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"Really convenient and friendly service., I will definitely use again in the future."

July 14, 2018

"I used MBW at T3 and the service I received was appalling. Leaving my car with them was OK but I had to wait for 45 mins to collect my car back after promises that my car was only 10 mins away. I also requested for full valeting at a cost of £35. The outside of my car was washed but the inside was not touched. I took pictures of my dirty car and filed a dispute with them but was told it would take 30 days for them to fully investigate.
Never again!"

July 11, 2018

"Do not use MBW parking!! When we returned to our car there was a scratch on it and when I tried to claim they stated that the photo of the car at drop off didn't show that area of the car. We followed the terms and conditions of the booking and took a photo of the car at drop off. We did not take photos of the condition of the car from every angle as that wasn't a requirement and yet they are still claiming they don't have to pay as per the terms and conditions. Disgusting customer service and no respect for your car, do not use."

July 4, 2018

"We were really impressed with this company. They were very efficient when we dropped off the car, they recommended that we take photos of it before we left in order to ensure we all agreed on the state it was in. Best of all when we got back the car (exhausted after a very long flight) it started when Miten drove it to the meeting place in the car park, but then failed to start again. Miten was brilliant. He contacted his manager, who drove straight over with jump leads to get it started again. They even ensured that we didn't incur any costs from the car park while this was going on. We would definitely use them again."

June 5, 2018

"I specifically requested the car be here on arrival due to me having an important personal appointment Friday night

I was told no problem we will watch the flight.

Waited here already an hour and he car isn’t here shoddy useless nonsense - never again MBW

Incidentally drivefly customers picked up their keys immediately and left

Needless to say I have missed my appointment and you have ruined my weekend


May 4, 2018

"Parking experience overall was good. Gave a low score because gear change was damaged by whoever drove my car, which I only realised when driving on the motorway. There is a limiter which stops you going into reverse instead of 5th gear - on inspection this had been snapped off by forcing the gears."

April 29, 2018

"Upon return my family and I were left waiting for over 30 minutes after a long night flight with no explanation.
Had also chosen the car wash option.. what a waste of money at £35. Bits missed on outside and inside hardly touched. When asked for a refund I was told as I'd paid by card I' have to contact the office.
Wouldn't use again."

April 17, 2018

"The service was straight forwars to book and very convienient my only issue is that I returned to find the mat and carpet covered in mud.
I had my car cleaned the morning of my departure which is what makes it worse.
As it was not raining on the day I left or when I returned I assume that the car was parked in a field which is fine but if tgis is the case then surely the company should have a system in place to ensure that the vehicles are not returned in such a state."

April 16, 2018

"Although the service itself worked well, my car was damaged upon my return. The car is only 18 months old and did not have a scratch on it. Despite checking the car with the staff member, I did not receive a copy of this and the docket had been amended as "car damaged” upon my return.
I did photograph the car when leaving it but the photographs were deemed unclear. Some member of the MBW staff has been very dishonest and not owned up to the obvious damage caused and amending the docket. The car beeps when you get close to anything so they must have been travelling fast.
My advice to users if you choose to use this company is -
1) Arrive in good time and take time to photograph your car from all angles and check results.
2) Ensure that the car is checked over with a staff member and request a copy of the docket. Photograph the docket as well ideally - get the staff member’s name.
3) On your return, carefully check over your car before moving and photograph anything that you are not happy with. Get names etc before leaving and action things asap when you get home.

Luckily for me, the agency that I booked through (Holidays Extra) have been superb and the car is now repaired."

April 11, 2018

"I was very impressed when I used MBW for the first time last month. I have tried several forms of airport parking at various UK airports and after a couple of disappointing experiences with rival 'meet and greet' companies, I was put off using that type of parking. MBW was excellent however; polite and friendly staff, prompt service when dropping off and picking up and all very easy. I immediately booked my next parking with the company. They have also been very helpful with sorting out an issue with Holiday/Extras; this was not something which MBW caused, but they have been extremely prompt in helping me trying to resolve the matter."

April 5, 2018

"Easy to deal with. Car dropped off with no issue. Car already at airport when we arrived at car park and no damage to car. No reason to fault."

February 25, 2018

"Faultless service from start to end. Simple online booking system with clear instructions and confirmation. Polite staff were friendly and helpful at pick up and drop off, and helped make the whole experience as stress free as possible. Pick up was prompt with someone there waiting for us meaning no delay and being able to walk to departures. On our return there was only a very short wait for the car to arrive after collecting our luggage with a quick signature before you can head home. Excellent value for money and recommended."

February 10, 2018

"We used MBW parking at Terminal 3 Heathrow this week. It was the best experience with Meet and Greet Parking that we have had in a long time. Both the drop-off and collection went extremely smoothly and we had no waiting around time at all."

January 19, 2018

"Yes the drop off was professional but the thing they don't tell you is to take pictures of your car in case of damage.

Just returned from holiday to find a dent on side of car only to be told that I need photographic eveidence of the car at drop off. Referred to them to the drop off document which clearly shows no damage but that is all for show and isn't worth anything.

No idea why they do the look around if they require photographic evidence if THEY damage your car.

Would not recommend for lying and also took an hour to return car."

January 4, 2018

"I have only just seen this review site for car parking and wish I had known about it before. Back in April 2016 we returned from 18 days in Canada to find that there was damage to the car in three places that had not been there before. Like one of the previous reviewers, we had a card marked from the pick up driver who noted, in poor lighting, that there was a small dent on the back bumper. When we noticed the marks on delivery to the terminal we called MWB who said that we should take photos of the damage and contact the office by email. We had many emails backwards and forwards and MWB refused to accept responsibility for the damage. They said that it is stated very clearly on the card that we should always take photos of the car in the terminal before it is picked up. No pick up driver ever told us to do this, plus they already had it marked on plan of the car that there was only a small dent. To date they have not accepted any responsibility. We wondered about taking them to the small claims court, but we are extremely busy people and lack of time stopped us from doing this unfortunately - and I am talking about £900 worth of damage. At the time MWB never sent us a feedback form and I think it is disgraceful that customers are being hoodwinked into thinking they are an excellent company due to all the brilliant reviews they have. They obviously do not put up any bad reviews! There are much better and more established car parking companies out there, namely Maple Manor Parking (who always takes photos of every car before they take them away) and Purple Parking. You are warned!"

January 1, 2018

"The drivers that both ends of the trip were very polite and professional. I asked were ther car was going to be parked and he said it was 6 miles away ! . When my new car came back the drivers footwell was covered in mud also all over the door inside .This is not good , The car is one month old and was immaculate when they collected it ."

December 19, 2017

"I’ve never known such a poor service. I called when I landed and was told my car would be delivered 20 minutes later. On arriving at where the car should have been, I was told the car had been despatched and would be there in another 15 minutes. After repeated calls and being told they weren’t lying, the car arrived after waiting more than an hour and a half. There were several other people in the same situation. In all cases the poor service was the same.. There appeared to be no management, no customer care and just lies. The lady from the company walked off in disgust and the few drivers on duty said it was rediculous but could explain how the situation would be addresses. The worst experience of meet and greet I’ve experienced in 25 years of travel. Do not use them if you want a reliable service."

December 1, 2017

"On returning took 10 minutes got them to answer the phone , when finally getting through I was told to walk slowly as my car would not be delivered for at least 35 minutes ,after 40 minutes phoned again as was told would be another 15 minutes.Car finally arrived after standing in the freezing cold for nearly an hour .Will never use again .Avoid at all costs."

November 27, 2017

"I always use a meet and greet service for my airport parking and was deeply disappointed by my experiences of MBW on two accounts.
First of all, I had accidently booked only one week of parking for £68 (my mistake so fine!) however to book on the additional week this cost £120, so a total of almost £190 for 2 weeks of parking! A fantastic way to ruin a holiday before even leaving the country.
Secondly, when we arrived back from holiday we had to wait one hour for the driver to come with our car in the freezing cold. Not impressed by the service at all nor would I recommend."

November 19, 2017

"AVOID AT ALL COSTS!!! Staff were pleasant enough at drop off point and was very quick and efficient. They throw a piece of paper at you and say sign. You're arriving at an airport so most people are usually in a rush to read the small print. You assume you're signing to confirm they have safe possession of your car. They do not check it over for any marks at this stage. All is good you think.

On return, i'm awaiting and my car arrives for me to collect. i check it over while the staff member pays for a ticket. i noticed the driver has curbed one of my wheels on the rear. I tell 2 members of staff who barely speak english and take photos of the damage. They just said email the office. I know they did the damage because i had recently had all 4 wheels on my Audi RS4 refurbished so they were immaculate.

I email the office. I am told by the Head of Ops that they are not prepared to do anything as i never took pictures of my car when i dropped it off to prove anything. He was not helpful in the slightest or prepared to help in anyway.

My advise is beware and make sure take pictures in advance. I have been using M&G parking services for years and typically the staff at other companies take photos of the car, more to protect themselves i guess than you as a customer, but at least then you'll have proof. MBW might be cheaper than other providers, but this is the reason why. Slap Dash service and they've lost a customer now."

October 25, 2017

"Used this service at Terminal 5 Heathrow. Took photographs of the car while in the changeover area prior to handing the car over. On return to the car the front nearside wheel had been curbed. I pointed this out to the supervisor who told me to e-mail photos of before and after to MBW. Three e-mails later I have not heard any response from MBW. The damage was clearly done when the car was in their care as I have photographic proof. I suspect that this company relies on the fact that most customers are distracted by either pre holiday or post holiday thoughts and are not fully alert enough to notice the damaged that is being done to their cars while in the care of this company. NEVER AGAIN WILL I USE THESE AND HIGHLY RECOMMEND THAT NO ONE ELSE DOES. If you value the condition of your car then use someone else!"

October 24, 2017

"Easy to book online. Excellent service, friendly, helpful, professional staff at all points of contact. The whole experience was straight-forward, professional and positive."

October 22, 2017

"Still waiting for me car a full 30 minutes after calling. Dreadful service after a long haul flight. I would never use this company again and I would recommend anyone not to use them."

October 13, 2017

"Could not fault the service, dropping off or collecting both excellent. Would definitely use again or recommend."

October 11, 2017

"I had an unusual experience with MBW in which my car broke whilst in their hands. I was contacted by a member of their team who was fantastic in helping to resolve the issue, going out of their way to ensure that the issue could be resolved. By the time I had landed my car had been seen to and fixed and was brought back to meet me promptly.

All the staff I met were friendly and helpful. This could have been a very stressful experience had the car parking agency I choose not been so good at customer service and I am very grateful for that and highly recommend using MBW."

October 10, 2017

"I left my car in the hands of MBW parking at Heathrow from 11/9/17 to the 14/9/17. The did £300 pounds worth of damage and then absolutely refused to pay for repairs. We watched the drivers delivering cars and couldn't believe the speed they negotiated the carpark. These people are do not care about you and your car. There are lots of good companies that will actually look after your car. MBW wont. I suspect this review wont be up for very long, so do have a look at Facebook where you will find a lot of people that report a similar complete disregard of responsibility. BE WARNED ."

September 18, 2017

"Great service, helpful staff, no more expensive than long stay"

September 12, 2017

"Collection was great, very helpful driver. Collection was terrible. I waited 45 minutes for my car."

September 10, 2017

"Great service. Prompt and courteous"

August 22, 2017

"Excellent service - does exactly what it says on the tin. Collection & delivery spot on and was competitively priced. Would definitely use again."

August 19, 2017