Must-be-charged gadget advice is issued by UK airports

  • 08 Jul, 2014
  • Jurga Sefton
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Update (10 July 2014): The extra security checks are now extended to all passengers flying into or out of the UK, not just the passengers boarding the US flights. It is advised that all electronic and electrical devices in hand luggage must be sufficiently charged to be switched on.

8 July 2014: Two major UK airports – Heathrow and Manchester – are advising the passengers to make sure all electronic devices they carry as hand baggage are charged before travel if they are taking a flight to the United States, as a result of a request from the US to implement enhanced security measures.

The new rules for those flying to the US state that “if your device doesn’t switch on, you won’t be allowed to bring it onto the aircraft.”

This check – just before boarding the plane – will be carried out by airline staff at boarding gates.

If you are flying with BA, you may be made to rebook if you happen to carry an uncharged device. Click here to read the full update from British Airways.

According to the BBC, passengers flying to the US may be advised to remove relevant chargers from their hold luggage at check-in so that they can top up carried-on gadgets if necessary.

Having an uncharged electronic device (such as a smartphone, tablet, laptop, e-book reader, etc.) could leave thousands of travellers with the dilemma of leaving their device behind or not being allowed on board their flight.

Airports are in the process of getting plans in place to deal with this new policy; therefore, delays and longer waiting times at security checks are expected.

We strongly recommend that all passengers travelling to America ensure their phones are fully charged and keep their chargers with them at all times.

Airport Parking for People with Disabilities & Special Assistance requirements

  • 27 Jun, 2014
  • Jurga Sefton

Disabled parking sign

Coping with the hassle of airports is always stressful, but spare a thought for the millions of travellers with disabilities and special needs who find the whole experience even more of a headache.

Airports and airlines have become increasingly clued-up with regards to helping once you are in the terminal, but what about parking? Will there be anyone to help, and what needs to be done ahead of arrival to make sure it all works smoothly?

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We’d Like To Agree Airport Parking Prices Only Go Up. But We Can’t. Here’s Why

  • 20 Jun, 2014
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You’ve worked out your summer holiday budget, booked your flights, and then… you groan. You forgot the airport parking. Extortionate, rip-off, always more expensive airport parking.

Or is it?

At Airport Parking Shop, we decided to have a look at whether or not airport parking really does always get more expensive year on year. So, we gathered data for 27 of the UK’s leading airports, looked at the cheapest available option for each, and found that over a quarter of airports have parking options available that are cheaper this year than they were in 2013, while prices remained the same for 19% of the UK’s airports.

Although London City had the biggest price reduction with prices down 39% year on year, it is still the most expensive overall with 2 weeks parking costing £140.

Leaving your car for two weeks in August at Stansted and Gatwick airports will cost you less this year than last year, with cheapest option now available at 30% less for Stansted and 3% less for Gatwick.


What We Compared

A year ago, we took an example of 14 days (two weeks’ trip) in August and ran parking searches for each and every airport listed on our site. The dates we chose were 12-26 August, and we repeated the same search in early summer this year. Read More

Heathrow T2 Has Landed. Time to Start Parking at T2

  • 12 Jun, 2014
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At the beginning of June this year Heathrow has proudly presented and opened the revamped Terminal 2, also named the Queen’s Terminal. We look at what parking options T2 has to offer.

Parking at Heathrow Terminal 2

Heathrow’s on-airport Long Stay car parks serve all Heathrow terminals, including T2. When comparing the prices for Heathrow Airport Parking, you will be presented with a range of results – you can can then choose which T2 car parking is best suited for your needs and budget.

Heathrow Business Parking service is ideal for business passengers and is located just minutes from Terminal 2, with frequent shuttle buses to and from T2 which only take 4-8 minutes.

T2 Car park directions

Getting to the T2 Short Stay park is easy – simply follow the directions for Terminal 2 and you will see the car park signposted.

Need to drive to Long Stay Car park at T2? When approaching Heathrow Airport follow signs for Long Stay (T1 to T4). Once inside the car park follow signs to the correct zone for the terminal that you require. One of the two shuttle bus services operating from the car park takes passengers to T1, T2 and T3, the other one is for T4.

For Business Parking at Terminal 2 you will need to follow signs for Heathrow Airport, Business Parking (T1, T2 and T3).

Terminal 2 Valet Parking Reception is situated on the Terminal 2 Departures forecourt, park in a designated bay and register your arrival at Reception.

To compare on-airport and off-airport parking options at Heathrow Terminal 2 head over to our Heathrow Parking page and run a quote search from there. Read More

To Wear or Not To Wear? Airport Fashion Guide

  • 09 Jun, 2014
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Businesswoman portrait at duty free airport, sporting some Airport Fashion.

There was a time when flying was the ultimate in glamour, but these days are long gone. In fact, nowadays there are far too many hoodies and tracksuit bottoms in the departures lounges, not to mention the dreaded onesie, which, turns out, is about to be introduced for Virgin Atlantic business class passengers to wear on long-haul flights (limited edition).

Eclectic outfits on display in the check-in queue don’t seem to shock anyone anymore; fellow passengers might take a sneaky pic of your flip flops and socks but that’s about it. However, whether you are flying long haul or short haul, on a business trip or with a tribe of kids, we have a few tips to ensure that you stay comfortable in the air and land looking stylish.

First of all, wherever you are travelling and whatever the purpose of your trip, the temperature in the cabin can be unpredictable so think in terms of layers. If you need to take a coat or jacket with you, consider wearing it. Not only does it save you having to pack it in your luggage but it can also double up as a blanket. If you are headed to a destination where coats and jackets are definitely not required, then a stylish cardigan and pashmina will keep you warm and can also be tucked away easily if you are hot. Read More