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"My flight cancelled because of BA strikes and I called to amend my parking slot from 9:30 drop off to 3pm when I could get another flight. I was advised there was a charge of £25 as this would be an aborted booking and a new driver would have to be organised, it didn't seem unreasonable albeit not fault of my own and there fore slightly irritating. What is irritating is that a few friends who were in the same predicament as mine called their meet and greet parking company 'drive fly' and who were understanding and said no charge we will just push your booking back.

When I gave this feedback to Parking Force their response was we can't dictate what other companies do for their customers and the charge would stand!

All in all, I would thoroughly recommend 'Drive fly' over 'Parking force' as they seem to have a greater emphasis on customer care."

July 6, 2017

"Dreadful service. We had to wait an HOUR for them to deliver our car after we had phoned them, and the person who handed over our key to us did no security checks at all...I just had to copy the signature he presented to me. I could have been anyone. From the research I have done this company seems to be related to the old Perfect Parking with such a bad reputation and Ipark Heathrow. Don't risk giving this company your car...."

September 5, 2016