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Mike Hodge

Appalled by this company. Sunglasses stolen from the glove compartment and change missing from centre console where it had to be opened to be taken. Also faults with the car which were not there when dropped off. Definitely will not use these cowboys again.
November 16, 2018

R Peeps

When you pay over £200 for 5 days meet & greet parking at LHR T3 you don't expect to come back and find your clean car covered in sap from trees. I don't remember this sort of service the last time I used Purple. Have the standards dropped now they're part of Holiday Extras? I also only knew 3 hours prior to arriving at the airport that I would need to book the parking as my planned train journey there was unavailable. What a problem it was to book; the Holiday Extras call centre just refused the booking and it was only thanks to my office that I got a space. I won't be using them again.
June 11, 2018

Jay Nichols

Car used while away! They didn’t realise it had a live tracker. Made a complaint, fobbed off by the parent company holiday extras and they won’t respond to emails now they have decided not to pursue. I think they are covering up the fact they’ve uncovered a major issue. If you like your car. Use one of the many many others available.
May 30, 2018


The basic requirement is to have your car ready to drive away on arrival. Despite informing them by telephone 24 hours earlier Purple didn’t change my arrival time and so I have to wait for my car. No apology no acknowledgement of having got it wrong. Very disappointing. Beware !
May 21, 2018

jeremy gainsford

We booked meet and greet parking for Terminal 5 Heathrow for a trip to the US returning overnight today. Our flight was cancelled and we had to re-schedule at the last minute resulting in a late arrival at a different terminal. I was able to contact an advisor at what would have been around 2am UK time to change the details and again this morning to inform the staff of a further delay. The service was faultless and our car was waiting for us at terminal 3 with our ticket validated. I will definitely be using the service again which is also competitively priced. Thank you!
May 14, 2018

Rhia Mitchell

Do not use Purple Parking! I had items stolen from my car when I used them for a business trip (they were the recommended supplier). It wasn't much - the jacks which connects my phone to the car. The response I got was to ignore me for almost two weeks then tell me it was my fault for leaving anything in my car - I can't believe that is the response! I entrust them with my car - it's not like I left an iPad or a laptop lying around. Shocking experience!
May 8, 2018

Robin Brown

Purple Parking is a rip-off. It actually cost as much as pre-boking conventional parking, but, when I used it it made me have to rush. The gadget did not recognise my car at the barrier, and I had to wait a long time for the fellow on the other end of the phone to sort out the problem. Then it didn't recognise the card it issued when I got back. Amateurs!
May 4, 2018

G Burrow

Great price great service & convenient too unfortunately a member of staff decided to help themselves to a pair of sunglasses from the glove compartment as it was sunny that I arrived never thought to check upon my return!
April 5, 2018

Peter Orum

I did the meet and greet Heathrow terminal 5. When I received my car it had done 30 miles. I ask what the average mileage there and back from location of storage. I was told 15miles. when contacting the main office for a explanation why the car had done 15 extra miles. they replied sometimes they use different routes and gave the route details used, still didn't explain for the extra miles. and said sorry if I wasn't aware extra mileage would be added to my vehicle. I just think 30miles, to be a bit extreme.
March 11, 2018

Victoria Page

I had a very poor experience as a first time customer and will not be using Purple Parking again. The signage is poor (be aware ALL meet and greet signage is purple), and not a single member of parking staff at THREE locations I asked to direct me could adequately locate Purple Parking. One Parking attendant even laughed and agreed the signage was misleading. I called the number on the email to be told what should have happened on arrival (not helpful after I had parked elsewhere) and they were very quick to help cancel my booking....however not so quick to refund. In fact Purple Parking will not refund, despite the fact I received esceptionally bad service on arrival at Heathrow and staff agreed that signage was poor (even laughed!) As a result I had to park in the long stay car park. Do not use this service, go to the long stay which is well sign posted and you know the buses to pick up/ drop off are reliable!
February 27, 2018

Peter Orum

Got back from my trip to collect my car from meet and greet notice my car had done 30miles? On asking the guy who hands the keys over distance from Heathrow Terminal 5 to storage he said 7 miles. I make a total of 14miles where’s the other 15miles gone? He gave me an costumer service email adddress to contact which dont exist. Ive contact purple parking via there email and had reply but very slow. They gave me detail of where car was stored and driven still wasn’t clear where extra mileage added? And they apologise for me not being aware there’s mileage added on to my vehicle. Which I did accept, wasn’t expecting 30miles?
February 16, 2018

Simon Wray

Very Good ... car had a puncture on our return, they admitted liability and leant is a car to return home when it proved impossible to source a new one. Returning our car to us the next day ... The acid test of any company is how do you deal with a problem when it occurs!
January 28, 2018


you pay for parking service in order to have a piece of mind your car is secure and parked safely. you wouldn;t believe that the people you pay to look after your car are the owns who steal from it. I left my car in heathrow i had about £10 worth of change left in the car, come back to find it all missing. obviously they have signs saying belongings left at owners risk etc....but it was a test i thought do i really need to put away £10 worth of coins? it turns i did need to so i guess i should have. but they failed the test DO NOT TRUST YOUR CAR WITH THEM. if you do...take every penny and every belonging it you
January 15, 2018

L g

100% recomend it so Cool Easy god services perfect position at Stansted so quick Recomend it to all Tx
November 27, 2017

Geoff Jenkins

We have used Purple Parking at Heathrow Airport (combined with staying at Premier Inn, Bath Road) twice, and both times they we efficient, friendly and cost-effective. I like being able to drop our car at the Terminal, and not have to rely on being driven in/out from an off-site parking lot, especially at 5 a.m. We recommend Purple Parking to our friends and they have had similar good experiences.
October 28, 2017

Emily Francis

Left my vehicle with this company with VERY specific instructions how to start my car. Upon collection, they'd manage to push my key card in to the read with such force, the reader had been pushed into the central control unit. On duty manager accepted liability, changed declaration on the original complaints form and now head office aren't accepting a single ounce of liability. No justice. Terrible service. One certain member of staff really shouldn't be allowed to deal with people (I must admit the on duty manager was lovely, and very consoling as I was HIGHLY distressed1) and claiming to be "a mechanic for 15 years so I know how to fix it".... 2 hours and 1 green flag man later, the card readers hanging out my dash board and I have to rev my car so hard on the way home so I didn't stall it. 1 week later, head office still refusing to accept liability and I'm about to start court proceedings. Park here at your risk!!!
October 26, 2017

Cathy Morio-Floch

When booking a park and ride on line, the system allowed me to show arrival time of 2am. When I rang to ensure that all was in order (felt compelled to do it as I had read a number of negative reviews...), I was advised that the park and ride doesn't start until 3:45am, which is too late for a timely arrival at the airport. When I raised this with the office, the reply was most disappointing: "you'll have to get a cab then!". I feel I was totally misled, and shall not be using them again. Avoid at all cost as untruthful and don't do customer service (obviously!).
October 18, 2017

Clare Corbett

Good service however unexplained 9 miles extra on my car after leaving it for the 2 weeks holiday. Having emailed and got a very vague explanation, I then requested further details of exactly where my car had been parked for the duration of my holiday I still await reply.
October 13, 2017

Jim McGregor

Have used Purple parking several times and recognise that off-site parking takes a little longer to get to terminal as compared to on-site parking. However last night I waited almost 25 minutes outside for a bus although I had as instructed called them when leaving the aircraft. I called their office and was told that possibly my automated request had been ignored!! A bus did turn up some 15 minutes later. However we then sat for another 10 minutes waiting for other passengers to turn up. From my initial call to actually getting into my car was about 75 minutes. Not good at 10:30 at night and then facing a 2 hour drive back home. Will only use again if there is a big price difference between them and on-site parking. To save a few quid is not worth the hassle.
October 3, 2017


Would strongly recommend people do not use Purple Parking. I recently used them at Heathrow and when I returned home from a 2 week holiday I noticed that the loose change left in my ashtray pot had been stolen whilst the car was in their care. The change was not visible and their employees had no reason to touch/ open the pot. When I reported the theft to the customer relations team I was informed that they accepted no responsibility as stated in their T&Cs. If you want a secure parking provider this is definitely not the company to use. Shocking customer service!
September 29, 2017


Fantastic service received again with someone to meet us after a long journey back. Sorry to describe him but wish I took his name. The gentleman was of west indian origin I think and about 50. He was excellent. This was the meet and greet service at Heathrow Airport
September 27, 2017

JP Ross

Terminal 2. Parking difficult to find, even when inputting full address into sat-nav, as per the instruction on the paperwork. From start to finish experience dreadful. Arrived being told to put keys in a plastic bag and affix to windscreen and just abandon vehicle. No staff visible. Not mentioned on paperwork, or perhaps definitely needs to be made clearer. Then returning, well here is where the real bitter disappointment ensued. I called when I stepped off the plane (as instructed on the receipt you are issued), proceeding through passport control and collected my luggage. this probably took around 45 mins. So my natural assumption was this was the sort of lead time they needed before the bus arrived. Upon getting to bus stop 17 at T2, there were other people waiting. I asked them when they contacted and they said about 30 mins ago. We all waited together for about another 45 mins and after another phone call who said "the bus is coming around the roundabout at T2 as we speak" this was not true, as after the phone call we waited at least another 20 minutes. Then our bus driver arrived. He was an interesting character to say the least. He instructed us all to load our baggage into the trailer, and offered no assistance to elderly people, which i found odd. We then finally departed and him and his Romanian chum who was in the passenger seat, had a rather loud and colourful conversation for the entire duration of the journey. It seemed during this time he was not concentrating very much on driving. We then arrived at the car park, and our driver and the lady working in the booth by the boom had a full on argument. Possibly not the best thing to do with a load of customers in the vehicle having to wait further whilst this heated debate ensued. Then the guy started handing out everyone's keys. Mine weren't there as the driver was currently in my vehicle, doing laps of the car park for some reason? The guy said i need to queue to get my keys from the office. I said, i've just seen someone driving my car, so why should i queue to get my keys, I will go over to him and get into my car if that's ok because i have waited enough already. I did this and eventually this ordeal was over. Apart from the fact my seat and mirrors were adjusted HUGELY. I mean, slight adjustments that may be necessary to park etc. i can understand, but the mirrors were basically pointed into the floor and the seat was adjusted so extremely that it took me a good further 5 minutes to get it back to normal. I will do everything possible to avoid using this service in the future.
September 20, 2017

Wendy powell

The post code took me to the back of a Warburtons bakery in Hounslow! Fortunately a delivery man helped me (and he said he had helped lots of other people) find my way to purple parking. This was really stressful as I may have missed my flight! Then on entry to the park I was given a plastic bag and told to put on my windscreen, which I duly did. There were signs everywhere to give keys to the driver, he refused to take them and told me to put them on my windscreen! I was already late so another chap did this for me. The pick up worked well,but other than that it was a very stressful experience and obviously the post code and instructions need to be sorted out urgently! This was especially upsetting as I was on my own.
September 19, 2017

Jane Gordon

Professional, well run and great customer service.
September 8, 2017

Louise Lewis

Smooth, prompt service and friendly staff. Would recommend and will be using again!
September 7, 2017

Mr Paul Driscoll

A really efficient service. They were expecting us when we arrived and the car was ready when we returned. No need to bother with complicated phone calls when you land. You just follow their very clear directions to the car park and everything is in order.
August 21, 2017

Andrew Stroud

Well tonsay the service was crap is an understatement!!! I returned this morning following a two week vacation in the states. I used the park fly and stay, parking was provided by purple parking. I was astonished to see upon my return my Range Rover absolutely covered in bird crap!! I'm not talking about a light splattering, my bonnet was covered, it was so bad that even after stopping to have it jetwashed, the paintwork has been eaten into and there are marks all over the front of my vehicle. I have tried carious chemicals, compound but when I buff it off, the marks are still there!! I have sent an email and pictures to their customer services and await a response, but whilst I would not expect to return to find it immaculate as I left it, I would not expect it to just be ignored and delivered back covered in s@"t!!!
August 5, 2017

Mr Newsam

Rather disappointed that I had reserved my parking from 4.30 am, I turned up on time only to be told by one of your competitors that you do not start until 5.00 am.
July 18, 2017


Awful! Half hour wait to be taken and collected. To be dropped off I started looking for taxis as the driver wanted to wait for 5 people. Be warned that if you need to call them it is am automated system and you won't be able to speak to a person. Would not use again or recommend.
July 15, 2017


My first time using and my last time ever again. Their customer service is poor. First I get lost for like 45 minutes bcoz their post code doesn't take you to them, I had to use premier inn heathrow n thats how I managed to get there. When I get there the lady at the entrance doesn't give clear instructions. I went to the parking and I had 3 suitcases, there was no one to assist or trolleys to use from the parking to the bus stop. I struggled with my bags alone and I would meet some staff members along the way who never offered to help. I even went past the reception struggling with my huge bags and the 3 member of staff in there just stared at me not offering help. Only got help from the driver when I arrived at the bus. I have left my car there and I anticipate to struggle when I come back. If you are travelling and have big bags don't use them.
July 3, 2017