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Directions information


Follow signs to Heathrow Airport from all major roads. On approach to the Airport, please follows signs to your departure terminal, then follow the arrival procedure as described in your confirmation email.

Arrival procedure information

Arrival procedure

Please call Wizpark on the number provided in your confirmation email when you are 30 minutes away from the terminal and follow the directions to the relevant terminal.

Return procedure information

Return procedure

On your return, please call Wizpark once you have collected all your luggage and one of the drivers will bring your vehicle to the Short-Stay Car Park (to the same place where you dropped your car off). The Driver will meet you at the lifts and escort you to your vehicle and you will be asked to fully inspect it. Once you have satisfactorily checked over your vehicle and ensured all is in order, the representative will hand over your keys and ticket.

Security information


This is a secure car park with CCTV in operation. Drivers are fully insured to drive any vehicle.

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Departure information

Disabled facilities

The car park is disabled and family friendly. Priority is given to disabled customers and families with children.

Departure information

Additional information

Wizpark - Meet and Greet is a Heathrow Airport Approved Operator.

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Distance to airport

You will be met at the Terminal.

Transfers from airport

Transfers are not required for this service.

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Heathrow Wizpark Meet and Greet reviews

Our average review score for Heathrow Wizpark Meet and Greet is 3 from 209 reviews.

I've been waiting for an hour and a half at heathrow after an overnight flight with children. Called many times to get some cock and bull story about a broken down car in the car park blocking all of their drivers in. Clearly not enough staff. Car was undamaged but the coin holder seemed depleted.... DO NOT USE.

November 4, 2018

DO NOT USE THIS COMPANY - EVER! I returned from a 2 week trip on Saturday 13th Oct where I had used Wizpark Meet and Greet service. I arrived at Heathrow on 29th Sept not knowing if the Wizpark driver was going to be there or not as there was no answer when I called the number I was given as instructed ahead of my arrival. After at least 10 missed calls from me and about 45 minutes later, the driver eventually returned my call and said he'll be there soon! This incurred an extra cost for me because I had to pay for the extra time I was parked in Heathrow car park! On my return on 13th Oct - I waited ages for my car and driver to show up and when he eventually did I was shocked and horrified at the state of my driver and passenger seats (the outside of my car was also filthy!) - there was food stuff and cigarette ash everywhere! I DON'T SMOKE & HAD NEVER EATEN in my brand new car (which was only purchased and driven for the first time on 1st Sept 2018!). Do not use this company - ever - you will be disappointed. They are unprofessional and amateur!

October 15, 2018

They are the worst ever service. Very rude, delayed us by an hour, almost making us miss our flight. Also, my jump start box and cable I left in the car, in case battery runs low, WAS STOLEN. All attempts to get an explanation was futile. They just kept dropping the phone on me and stopped picking up calls.... Eventually, somebody picked up telling me it's my fault leaving anything in the car. They don't have an address where you can go for redress. Reviews for these people should be read so that you don't fall victims to their scams. For your peace of mind and sanity, I STRONGLY SUGGEST that you read these before committing your property to them... I am not pleased at their service...not one bit.

August 27, 2018

Disappointingly a very slow pick up, we had to wait an hour from calling to say we had collected our bags. Polite drivers at both drop off and pick up.

August 24, 2018

Arrived at Heathrow last night to collect car at 23.30, rang at 23.39 no one answered either of the telephone numbers on the paperwork. After 10 minutes I googled the website and found an alternative number which was answered at 23.51 when I was told there would be an additional charge for delivery after midnight. Driver arrived with car at 00.03 and we were told to phone the office. My husband spent 20 minutes heated arguing with the operator who eventually threatened to take us to court. Not what you want on return from a holiday - avoid at all costs.

August 4, 2018