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Airport Parking for Motorbikes

  • 25 May, 2021
  • Alice Fowler

Find out which UK airports have free motorcycle parking

We get it, people don’t just drove cars to the airport; plenty of you have motorcycles too and often have the question of “Is motorbike parking free at my airport?”

The answer differs depending on the airport so we thought we’d bring you a 2019 update on what the airports charge (if anything) and where possible, where the dedicated motorbike parking is. Please note, this is a collection of information based on what’s available to us at the time of writing, in this case, August 2019.

Simply select your airport from the list below to be taken to the information we have. If you see a 🏍️, click it to be taken to the official website for information on prices if the airport charges for motorcycle parking.

Aberdeen | Belfast City | Belfast International | Birmingham | Bristol | Bournemouth |Cardiff | Doncaster Sheffield | Dublin | East Midlands | Edinburgh | Exeter |Gatwick | Glasgow | Heathrow |Humberside | Heathrow |Inverness Leeds Bradford | Liverpool |London City | Luton | Manchester | Newcastle | Norwich |Prestwick | Shannon | Southampton | Southend | Stansted | Teesside |

Aberdeen Airport

Motorcycle parking is free and you can find designated spaces in the Short Stay Car Park.

Belfast City Airport

They have confirmed that motorbike parking can be found in the Short Stay car park

Belfast International Airport

No information on their site so we have contacted them directly and waiting for a response.
**This is still the case as of May 2021 so we have contacted them again for clarity.**

Birmingham Airport

Motorcycle parking is within Car Park 3 and charged at the same rate as cars are. Confirmed by a Facebook Messenger Agent. 🏍️

Bournemouth Airport

Motorcyclists can pre-book a space for a 50% reduced rate by contacting them on 0345 319 9636 (Monday to Friday, 8:00AM to 8:00PM). There is a bicycle shelter outside the terminal building that motorcyclists can use. 🏍️

Bristol Airport

Free parking for motorbikes in the dedicated motorcycle park in the Silver Zone car park and it should be signposted. No pre-booking needed!

Cardiff Airport

The airport have confirmed via Twitter DM that they have free motorcycle parking located at the end of the pick up zone, next to the pay station.
Motorbike parking at Cardiff Airport is free

Doncaster Sheffield Airport

Motorbike parking is free across the site. See the Twitter response below;
Doncaster Sheffield Airport offer free motorbike parking

Dublin Airport

No information on their site so we are awaiting response to our direct message to them.
**This is still the case as of May 2021 so we have contacted them again for clarity.**

East Midlands Airport

They responded with an infographic stating that motorbikes can park in the Short Stay car park outside the terminal for 50% of the advertised cost. Please call 0808 168 6111 and select option 3 to arrange the discount. 🏍️

Exeter Airport

Motorcycles can be parked free of charge but you are advised to call them on 01392 365 225 to arrange. 🏍️

Edinburgh Airport

Motorcycles are welcome in the Terminal Surface car park and parking is free – see below;
Motorbike parking at Edinburgh Airport

Gatwick Airport

There are dedicated bays in both the North and South Terminal Short Stay car parks and parking is free.

Glasgow Airport

Motorbike parking is available in Car Park 2, but they now charge the same rate as they do for cars. 🏍️

Heathrow Airport

Motorbike parking is available in all 4 terminals and can be found as follows:

  • (Terminal 2) – Located on Conway Road, access via Inner Ring East. Motorcycles are prohibited from parking in the T2 multi storey car parks.
  • (Terminal 3) – Head to the back of Short Stay Car Park 1A/5. Motorcycles are prohibited from parking in the T3 multi storey car parks.
  • (Terminal 4) – opposite arrivals. Motorcycles are prohibited from parking in the T4 multi storey car parks.
  • (Terminal 5) – next to Short Stay Car Park. You can park in the over height areas of the multi storey car parks only.

Humberside Airport

“I can confirm Motorcycle parking is free at Humberside Airport and is available in Car Park 1 (Short Stay) or in the Bicycle shelter opposite the main terminal. “

Inverness Airport

“We don’t have dedicated motorbike parking at Inverness Airport. Motorbikes can utilise any standard space within any of our car parks paying the advertised rates which are applicable for all vehicles.” May 2021

Leeds Bradford Airport

Motorcycle parking is permitted however “motorcyclists are not exempt from payment of parking tariffs and should park in a full parking bay.” 🏍️

Liverpool Airport

Motorcycles can park in the Express Drop Off Zone for free, but the bays are limited. Please note that these aren’t dedicated spaces, hence the no charge.

London City Airport

The parking here is free, and located underneath the DLR viaduct. If you head towards the front of the Terminal Building, the parking is opposite the turning.

Luton Airport

For parking durations of up to 21 days, please use the Mid Term Car Park, where your parking will be free. Any stays longer than 21 days will be charged at the standard tariff. The car parks are monitored but bikes are left at your own risk. 🏍️

Manchester Airport

A helpful customer got in touch to say that he’d just found out that Bikers have to pay 50% of the price of a car and they offer parking in the multi-storey or Mid-stay car parks.  Call 0808 169 7030 , then option 1, to book your parking (2019). We can’t find anything else on the site that says otherwise, but as they are owned by the same group as East Midlands and Stansted, we think it’s safe to assume this is correct! 🏍️

Newcastle Airport

You are advised to use the Long Stay Car Park when parking for periods of 24 hours or more. You’ll have to call them on 0191 214 4341 for a no obligation quote and to book a full car parking space. 🏍️

Norwich Airport

A Customer Services rep emailed back to say “Just spoke to NCP parking office and they have motorbike parking spaces available in the short stay car park, at the same rate as cars.” 🏍️

Prestwick Airport

Due to their use of ANPR, they are unable to accommodate motorcycles; please see the screenshot from our Facebook conversation.
No motorbike parking at Prestwick Airport

Shannon Airport

One of their Facebook Agents responded with the following:
“We don’t have designated parking for Motorbikes, so it would be a regular parking spot. Our car parks are patrolled and a few minutes walk from the terminal building.” 🏍️

Southampton Airport

The airport confirmed that there is motorcycle parking in the Short Stay Car Park, in a designated secure area. A commenter provided us with this info:

“On the ground floor of the short term car park there is 3/4 barrier to enter through, no ticket needed, and there is a 3/4 barrier to leave through. Should you get a ticket on entry do not worry, go to the customer service counter in the car park, it’s very near the exit, and the person there will tear up your ticket and ask you to use Lane No1 with the short (3/4) barrier to exit the car park.”

Southend Airport

Free motorbike parking is available in their Long Stay 3 Car Park.
Southend Airport offer Free motorbike parking

Stansted Airport

Orange Zone Car Park (short stay) and Zone Q (long term car park). Motorcyclists receive a 50% discount on pre-booked parking in either zones – you must call the customer services team* on 0808 169 7031 to pre-book and pay for parking as they don’t have the facilities at the airport to do this. 🏍️

However, you also have the option to book parking via Stansted Easy Motorbike Parking if you prefer to book online. This is an exclusive motorbike only carpark so other vehicles are not able to use the space.

Teesside Airport

No information on their site so we are awaiting response to our direct message to them.
**This is still the case as of May 2021 so we have contacted them again for clarity.**

The above information has been updated to the best of our knowledge, according to the information available to us – if you are aware of any changes, please let us know! (August 2019)

*Contact numbers updated August 2019 and are freephone numbers

About Alice Fowler

I love to travel and working in the airport parking world for nearly five years has given me inside out knowledge of the industry. I love to help travellers get the best out of their trip, and their journey to the airport is an important part of that. Whether it's using our data to spot trends and pinpoint when people can save money, or opening the lid on airport parking tips and tricks, if it helps our customers, I'll write about it!

128 responses to “Airport Parking for Motorbikes”

  1. At Gatwick South terminal there is a half barier at the exit for motorbikes to leave through. There is no need to validate a ticket, just ride through the space afforded by the half barier , which is the far right hand one.

    • Hi,
      I am flying on Friday evening from Manchester and I will have very little time. Could someone tell me the best option to park : under the flyover or multi storey ?
      Could you give me the direction to follw from the M56 ?

  2. I have just travelled from Manchester airport and I can advise that an official directed me to free motorcycle parking in the multi storey car park between terminals 1 and 3. There was space for about 10 bikes with a real floor chaining about 5 bikes to, when I arrived there was only 2 spaces taken.

    I hope that helps someone.

    • there is bike parking under the flyover opposite T1 entrance and fairly sheltered due to bushes and the substation

      metal loops in floor for chaining bike or to the railing opp T1 entrance

      used it for years and never any trouble – T3 5 mins walk also can park just inside the car park entrance as there is space and room round the barrier

  3. hi, I,m hoping to get flight from heathrow terminal 4, on 21st November and return on December 4th, I travel light and would like to park my motor bike there, could you advise me if there is change and where would I go when I get there to park? thankyou,
    Trevor James,

    • Hi Trevor,
      You can park your motorcycle free of charge on the Arrivals forecourt (Terminal 4), under the ramp.

  4. Hi,

    I’m travelling to Barcelona for the weekend 5th – 7th December from Gatwick.

    I have a sports bike and nowhere to stow my leathers and helmet. Can you tell me how much the lockers would be at Gatwick and if they accommodate a helmet please? Or if there is another option like a cloakroom?

    Thanks in advance, Brad

  5. Southampton Airport has a free area for bikes, ground floor of the short term car park there is 3/4 barrier to enter through, no ticket needed, and the is a 3/4 barrier to leave through. Should you get a ticket on entry do not worry. go to the customer service counter in the car park, it’s very near the exit, and the person there will tear up your ticket and ask you to use Lane No1 with the short (3/4) barrier to exit the car park.

    • Hi there, the motorcycle parking for Heathrow Terminal 2 is located in Short Stay Car Park Car Park 2, which is signposted. Once you are in the car park, the motorcycle parking is located at the back of the car park, just to the right of the over-height exit!

  6. I’m planning (thinking about) leaving a large touring bike at Heathrow when I go back home overseas for two months. Will it be safe? and or do I need to purchase some kind of security chain to lock it up?

    • As two months is much longer than your average short stay, in this case it would probably be worth getting in contact with Heathrow themselves for advice on whether you would need a chain or anything extra to ensure the safety of your bike. Do bear in mind that in most cases at Heathrow the parking for motorbikes is within or near Short Stay Car Parks, so there will be a fair amount of movement in the area!

  7. Thanks for your quick response.
    I’ll visit the parking area and take a look what its like when I land there in a couple of weeks.

    • Hi there! There is motorbike parking at London City Airport, but unfortunately we cannot comment on how secure it is. I would advise getting in contact with the Airport to find out more!

    • Watch out for London City motorbike parking. I had my GS bike stolen from there. It was chained, locked etc.,

      So be careful.

  8. I’m riding my moped to the airport on 15th of this month then flying to dublin and back for the day. Where could i park it i couldn’t find the parking under terminal 1 fly over (anybody have any detailed info?). Also is there any other options?

    • For Heathrow Terminal 1 there is motorcycle parking at the back of Short Stay Car Park 1A/5, which you can get to from Chester Road. Hope that helps!

  9. I have used parking for my scooter at City Airport a couple of times, the longest being for a week. The parking is opposite from the terminal / taxi ranks so visible to the general public. I obviously chained my bike as well as switched my alarm on. At the time there was space for about a dozen bikes. It is completely separate from the car parks (or was 6 months ago).

  10. Hi! I’m going to Athens this evening and was wondering how much it costs to leave my scooter at Heathrow for the week.

    Does anyone know?


    • Hi there,

      Parking at Heathrow is free of charge as long as you park in the dedicated motorcycle car parks (see above). Hope that helps!

  11. Motorcycle parking in Red Car Park at Stansted. Is there a time limit to period of parking and are there normally plenty of parking spaces available.

    Many thanks for any info.

    • I park every week at Stansted and there is always loads of bikes there. I have left it there for 3 weeks or so before with no problems. I have never paid. I always take a ticket at entry but on exit there is plenty of room to just ride out. I think it says on their website free motorcycle parking.
      There is an official area for bikes, but bikes are dotted around everywhere. If you are leaving it for a while try to get it in the official area (near the exit) and use a cover, I really don’t think the bikes will be checked.

      • Thanks for this Roger – that’s good to know! They don’t make these things very straightforward, thanks for passing on your experiences!

      • hi, when did you park there for the last time? Are you sure you can take a ticket and then leave without a PCN?

  12. Does anyone know about bike parking at Liverpool Airport? Do you have to pay? Is there anywhere under cover?

    • Hi there!

      At Liverpool John Lennon you can park your motorcycle free of charge in the express drop off and pick up car park. I am not sure if it is under cover or not, you might want to check with the airport for that one! Hope this helps.

  13. I’d like to park my scooter at Stansted Short Stay for 10 days (14-24/May). I read somewhere that I need my exit ticket validated – I arrive back at 11pm, so can I do this on departure day?

    I called the airport on their exorbidant rates only to end in an endless loop.

    Thanks in advance for any info!

  14. Hi, i am travelling from Stansted airport, will be parking my bike at airport parking. Does anyone know how it works at arrival to the parking, do I have to take the ticket from the barrier machine, and uppon arrival how do I leave the parking and whot to do with the ticket, as far as I know it is free parking for bikes. Thanks

    • Hi there! It is free to park a motorcycle at Stansted. Unfortunately I don’t know about the ticket situation – I have tried to ask the airport but they have not been forthcoming! It is probably best to try to contact them yourself. Sorry not to be of more use!

      • I read somewhere (no link but will risk it myself) that you pick up a ticket at the Short Stay, which is only req’d to get in. On exit press the intercom button & you are freed 🙂

        I’m still unsure about the parking – believe you can cable to something – not sure what? I have a naff old scoot, which I’ll try & cover (ordered a bit late) & chain my naff old helmet too.

        With any luck someone will pinch it 🙂

    • Hi there,

      Unfortunately Edinburgh airport do not currently have parking for motorcycles, but apparently they are looking into it for the future!

    • Hi, there are some (5 or6) motorcycle spaces available just outside of multistorey car park ( on right side just after entering barier) available now in Edinburgh airport. Was told they are free of charge. Hope it helps. G.

  15. Hi, I need to leave my bike at Heathrow T5 soon. 2 years ago I was able to park on the ground floor in the short term car park right by the terminal entrance, at the bottom of the down ramp next to the exit barriers (just drove around barrier when leaving, did not need to use ticket). I am not sure if this area was specifically dedicated to bikes but there were around 40-50 bikes there. Does anyone know if that area is still there?
    Many thanks

    • Hi John,
      Currently the only information that Heathrow provide is that it is next to the short stay car park for T5. This sounds similar to what you are describing, but might be worth contacting the airport directly! Thanks for your comment.

  16. Anyone knows how to park at stansted, what the procedure is? Can I leave my bike in the short stay for 14 days? Thank you!

    • Hi Oliver, unfortunately Stansted have not gotten back to us to clarify the procedure, all we know is that free motorcycle parking is available in the Red Car Park in Short Stay as well as zone Q in the Long Stay Car Park.

    • Hi! This is what Newcastle Airport say that motorcycle parking is allowed in all car parks, other than the Express Car Park. The tariffs are the same as car parking. Hope that helps!

  17. I am working at Birmingham airport and want to start using my motorbike to travel to work, is there anywhere to park for free?

  18. flying out of bournemouth airport for few days. Does anyone know if there is turn up and park for motorbikes at Bournemouth?- there website has no info on this. I ve always been able to do this at other uk airports. cheers for any info

  19. Does anyone know if you can leave a motorbike at Luton airport free of charge and if so what car park. Thanks

    • Hi! There is free parking for motorbikes available behind the empty building at the front of the Short Term Car Park if you are parking for up to 7 days, but if you are parking for longer than that you will need to park in the Mid Term Car Park (free up to 21 days).

      • For leaving my bike at Luton (for 15 days > Mid-term car Park) do you know if I need to register anywhere, or just have to leave my bike there? Thank you.

  20. Stansted have changed their motorcycle parking. It’s still in Zone A, but during the works people started leaving their bikes in car spaces by the entrance. Stansted have now started putting notices on the bikes warning of tow away (at your charge). Trouble is that the official bike parking isn’t really big enough, so not sure what to do if I turn up and it’s full.

    Also, you are supposed to get your ticket validated (free) to exit, but the left hand barrier is short enough to ride around, so nobody seems to bother.

    • Hi. Just found this site. Very useful! East Midlands doesnt have any bike parking and will charge full amount. It used to be free but they have changed the exit barriers so bikes are stuck and forced to pay. Hope that helps.

  21. Hi. Am looking at leaving my bike at Gatwick while I go away for the weekend. How up to date is the information on this site as I have spoken to the Gatwick Parking call centre monkeys and they have told me I MUST pay to use the car park. I feel however £60 for 2 days is overpriced! I would go on the information here and risk it but don’t want to get stung if they have recently changed their motorbike rules.

  22. I parked my Vespa GTS 300 at Heathrow T4 in the short stay area outside arrivals for an hour yesterday. When I came out one of the front indicators had been stolen – unscrewed, wire cut. I only discovered this on the way home when I stopped for fuel. Does anyone know if there are CCTV cameras in that area, and where I would report this?

    • Hi Andrew, I’m sorry this has happened to you! It’s probably best to contact Heathrow Airport direct in this case, as they will be able to assist you.

    • Hi there, unfortunately London Southend advise that motorcyclists should take a normal space at the car park. They didn’t specify costs however I would assume this would mean paying the same as a car. Hope that helps!

      • Thats really unacceptable from Southend Airport. Recently re-developped airport costing millions and they haven’t even provided any motorcycle parking, which by the way should be free not 50% of a car price.

    • Hi Tim, there doesn’t appear to be any information on their website regarding this and they have not responded to our own request, so it might be worth trying to call the airport directly to find out!

  23. Stansted airport now charges 50% of the car rate for parking motorcycles. Booking must be made over the phone (charges apply), as the online system does not apply the discounted rate. Short term is bookable for up to 4 days only, longer than that, one needs to book mid- or long-stay. Thank you Manchester Airports Group for the new policy.

  24. Hey Everyone. I can most of the info is is quite old so I’d rather ask again. I’m going to Barcelone Friday from North Terminal and back on Monday so:

    1. Is it Motorcycle parking still free?
    2. How busy it is? Leaving work at 3pm for my flight at 6:10pm, any chances of not finding a space?
    3. I’m away just for the weekend,/does that qualify as short stay?

    I appreciate any information!

    • Hi David,

      As per Aberdeens website,

      “Motorcycle parking is free in the designated areas within the car park. For security reasons motorbikes must not be parked anywhere else.”

      Hope that helps!

  25. Gatwick now charges full short stay car parking prices for motorcycles. There is no long term (cheap) parking for bikes. This is amazingly discriminatory against bikers £45 per day unless you pre book and also must not use car spaces. Diabolical.

    • I’m not sure this is correct. I parked for free at Gatwick for a week or more about half a dozen times since your message here, without any notifications or PCNs etc.

      • Hi Tony,

        You’re correct, as per the official Gatwick Site;

        “Parking for motorcyclists is free at Gatwick Airport if you park in the North and South terminal short stay car parks.

        There are dedicated parking bays for motorcyclists in our short stay car parks. These are marked with yellow hatches and are located on one side of each floor of the car park. Please don’t park motorbikes in other car parking spaces, as you may be charged the full parking rate.

        Please note that anchor points are not available, and that for security reasons bikes will be removed if not parked in the designated areas. “

  26. I’m picking my pillion passenger up at Glasgow Airport – is there any free parking for motorbikes whilst I am in the terminal waiting for her?

    • Hi Tony,

      There is nothing on Glasgow’s website about motorcycle parking, but they do state they have a dedicated pick up area which costs £3 for up to 20 minutes. I would contact the airport directly to enquire as to whether this is applies to motorcycles too.

      Franki, Airport Parking Shop

  27. Hi Franki, Is parking Cardiff Airport free for motorcycle?, can’t find any information about .

    • Hi Aitor,

      We are unable to verify this information either I’m afraid! I’d suggest you contact Cardiff Airport directly and ask them to confirm.

      Good Luck!

  28. Stansted has now effectively banned motorcycle parking. You can’t book online. You have to phone to book. However, both phone numbers published are not connected. They don’t respond to emails.

    Turn up and pay is not available for the specified car park and would cost £42 per day.

    Other operators don’t permit motorcycles. I have absolutely no idea how I’m going to get to the airport.

    • Hi Christian,

      We contacted the airport and they said to us that motorbike parking does not need to be booked and is free, in both the Red short stay car park and Zone Q in Long Stay – which is a conflicting message to their website. Airports really need to make their motorbike parking policies much clearer!

      Hope that helps – Alice

      • Yes, My bike is there now and for free. Along with maybe 100 others!!
        There is plenty of room for easy exit.

  29. Hi I’m flying from East Midlands next week, anyone know what the situation for parking motorbikes ?

    • Hi Paddy

      As per Leeds Bradford Airports website, they state;

      “Motorcycles and are permitted to take up a car parking bay in the most appropriate car park for their visit.

      Motorcyclists are not exempt from payment of parking tariffs.”

      Not to say there isn’t any free parking around the airport though! It’s worth looking into


  30. Hi
    I’m flying from Liverpool airport this weekend for a couple of days. Does anyone know if there is free parking available for my scooter?

    • Hi Damon

      On their website, it says there is free outside parking for motorcycles in the Express Drop Off zone, which I’m sure would be fine for your scooter. If you want to double check, I’d suggest giving them a call on 0345 319 2781


  31. Hi im travelling from gatwick airport for 4 days and im looking to ride my scooter down, am i allowed to park it there free of charge for that long?

  32. Hi Zak,

    As per a previous comment on this thread, and the fact the official website doesn’t mention free motorcycle parking, I’d assume you are unable to park for free – best to contact them directly for a definite answer, though!


  33. Hi, can anybody tell me about parking availability at Heathrow/Gatwick airports? (haven’t decided on airline yet). I don’t want to get there and find there is no room to park and miss my check in time trying to find alternative motorcycle parking.

    • Hi Eddy,

      The information they’ve provided matches ours in this blog post, so hopefully it is the case and they are no longer charging as per previous comments.


  34. Hi
    Looking for an update on parking my bike at Manchester airport for a week.
    Where and how much.?
    Does any one know what free facilities exist for leaving a bike at Milan airport or Geneva airport ?
    If not where could i find out?
    Thanks in advance.

    • Hi Mark,

      Manchester have now updated their website to include information about parking for motorbikes and I have updated our information above accordingly – it’s not good news as you will need to pre-book and pay a 50% reduced fee to park in the Multi Storey Car Parks. I can’t find any information about the free parking under the flyover that has been mentioned in the past and in comments here, so whether that still exists or not remains to be seen. I would give them a call on the number they recommend above.

      As for Milan or Geneva, I can’t help there but perhaps there’s some information on their websites? Or you could try calling them?

      Hope that helps!

  35. Cardiff airport motorbike parking

    Just had confirmation that bike parking is free and there’s a specific area for it next to the ticket machines in the drop off car park.

    Hope that helps.

    • Hi Richard,

      Thanks for this information – Cardiff have now confirmed this too so I’ll update the blog

  36. East Midlands Airport, part of Manchester airport group ( MAG ) have just emailed me to say there is 50 % discount for bikes but must be booked by phoning Contact Centre on 0871 477 7747.

    • Hi There,

      If you’re having no luck calling them on 01702 538 500 perhaps you could tweet them at @SouthendAirport? They seem pretty active on there!

      Hope you can get some answers – I couldn’t find anything on their website at all!

  37. Can someone advise where the motorcycle parking bays are at Luton mid term….is it signposted…

  38. can someone tell me if there is any motorcycle parking at Prestwick Airport (I have called and the question was met with!!! “Im not sure”) and if so, How much?
    Thank You

    • Hi Henry,

      We can’t find anything on their site and we have contacted them to ask – if/when we hear back, I’ll get back to you and update this blog, too!

  39. Any update on Birmingham Airport? In 2014 I parked there for free, but it now says, for car park 3, “normal fees apply”. Which means £88 to £139!!!! 3rd to 14th August 2017. Is this true? Is so, I may as well take my van, help clog up the M42 and take up 6 times more parking space than needed 🙁

    • Hi Bill,

      Their official site still states that motorcycle parking will be subject to standard tariffs 🙁

  40. Hello
    Does anyone used the Luton Airport car park recently to leave the motorbike.
    I will be flying for just 3 days in the beginning of November 2017, where is better to park the bike?
    Also how safe is?
    Any other useful advice will be appreciated.


  41. Hi just a question about Gatwick airport.
    We need to park our motobike for about 2 weeks so I was wondering if this will be possible?
    Thank you

    • Hi Rali,

      As far as we understand, the information is still correct in our blog above – it is free for motorcyclists as long as you are parked in the correct area 🙂

    • Hey, I asked them on their live chat this morning (June 28th 18) and their response is in the screenshot in the blog above. Hope that helps

    • Hi Patrick,

      We have contacted them for further information so if/when we hear back, we will update this article 🙂

    • Hi Alan,

      We have contacted them to ask what they offer and will update the blog as soon as we hear back!

      In the meantime, if anyone else knows, please feel free to help Alan out 🙂

  42. The telephone number for Manchester Airport is not correct (computer voice says “this number is not activated”), call 0808 169 7030, then Option 1 to talk to the call center.

    • Hi Dennis,

      We only checked this number in July ’18 and it’s changed already! Thank you for bringing to our attention – we have changed the info above

  43. Hi
    I wanted to park last week my Motorbike at Bristol Airport cloese to administration office but it is not avalaible
    I parked on the pavement close to a car park for renting car
    When I came back after £ days there was a paper :
    Your vehicule is parked out of a bay which cause an obtruction. Your car registration details have been recorded and we reserve the right to refuse access to any person who continues to disobey parking regulation
    Signature : Ground Transportation Duty Manager

    Where is the new bay for Motorbike and is it still free of charge

    • Hi there,

      As stated above, there is a dedicated motorbike parking bay opposite the administration building, so you should use a bay in future

  44. What is the cost per day to park motorcycle in Doncaster Robin Hood airport?
    I will be using it to come back home for a weekend and get back to work on Monday morning.
    Thanx. Tomas

    • Hi Tomas,

      Their website doesn’t have any information about motorcycle parking so we’d suggest calling the parking team on 01302 625500

    • Hi Chris,

      I have just asked Edinburgh Airport again about parking and the information in the blog is still correct; parking is free in the Terminal Surface car park 🙂

  45. Hi – can anyone provide a update on bike parking at Lindon City Airport? Any comments on whether it is secure to leave it there overnight? Thanks

  46. Hi,

    Anyone any experience of M/C parking at Inverness? I had emailed the airport previously and was advised that it was full charge in the long stay yet the website (for Inverness Airport) states M/Cs to be parked in the short stay car park. The barrier at the long stay car park does look shorter and could bypass. Completely unsure whether its short or long stay and whether its pay or not. Their prices are not cheap! Especially if going away for 4 days+

    • Hi Chris,

      We are in the process of updating this article and we have contacted Inverness directly for clarification. If and when we get it, I’ll be adding it above.
      In the meantime, if anyone has any recent experience of motorbike parking at Inverness Airport, perhaps you could could help us both out?!

  47. Birmingham Airport is now carpark two and is free, turn left when you enter park to dedicated area – take a ticket on entry and ring buzzer on exit and say you are a bike (or dodge around barrier if you prefer)

  48. Hi there I’m flying on April from Heathrow airport terminal 2 and do i have to pay for motorbike parking or not or i have to booked advance?

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