Heathrow Wizpark Meet and Greet

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Follow signs to Heathrow Airport from all major roads. On approach to the Airport, please follows signs to your departure terminal, then follow the arrival procedure as described in your confirmation email.

Arrival procedure

Please call Wizpark on the number provided in your confirmation email when you are 30 minutes away from the terminal and follow the directions to the relevant terminal.

Return procedure

On your return, please call Wizpark once you have collected all your luggage and one of the drivers will bring your vehicle to the Short-Stay Car Park (to the same place where you dropped your car off). The Driver will meet you at the lifts and escort you to your vehicle and you will be asked to fully inspect it. Once you have satisfactorily checked over your vehicle and ensured all is in order, the representative will hand over your keys and ticket.


This is a secure car park with CCTV in operation. Drivers are fully insured to drive any vehicle.

Disabled facilities

The car park is disabled and family friendly. Priority is given to disabled customers and families with children.

Additional information

Wizpark - Meet and Greet is a Heathrow Airport Approved Operator.

Heathrow Wizpark Meet and Greet reviews

Our average review score for Heathrow Wizpark Meet and Greet is 3 from 218 reviews.
David Samuels

DO NOT USE - should be removed from any respectable comparison sites. Very poor. our party containing young children and a Grand Parent kept us waiting for over an hour late at night - they stopped answering the phone when chasing to see where they were. Customer services is not existent they haven't responded to any of the emails we have sent. DO NOT USE.
May 23, 2019

Julie Singh Aulakh

This firm of cowboys should not be still be in business... I waited an hour for car to be picked up, almost missed my flight..The driver was lovely and clearly overworked , so let it go..( he told me he had 4 pick ups at the same time). On returning to Heathrow , and phoning re pick up and where I need to be, the guy in phone started shouting and hung up on me 3 times. When the car finally arrived I told the driver how rude he’d been and he told me to contact the manager , as it wasn’t the first complaint of the day... when I got into my car , the guy phoned me back furious and shouting at me saying how dare I complain, and then utterly shocked me by telling me F....OFF on the top of his voice, she said this filthy word over and over and over .. I tried to stay calm, but sat in my car sobbing.. He called again and swore at me some more( he was hysterical and screaming at me) I phone back asked to speak to the manager, and he told me he was the manager.. I asked again and he said no manager here ... The experience was absolutely dreadful, I’d been away to visit family and take some time out, as i’d recently lost my husband of 36 years to a heart attack. The experience is still making me shake .. i’ve Tried to contact, but fear the same guy will pick up the phone, just sent an email for the manager to contact me... Nothing as yet ..... Like a lot of the other people that have left reviews , I only saw the good 5 star ones... one star is a star too many ... And once again I have Never in all my life been talked to like this Ever........,Only god knows how I managed to get home last night through the tears .
May 17, 2019

Steve Awesome

Avoid this company at all cost. They threatened me yesterday on several occasions upon my return. I called to let them know I arrived at the airport for them to drop off my car only to be insulted for no reason. A guy who called himself Eric (but his real name is Maloud I’ve been told) threatened me by saying he is going to make me suffer (exact words), and that he doesn’t care about shitty customers like me. All because I called apparently “too early“ and should have waited after I collected my luggage. No explanation why - just insults right from the start. I then had to wait additional 30 minutes outside the terminal for my car to arrive. This company should be shut down as they are scammers. Don’t understand how they are still operating with such bad reviews. Should have checked reviews before.Avoid at all cost.
April 28, 2019

Marilyn Hunt

TERRIBLE! Don’t use! No consideration for customers!
April 23, 2019


I booked this airport meet and greet parking for one of my colleagues from LHR Airport. NEVER AGAIN! They were an hour late collecting the car from him and an hour and a half late bringing the car back to him. I even specifically called them myself to say he would be earlier than scheduled just three hours before. When he landed back at Heathrow, he called them to say he had landed but it took 20 minutes to get through to them as it kept going to voicemail. His car was dirty with a lot of bird muck & leaves from trees on it and it looked like it had been parked on a street, not a secure car park!
April 23, 2019

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