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Get ready to fly with our travel tips. We dive into where you might be seated on the plane, what the best suitcase might be for your trip and how to use your luggage allowance to your advantage.

Top 5 free apps you need on your holiday: the verdict

  • 28 Oct, 2019
  • Lauren Perry

The top 5 Apps we'd recommend using on your trip

There’s almost too many phone applications out there to choose from.

Which ones do I really need? Can I download them on the road? Will they cost me anything?

Today, we’re diving into the world of your phone to help suss out exactly what apps can help you, and which ones we recommend.

Our top nominations cover everything from apps to carry your boarding passes to language apps to help you nail the lingo. All we need next is an app to do the luggage packing for us!

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LGBTQ+, Transgender: How to change your passport

  • 18 Feb, 2020
  • Lauren Perry

LGBTQ+ Transgender how to change the gender on your passport

To celebrate International Transgender Day of Visibility, we’ve put together a step by step guide to help you change the gender marked on your British passport.

We began our journey by sending out a survey to LGBTQ+, transgender and transsexual groups to see what hurdles they came up against and what advice they have. 88% of those surveyed said it was definitely worth changing your passport and would recommend it to someone else. Read More

The top 21 phrases to master in different languages

  • 15 Jan, 2020
  • Franki Napolitano
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Make your trip a little easier by mastering these key phrases in another language!

When you go abroad, it’s always useful to know a little of the local language, don’t you think? Even if it’s just being able to say hello, goodbye, knowing your P&Qs or being able to order a drink, it makes you feel a little more polite than just expecting the locals to know English.

Given this, we thought it’d be helpful to bring you the 21 most useful phrases to learn before your next trip! Read More

“Why have they split up my family on the plane?!”

  • 04 Mar, 2020
  • Franki Napolitano

Why have they split up my family on the plane?

If you’ve travelled recently, there’s a high chance you may have heard unhappy groups asking this very question in your airport or on your flight. Reports of airlines such as Ryanair, United Airlines, Jetstar and Delta all being accused of splitting up families on a flight are apparent from a quick Google search. Read More

Taking a child abroad with a different surname

  • 15 Jan, 2020
  • Franki Napolitano

What you need to know about travelling when you and your child don't share a surname

The half term breaks are some of the most anticipated of the year, but did you know you could end up in hot water when travelling with a child with a different surname to you if you don’t carry the correct documentation?

It’s not uncommon in this day and age for parents to not be married or in fact be raising their child independently, but this will usually mean that the child will share a surname with one parent and not the other. The same goes for grandparents, too. Read More