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David Samuels

DO NOT USE - should be removed from any respectable comparison sites. Very poor. our party containing young children and a Grand Parent kept us waiting for over an hour late at night - they stopped answering the phone when chasing to see where they were. Customer services is not existent they haven't responded to any of the emails we have sent. DO NOT USE.
May 23, 2019

Julie Singh Aulakh

This firm of cowboys should not be still be in business... I waited an hour for car to be picked up, almost missed my flight..The driver was lovely and clearly overworked , so let it go..( he told me he had 4 pick ups at the same time). On returning to Heathrow , and phoning re pick up and where I need to be, the guy in phone started shouting and hung up on me 3 times. When the car finally arrived I told the driver how rude he’d been and he told me to contact the manager , as it wasn’t the first complaint of the day... when I got into my car , the guy phoned me back furious and shouting at me saying how dare I complain, and then utterly shocked me by telling me F....OFF on the top of his voice, she said this filthy word over and over and over .. I tried to stay calm, but sat in my car sobbing.. He called again and swore at me some more( he was hysterical and screaming at me) I phone back asked to speak to the manager, and he told me he was the manager.. I asked again and he said no manager here ... The experience was absolutely dreadful, I’d been away to visit family and take some time out, as i’d recently lost my husband of 36 years to a heart attack. The experience is still making me shake .. i’ve Tried to contact, but fear the same guy will pick up the phone, just sent an email for the manager to contact me... Nothing as yet ..... Like a lot of the other people that have left reviews , I only saw the good 5 star ones... one star is a star too many ... And once again I have Never in all my life been talked to like this Ever........,Only god knows how I managed to get home last night through the tears .
May 17, 2019

Steve Awesome

Avoid this company at all cost. They threatened me yesterday on several occasions upon my return. I called to let them know I arrived at the airport for them to drop off my car only to be insulted for no reason. A guy who called himself Eric (but his real name is Maloud I’ve been told) threatened me by saying he is going to make me suffer (exact words), and that he doesn’t care about shitty customers like me. All because I called apparently “too early“ and should have waited after I collected my luggage. No explanation why - just insults right from the start. I then had to wait additional 30 minutes outside the terminal for my car to arrive. This company should be shut down as they are scammers. Don’t understand how they are still operating with such bad reviews. Should have checked reviews before.Avoid at all cost.
April 28, 2019

Marilyn Hunt

TERRIBLE! Don’t use! No consideration for customers!
April 23, 2019


I booked this airport meet and greet parking for one of my colleagues from LHR Airport. NEVER AGAIN! They were an hour late collecting the car from him and an hour and a half late bringing the car back to him. I even specifically called them myself to say he would be earlier than scheduled just three hours before. When he landed back at Heathrow, he called them to say he had landed but it took 20 minutes to get through to them as it kept going to voicemail. His car was dirty with a lot of bird muck & leaves from trees on it and it looked like it had been parked on a street, not a secure car park!
April 23, 2019

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Pat Keogh

The worst car valet around. We waited 30 for them to kick the car up and 40 minutes to drop it off. This company is a joke. Avoid at all costs
April 3, 2019

Mrs A Anon

I chose this company through Park and Go Booking, it got ok reviews but I don’t know how as the facts say otherwise. Enroute we found once 30 mins away to be told by the man on the phone that he couldn’t find our booking then said he’d call back, which he didn’t, we rang them again 20 mins later, he said he’d been trying to call, this is doubtful as there were no calls to our Phone. We followed the instructions on the booking confirmation to head to short stay lvl 4 and waited 30 mins before calling again to be told the driver will call us , he didn’t we called back again after a further 15mins to be told the driver is there, we asked all visible drivers and couldn’t find Whizz park. We asked where and we’re told we should’ve gone to lvl 5 , we said we followed the print out the man on phone and driver were very defensive. This could’ve been avoided if the driver called once arrived as we were already chasing where he was. The attitudes were terrible and to add to it I had to pay the £7.50 exit fee from lvl 4. I’m now waiting for my return pick up on a Sunday morning with no traffic to be told the wait will be 40 mins because it’s a busy time for them. This company needs to change a few of its practices, it’s not worth the hassle currently
February 24, 2019


Unfortunately wizparks ltd is using false websites with the facade of being comparison sites, when in reality they all lead you to wizparks. This wouldn’t be as terrible as it sounds if they actually did the job the webpages advertise. I found out the hard way last minute what a complete cowboy outfit these chaps are. My wife had made the booking online, and upon dropping the car off at terminal 5 Heathrow there was no one to meet us. We wrote it off as an unfortunate delay, but as our check in time drew closer and we began to panic. Calls upon calls were ignored by all the numbers given on the website. So I googled the company and found the last thing you’d want 30 minutes before final check in, 100’s of the worst reviews I’d ever seen for anything. Theft, damage, threats, gross disregard for customer property. You’ve probably already read them. I tried to book an alternative parking but unfortunately you can’t book anything with less than two hours before your flight time. When the “driver” finally turned up, he was arrogant, had no paperwork (as everyone else has mentioned) and the details he had in his phone were for the wrong customer and wrong car. I asked him for the postcode of the “compound” where it would be kept and he refused to give it to me. So I rang their “control” Center, and the best he could tell me in the little English dialect he possessed was that it was in Hayes. Somewhere. Basically blackmailed into missing a £2000 holiday or handing my keys for a £50000 car I panicked and handed them over. Believe me the atmosphere between me and my wife was frosty to say the least. What the crooks did not realise (possibly did not care!) is that the car had a tracker. I checked the location to where it was parked and the secure compound with cctv is actually the car park of a pub/strip club. A real dive on Swallowfield Way in Hayes right on the ouskirts of an industrial estate. So now what should’ve been a relaxing start to a holiday turned into pure frustration that my car was there, and would be for a week! What’s worse is doing some research into this “company”, is that they’re registered as basically ready to go under at any time. Although they would not want you to know it they’re business address is a mosque in 720 Romford road London. As mentioned, they own no compound or any secure parking facility. Junaid shafiq was the companies first and only director. He quickly opted out of having his name officially tied to the company. Surprise surprise, they now have none! Basically please please please do not put money in the pockets of the utter scum bags who have been ripping people off on a ridiculous scale for too long. They belong behind bars. Plain and simple.
February 23, 2019

Jo Harcombe

Absolutely awful service. On returning from holiday there was mirror in my wing mirror holder I e-mailed/ called and after 10 days eventually received a response accepting no responsibility. It took me around 10 calls to even get an e-mail response. Rob advised there was no wing mirror when I dropped it off - firstly he wouldn't know and secondly the driver who collected it would have noticed. That wing mirror was definitely there when I dropped the car. Accidents happen but it is how they are rectified - Wizpark wanted nothing to do with this. Completely unprofessional company and would not trust my car with them.
February 7, 2019

Jane Hornby

I've been waiting for an hour and a half at heathrow after an overnight flight with children. Called many times to get some cock and bull story about a broken down car in the car park blocking all of their drivers in. Clearly not enough staff. Car was undamaged but the coin holder seemed depleted.... DO NOT USE.
November 4, 2018