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Robin Brown

Choosing Purple Parking was a serious mistake. Not only was it not a penny cheaper than booking direct with Stansted or through Ryanair; when I arrived, (in a rush because the M25 and M11 were very, very congested), the machine would not recognise my code. It took quite a long time to call someone to sort that out. Then, when I returned, late after a delayed Ryanair flight, the machine told me there was £284 to pay. OK, the system is flawed, and eventually I managed to get hold of a human being who could sort it out, but why bother with Purple Parking at all when you save NOTHING by using them and end up wasting a lot of time and experiencing a great deal of frustration? Moral of this story: use Easyjet and fly form Gatwick where things WORK.
March 27, 2018

michael ryan

This is a bit of a historic review as we used them last summer (July17) I did write a review at the time but the review site I used never published it which was frustrating. Recently my son received an e-mail advertising what good service they provide!!! so to avoid other people being misled the following is my experience of their good service. This is the review i wrote in august last year "On departure our shuttle driver collected the £1 per person "nominal " fee we were prompted to pay for the return which we did. Our return flight was due back at 5.00pm we were all specifically told that if our return flights were delayed then we were to phone the office before it closed at 6 so that arrangements could be made by the standby team to assist us. Our flight was delayed but before i had chance to phone the number i received a text message (approx 5.00PM UK time) saying that we would have to hire a taxi as the office would be closing at 6. I replied back explaining what we had been told prior to departure. I was then reminded that on my confirmation it states that it closes at 6. I checked my confirmation and it states that transfers run on "demand". We paid £20 for a taxi which on a clear road was actually timed at 11 minutes not as stated on the confirmation "less than 6 minutes". The lighting was thoroughly inadequate to see the numbers on the combination to the key box . Otherwise everything else was fine." On return the response from Purple Parking basically accused us of making the above facts up even though I e-mailred documentation to support my statement.
March 10, 2018

Lisa Eagland

Please Purple Parking, put on your literature that it's JETPARKS that you are looking for on arrival. There are no signs for Purple Parking. I've just checked a review from 2015 & you are still not letting customers know the correct info on arrival. I spent 15 mins, at 6.30am in the dark, trying to find the correct entrance. Thankfully there was someone on the other end of the call button for assistance who confirmed my car was booked in the Jetparks long stay. However, car was safe & sound when I returned. Just a mad panic at the start. Sort it Purple Parking!
March 4, 2018

Mr Alan Warnes

It seems I arrived at the wrong car park - despite keying in post code coordinates, despite being checked in by them and despite there being a Purple Car Patking sign at the set up when I arrived. I only found out when they charged me £59 again. Customer service doesn't exist. When I asked why I had been checked in the guy just simply said it's your mistake. They had my bags so there was nothing I could do but pay the money. Maybe you could explain how that can happen? I fly out of Stansted again on Wed as I travel a lot and will never use CSL again.
October 22, 2017

Mr Stanley Livingstone

Car parking and instructions are fine, very expensive
October 11, 2017

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Judith Noble

Everything was good. I would use it again. A couple of minor suggestions. Tell people to look for Jetpark signs as the Purple Parking sign is very small at the entrance to the carpark. Also on exit there was no sign to go right on the roundabout for the way out which would have been useful.
September 16, 2017

Mike Ryan

Disappointed - wouldnt use again. Arrival was fine although there is an additional charge of £1 per person for shuttle service which was a first for us - still it was only a nominal fee. We were prompted to pay the return shuttle fare which we did prior to being dropped off. Before leaving us at the terminal (which is further away than the "less than 6 mins" stated ) we were told that the reception closed at 6.00pm, however, if plane was delayed and reception was contacted prior to closing time a member of the standby team would be on hand to assist. Our flight was delayed and I received a text stating office would be closed at 6 and that the key would be left in a coded box ( make sure you have torch so you can input code ) on the side of the barn and we were to hire a taxi to get us back to our car. I replied complaining that we had been instructed to phone if delayed. The response was that it was on our confirmation. The actual wording on the confirmation under the heading "TRANSFER" states "transfer fees apply £1 each way per passenger and run on demand" the transfer obviously DIDNT run on demand. The taxi cost £20 and was eleven minutes from start to finish on a clear road.
August 11, 2017


DON'T USE this Car Park!!!!!!!!!!!!coming back from holiday to a dirty car with a cracked windscreen. The company is not covered for cracked windscreens and won't acknowledge that they are responsible four cracking the windscreen.
August 1, 2017

Lukas Moska

Avoid this parking if you can! They might destroy your holiday. What happened is so outrageous that is very hard to describe it properly without being nervous. On the first day of our holiday when we get to the parking we where shocked. The guy (employee) who suppose to serve us, instead of giving us a lift to the airport, left us there 2 hours before our flight without car parking because apparently it was after 6pm (they close office at 6). We were told in an aggressive manner to find different car parking, because his car was full and it's not worth it to come back for us from the airport. On top of that, regardless the time, when we offer the guy extra money to came back for us, he said it is not his problem that we are late and he wouldn't do it, so we stood there watching at him leaving us there... My wife, daughter age 2 and me!!! perfect beginning of our holiday. I wrote a complaint when we got back from our holiday and it was rejected... reason: we never showed up there! no comments.
July 13, 2017

Caroline L

I used Purple Parking recently to park at Stansted airport and am outraged with the service I received. Within 5 minutes of booking, I realised I had put in the wrong dates (2 weeks instead of 1), so called to amend my booking using the contact number on the email confirmation. This put me through to the official Stansted long stay car park helpline. The customer service advisor assured me that my booking had been amended and that I would be refunded for the additional days booked. However, my booking was in fact not updated, and I was charged the incorrect amount. I tried to call Purple Parking to rectify the mistake, which is impossible because their actual automated call centre will not connect you to a human, telling you that you can only contact them via email to amend a booking (inconvenient enough for a computer-literate person, but much more difficult for anyone elderly, visually impaired etc - basically a way for them to put off as many people who make mistakes with their bookings as possible and make more profit). When a Purple Parking customer service advisor called me back, she told me that it was not their fault, and that no refund would be given. She even agreed that the call centre was unhelpful and designed to be inconvenient - a new decision by management, apparently. Is it really so much to ask for a customer to be treated humanely? I think this process is absolutely outrageous, time-wasting and unfair, and I will never use Purple Parking again.
July 8, 2017