Airport Parking for Motorbikes

  • 06 Feb, 2023
  • Alice Fowler

Find out which UK airports have free motorcycle parking

We get it, people don’t just drove cars to the airport; plenty of you have motorcycles too and often have the question of “Is motorbike parking free at my airport?”

The answer differs depending on the airport so we thought we’d bring you a 2022 update on what the airports charge (if anything) and where possible, where the dedicated motorbike parking is. Please note, this is a collection of information based on what’s available to us at the time of writing, in this case, August 2022.

Simply select your airport from the list below to be taken to the information we have. If you see a 🏍️, click it to be taken to the official website for information on prices if the airport charges for motorcycle parking.

Aberdeen | Belfast City | Belfast International | Birmingham | Bristol | Bournemouth |Cardiff | Dublin | East Midlands | Edinburgh | Exeter |Gatwick | Glasgow | Heathrow |Humberside | Heathrow |Inverness Leeds Bradford | Liverpool |London City | Luton | Manchester | Newcastle | Norwich |Prestwick | Shannon | Southampton | Southend | Stansted | Teesside |

Aberdeen Airport

Motorcycle parking is free and you can find designated spaces in the Short Stay Car Park.

Belfast City Airport

There is no dedicated motorcycle parking but you can use any of their car parks for motorcycle parking.

Belfast International Airport

There is motorcycle parking available underneath the canopy beside their car park office in the main car park and it’s free.

Birmingham Airport

There is dedicated Motorcycle parking area in Car Park 2. It is currently free to park in this car park. But if you park in any other car park, you’d have to pay the full price for that car park. 🏍️

Bournemouth Airport

There is motorcycle parking available in their bicycle shelter which is just outside the terminal building. You’ll be charged the same price as car parking.

Bristol Airport

Free parking for motorbikes in the dedicated motorcycle park in the Multi-Storey car park. car park and it should be signposted. No pre-booking needed!

Cardiff Airport

The airport have confirmed via Twitter DM that they have free motorcycle parking located at the end of the pick up zone, next to the pay station.
Motorbike parking at Cardiff Airport is free

Dublin Airport

There is motorcycle parking available in their Terminal 1 car park A and it’s free of charge.

East Midlands Airport

If you’re travelling by motorcycle, then you can receive a 50% discount on pre-booked prices. In order to get this discount, you’ll need to fill a feedback form and they’ll give you a callback to book your motorcycle parking. 

Exeter Airport

Motorcycles can be parked free of charge but you are advised to call them on 01392 365 225 to arrange. 🏍️

Edinburgh Airport

For motorbike parking, the same charge applies as parking and you’ll need to pay for it either by booking it online or paying the turn-up charges.

Gatwick Airport

There are dedicated bays in both the North and South Terminal Short Stay car parks and parking is free.

Glasgow Airport

For motorbike parking, the same charge applies as parking and you’ll need to pay for it either by booking it online or paying the turn-up charges.

Heathrow Airport

Motorbike parking is available in all 4 terminals and can be found as follows:

On Cessna to the new Hilton Garden Inn Hotel

  • (Terminal 2) – Located on Cessna Road, adjacent to Hilton Garden Inn Hotel . Motorcycles are prohibited from parking in the T2 multi storey car parks.
  • (Terminal 3) – Head to the back of Short Stay Car Park 1A/5. Motorcycles are prohibited from parking in the T3 multi storey car parks.
  • (Terminal 4) – opposite arrivals. Motorcycles are prohibited from parking in the T4 multi storey car parks.
  • (Terminal 5) – next to Short Stay Car Park. You can park in the over height areas of the multi storey car parks only.

Humberside Airport

“I can confirm Motorcycle parking is free at Humberside Airport and is available in Car Park 1 (Short Stay) or in the Bicycle shelter opposite the main terminal. “

Inverness Airport

“We don’t have dedicated motorbike parking at Inverness Airport. Motorbikes can utilise any standard space within any of our car parks paying the advertised rates which are applicable for all vehicles.” August 2021

Leeds Bradford Airport

Motorcycle parking is permitted however “motorcyclists are not exempt from payment of parking tariffs and should park in a full parking bay.” 🏍️

Liverpool Airport

Motorcycles can park in the Express Drop Off Zone for free, but the bays are limited. Please note that these aren’t dedicated spaces, hence the no charge.

London City Airport

The parking here is free, and located underneath the DLR viaduct. If you head towards the front of the Terminal Building, the parking is opposite the turning.

Luton Airport

For parking durations of up to 21 days, please use the Mid Term Car Park, where your parking will be free. Any stays longer than 21 days will be charged at the standard tariff. The car parks are monitored but bikes are left at your own risk. 🏍️

Manchester Airport

Motorcycle parking is available but you can only park outside the railway station, anywhere else is for staff use only. 

Newcastle Airport

You are advised to use the Long Stay Car Park when parking for periods of 24 hours or more. But if you’d like to park for less than 24 hours, then they recommend using Short Stay 2 Car Park which you can use for free for up to 15 minutes. 🏍️

Norwich Airport

A Customer Services rep emailed back to say “Just spoke to NCP parking office and they have motorbike parking spaces available in the short stay car park, at the same rate as cars.” 🏍️

Prestwick Airport

Due to their use of ANPR, they are unable to accommodate motorcycles; please see the screenshot from our Facebook conversation.
No motorbike parking at Prestwick Airport

Shannon Airport

There is motorcycle parking available but in order to book it, you’d have to contact the airport.

Southampton Airport

The airport confirmed that there is motorcycle parking in the Short Stay Car Park, in a designated secure area. A commenter provided us with this info:

“On the ground floor of the short term car park there is 3/4 barrier to enter through, no ticket needed, and there is a 3/4 barrier to leave through. Should you get a ticket on entry do not worry, go to the customer service counter in the car park, it’s very near the exit, and the person there will tear up your ticket and ask you to use Lane No1 with the short (3/4) barrier to exit the car park.”

Southend Airport

Free motorbike parking is available in their Long Stay 3 Car Park.
Southend Airport offer Free motorbike parking

Stansted Airport

Motorcycle parking is available in their Orange Zone Car Park (short stay) and Zone Q (long term car park). Motorcyclists receive a 50% discount on pre-booked parking in either zones – you must call the customer services team on 0808 168 6111 to pre-book and pay for parking as they don’t have the facilities at the airport to do this. 🏍️

However, you also have the option to book parking via Stansted Easy Motorbike Parking if you prefer to book online. This is an exclusive motorbike only car park so other vehicles are not able to use the space.

Teesside Airport

As they didn’t have any information on their website, we contacted them via email and they said: “we do have designated motorcycle parking within our Drop Off Car Park and in our Main Car Park motorcycle users can park in any available parking space including disabled if they display their disabled parking badge. Same parking charges as cars apply.”

The above information has been updated to the best of our knowledge, according to the information available to us – if you are aware of any changes, please let us know! (August 2022)

About Alice Fowler

I love to travel and working in the airport parking world for nearly a decade has given me inside out knowledge of the industry. I love to help travellers get the best out of their trip, and their journey to the airport is an important part of that. Whether it's using our data to spot trends and pinpoint when people can save money, or opening the lid on airport parking tips and tricks, if it helps our customers, I'll write about it!

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128 responses to “Airport Parking for Motorbikes”

  1. Hi there I’m flying on April from Heathrow airport terminal 2 and do i have to pay for motorbike parking or not or i have to booked advance?

  2. Birmingham Airport is now carpark two and is free, turn left when you enter park to dedicated area – take a ticket on entry and ring buzzer on exit and say you are a bike (or dodge around barrier if you prefer)

  3. Hi,

    Anyone any experience of M/C parking at Inverness? I had emailed the airport previously and was advised that it was full charge in the long stay yet the website (for Inverness Airport) states M/Cs to be parked in the short stay car park. The barrier at the long stay car park does look shorter and could bypass. Completely unsure whether its short or long stay and whether its pay or not. Their prices are not cheap! Especially if going away for 4 days+

    • Hi Chris,

      We are in the process of updating this article and we have contacted Inverness directly for clarification. If and when we get it, I’ll be adding it above.
      In the meantime, if anyone has any recent experience of motorbike parking at Inverness Airport, perhaps you could could help us both out?!

  4. Hi – can anyone provide a update on bike parking at Lindon City Airport? Any comments on whether it is secure to leave it there overnight? Thanks

    • Hi Chris,

      I have just asked Edinburgh Airport again about parking and the information in the blog is still correct; parking is free in the Terminal Surface car park 🙂

  5. Hi Tomas,

    Their website doesn’t have any information about motorcycle parking so we’d suggest calling the parking team on 01302 625500

  6. Hi
    I wanted to park last week my Motorbike at Bristol Airport cloese to administration office but it is not avalaible
    I parked on the pavement close to a car park for renting car
    When I came back after £ days there was a paper :
    Your vehicule is parked out of a bay which cause an obtruction. Your car registration details have been recorded and we reserve the right to refuse access to any person who continues to disobey parking regulation
    Signature : Ground Transportation Duty Manager

    Where is the new bay for Motorbike and is it still free of charge

    • Hi there,

      As stated above, there is a dedicated motorbike parking bay opposite the administration building, so you should use a bay in future

  7. The telephone number for Manchester Airport is not correct (computer voice says “this number is not activated”), call 0808 169 7030, then Option 1 to talk to the call center.

    • Hi Dennis,

      We only checked this number in July ’18 and it’s changed already! Thank you for bringing to our attention – we have changed the info above

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