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Anjela Chetty

They were rude because I arrived early. I left early anticipating more traffic than I experienced. Yes I got there an hour early. They refused to assist me and asked me to go and have a coffee at McDonalds. I followed all the instructions supplied with my email confirmation. I was then asked to drive back out, pay the fee of about £13 for the hour (which was fine) and then drive back to meet the driver. In the first instance they could have explained that the reason they don't want me early is they do not want to incur a parking cost. The gentleman was rude and condescending. In 20 years of international travel (I travel for work) using various meet and greet companies - I have not had this experience.
October 31, 2021

Adriane Jackson

Driver was late to collect my vehicle. I was asked to wait in passenger drop off area of terminal 5, due to the amount of time i was left there waiting, I was threatened by a police officer to be fined. He did not appreciate at all that i was waiting for an official airport valet. Which caused me to have to keep circling around the terminal numerous times until the valet driver arrived. The driver was apologetic, and gave good customer service. But overall it was a stressful situation.
October 19, 2021

Sam Forbes

Really great service. We dropped our car off at Heathrow airport Terminal 5 and they turned up within 10 minutes of waiting. On our return we experienced a similar level of service. Would highly recommend
October 8, 2021

Amy Schwartz

Highly recommend. Kept in touch with us and we’re there quickly with the car. Great service.
September 6, 2021

James Burrows

Staff were really friendly and accommodating. Very good customer service and will be using them again next time we fly. Convenient and reasonable. Great service.
August 26, 2021

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Steve Hayden

No Problems. Used this company as they allowed me to drop car at T5 and pick up at T2 to match my flights.
August 14, 2021

Thomas Kingsmill

Collection of the car on departure at Heathrow airport was fine, and there were no delays or problems. Delivery of the car on return to the UK was problematic, and the service was not of an acceptable standard. The specific problems were as follows - 1. Car delivered to pick-up a full 30 minutes after it was requested from the driver, who advised that he was '5 minutes away' 3 or 4 times before he finally arrived. I understand that the delay was due to traffic congestion on the M25, however having been advised not to call the driver until after baggage collection the car should have been delivered sooner. With a small baby in a carrier waiting to be collected, the delay of 30 minutes was not acceptable. We would have bene better off using the shuttle bus. 2. Car was returned with slow puncture in front passenger side tyre which was not present on collection. I suspect it has been driven over a curb or median and damaged. The tyre will need to be replaced. 3. Car was returned with bird faeces on roof and windowscreen, which was not present on collection. 4. Finally, having been forced to amend the booking following the cancellation of the return flight by the carrier, I have still not been refunded the difference between the two booking costs. The original booking was for collection on Sunday 8 November, later amended to Wednesday 4 November, and the difference in cost has not been refunded.
November 12, 2020

Tim Buck

All good but glad I’m mentioned that pick up on the way back was from T2 as they had it down as T5, here’s hoping my car is there when I get back
July 2, 2020

Arno Pilz

Worst experience ever. They ask you to call/text 30 mins before collecting car which I did, numerously and still had to wait 25 mins in the cold for the car to come. They simply drive your car to you once you are waiting, not beforehand so the car will not be ready on time as advertised. Once car arrived driver wants you to sign immediately, which I refused as I wanted to check car for scratches before handing over..... they seem a shift gang. I used other valet service companies in the past and never had a problem. Will not be using Happy Days again, stick to the other ones they are better.
December 21, 2019

Marc Oaten

Drop off was ok. Good communication. However, on my return I noticed that my car had been sat in by at least 4 people as there were muddy footprints in every foot well and the passenger seat had been moved. I had a few bits to leave in the car so placed them in the rear passenger side foot well and covered them with my coat. This now is covered in mud as well. My car had also travelled nearly 35 miles?? So I'm not really happy with the service at all.
December 9, 2019