that your bags might be over your luggage allowance, Airparks Luton now has luggage scales for its customers to use - they cost £1 for 60 seconds (subject to change).

They normally advise our customers to give themselves 50 minutes to park at Airparks and transfer to the airport - longer during the rush hour between 4am and 8am. However, there are currently roadworks on the M1 between junctions 6a and 12, so we advise you to leave extra time for your journey to Airparks too. More information is available on the Highways Agency website.

The shuttle buses can't accommodate large sporting equipment, so we'd recommend dropping any off with your passengers at the terminal first, then driving to Airparks.

If you're delayed coming back, you'll need to pay for the extra parking before you go. At the moment extra days cost £20 per day (subject to change). If you come back early, unfortunately we can't give you a refund for the time you've not used.

The car park cannot accept any high-sided vehicles, minibuses, mobile homes, lorries, caravans, trailers or vehicles larger than the above maximum dimensions. These dimensions are 2m width x 2.1 height x 5m length.

Vehicles with a taxi license plate can be parked on-site, but cannot use the Return Greet or Meet and Greet services offered by Airparks.

Airparks Luton with Electric Vehicle Charge

If you book this product, you will get your electric vehicle fully charged whilst you're away.

Please make sure you leave your charging cable in your vehicle so that the car park can charge it for you whilst you're away.

Airparks Luton Self Park

Unlike the Drop and Go option described above, the Airparks Self Park package allows you to park your own car and keep your keys.

On arrival, please drive up to the main barrier which will lift automatically, then keep to the left and drive into the car photo booth which will scan and photograph your car for reference. Then exit the tunnel, turn left following signs for Zone K and pick a space. Park and walk to reception to check-in. You will be able to keep hold of your keys while you're away.

On your return, take the shuttle back to the car park and walk to Zone K where your car will be waiting for you. Then scan your barcode at the exit barrier and it will lift automatically.

Luton Airparks Services reviews

Our average review score for Luton Airparks Services is 4 from 261 reviews.
Vierka Hiscock

I would like to complain about the service I have received from your company. I have called for over 1 week to amend my information. I even called the 03000 number from a car as i have not been able to look up the number whilst driving. They were not able to amend my phone number for 1 week which resulted in them not waiting for me on the carpark. Nearly missed my plane to see my dying uncle. The driver was shouting from start on me, his explanation, later on, was that he was on hands-free - he coined me into paying for parking my car, despite me waiting there for them and the company reassuring me that the driver will be there despite me being late. Took £10 as he refused to park my car if I don't pay extra. First, he wanted £2.60 and then he walked out with my iPhone away until I threatened him that I will contact Police for stealing my phone. Shouted at me that he is not my servant?! He spoke to another company driver in their language and making laughing comments at me which I didn't understand too. The woman who rang me to check if I have missed my plane wasn't better either, shouting on the phone-i left her to explain her version of the story but she wasn't interested in my side of the story. My car came back to me filthy and I could see the driver who was dropping it off to driving around the narrow lane in at least 50 miles per hour, the heating was up to 24 degrees plus I got something sticky on my console (i would rather not know what it was as I have paid for fully validating my car elsewhere). It came with a massive scratch on my lower side of the car. I was thinking to get a solicitor involved in this but, to be honest, they are covering and lying so much that at the present I have chosen to use competitive and never this company. BTW I'm forcing myself so i don't have a problem with foreign person !
January 9, 2019

Andrew Greig

Returned to find vehicle damaged. Photographs show vehicle undamaged when it entered. Apparently the burden of proof is for the customer to prove that it was a member of staff who damaged the vehicle and not a 3rd party. Customer services dismissive and not willing to provide the evidence they used in their investigation apart from stating “we can’t find any evidence your vehicle was damaged by a member of staff”. Very poor
December 14, 2018

Sonia Rylance

Being disabled it took me some time to to book my car in but one of your staff helped me in the end because I kept dropping everything. On return someone had parked a car too close to mine i got help immediately to get it out for me. Bus service was great.
November 27, 2018

Claire Pegg

Good service apart from one thing, on arrival all paperwork and the app/website gives you an incorrect bay number to wait for the bus at. Not what you want after a long day travelling, after wondering around Luton carpark we eventually rang airparks who knew straight away which letter (not number like advertised) we should catch the bus back to airparks from.
October 24, 2018

Nicholas Bailey

Very poor. Got back to car park as expected on 9 October but key was not ready for collection at check out. Had to wait over 30 minutes with no information until car was brought to me. No member of staff apologized or offered any information in explanation at all.
October 10, 2018

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