Stansted Peak Park and Ride reviews

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Here are some comments that our customers have made about Stansted Peak Park and Ride

Susan Crawford

Great, no hanging around. Really friendly staff even at silly hours of the morning. Highly recommend
February 14, 2020

Pedro Stephano

Great service. Parked up in their yard and then got the shuttle provided oiver to the airport. Return was straightforward - call them to get picked up again. Easy. Recommended & will use again.
January 31, 2020

Pamela Mitchell

Perfect, very polite and prompt service. Will definitely use again.
May 10, 2019

John Menkenrick

It was excellent. They collected my car and on my return after marking a phone call they were there with my car within minutes. Highly recommend
March 22, 2019

Stuart Williams

By far the most helpful offsite airport parking used to date. Our flight was massively delayed yet out of hours an elderly gentleman picked us and took us back to our car. Took him 5 minutes to get to us. Did not charge us a penny extra and very pleasant guys both outward and return. Will recommend to friends and family and will use again if we fly from Stansted for sure. Thanks Stuart
June 1, 2018

C Bou Mansour

I made a mistake by booking in 2pm instead of 2am but they still got us on with a big smile, and no questiones asked, Friendly and helpful.
May 15, 2018

Jennifer Hollering

Easy parking and wonderful service. Will definitely use the site and parking company again!
April 10, 2018

Fraser Mushibwe

Very reliable and on time to pick up from airport. Very friendly staff
March 30, 2018

Fraser Mushibwe

Excellent service with very quick transfers - only about 7 minutes drive from the airport. The staff are very cordial and were on time even on my return. Will definitely be using the services again
March 29, 2018

A N Lovett

Prompt and friendly service, car all ready on my return, first class, would use again and recommend
March 22, 2018

Szczepan Falarz

Everything was ok
March 12, 2018

Mark Drage

We flew on out of hours times if you know what I mean. Yet both men on leaving our car and also collecting we're very helpful. Thanks guys, we will see you again I'm sure.
March 11, 2018

Susan J Elsom

Really efficient park and ride. All went smoothly no hanging about. Would use again
February 25, 2018

Andrew Beadle

I would 100% recommend Peak park and ride. If you are looking for great value and superb service, then look no further! Prompt and hassle free transfers both ways and a professional and friendly service. Great job, thank you.
February 17, 2018

A Kirschner

Scary approach to the site, especially at night, but all the rest ran as smoothly as possible. Driver arrives in 10 minutes, distance to terminal shorter than "official" Stansted car parks.
February 16, 2018

Sergio Forcellino

Quite hidden but it's only 10 mins drive away from stansted airport. There is a £1 shuttle fee charge to be paid at the drop desk. We did not wait at all, the shuttle was outside the airport.
February 12, 2018

R M Gerasimova

December 29, 2017

Anna Kusmierz

My impression ? it was close to a joke.At least some aspects of it .Signs leading to the parking place at night -almost invisible . No one at the site to ask .Small print paper with the phone numbers. At least 15 min. of constant trying to reach someone to answer the phone !!! finally , driver answered and asked me to wait another 10 min. ... then he arrived ,, can you move your car over there please?," close to this car?, of course- I can - I replied, as if I had plenty of time,... filling in the forms , additional £2 ,signing the form and another 5 min. before we we go . Altogether 35 min. from the time of arrival to the time of leaving the parking ...picking up from the airport week later ? much better but don,t believe slogan that a ,, minibus goes every 10 min " . !!! more than 15min. Maybe I was unlucky ,??? yeah ...
December 15, 2017

Glenn, London

Reasonably cheap. They do add on a transfer charge of £2/person which grates somewhat as it is not made clear that this will be extra and it is reasonable to expect that this will be part of the service - unless you are Ryanair (where the seat costs extra after you have booked the flight). Anyway apart from this there was no problem. Transfer times are quite quick and we were picked up 10 minutes after our arrival notification call was made.
December 12, 2017


I have used this company about 4 times now and they offer a first class service ,prompt drop off ,great communication and quick pick up on return
November 18, 2017