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Heathrow Happy Days Meet and Greet (T2, 3 & 5) reviews

We strongly encourage our customers to give feedback and share their experience of parking at Heathrow Airport. You can see all Heathrow Happy Days Meet and Greet (T2, 3 & 5) reviews below. These reviews are submitted by verified customers after they have completed their trip, so you can be sure that they are genuine experiences of the car park.

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Thomas Kingsmill

Collection of the car on departure at Heathrow airport was fine, and there were no delays or problems. Delivery of the car on return to the UK was problematic, and the service was not of an acceptable standard. The specific problems were as follows - 1. Car delivered to pick-up a full 30 minutes after it was requested from the driver, who advised that he was '5 minutes away' 3 or 4 times before he finally arrived. I understand that the delay was due to traffic congestion on the M25, however having been advised not to call the driver until after baggage collection the car should have been delivered sooner. With a small baby in a carrier waiting to be collected, the delay of 30 minutes was not acceptable. We would have bene better off using the shuttle bus. 2. Car was returned with slow puncture in front passenger side tyre which was not present on collection. I suspect it has been driven over a curb or median and damaged. The tyre will need to be replaced. 3. Car was returned with bird faeces on roof and windowscreen, which was not present on collection. 4. Finally, having been forced to amend the booking following the cancellation of the return flight by the carrier, I have still not been refunded the difference between the two booking costs. The original booking was for collection on Sunday 8 November, later amended to Wednesday 4 November, and the difference in cost has not been refunded.
November 12, 2020

Tim Buck

All good but glad I’m mentioned that pick up on the way back was from T2 as they had it down as T5, here’s hoping my car is there when I get back
July 2, 2020

Arno Pilz

Worst experience ever. They ask you to call/text 30 mins before collecting car which I did, numerously and still had to wait 25 mins in the cold for the car to come. They simply drive your car to you once you are waiting, not beforehand so the car will not be ready on time as advertised. Once car arrived driver wants you to sign immediately, which I refused as I wanted to check car for scratches before handing over..... they seem a shift gang. I used other valet service companies in the past and never had a problem. Will not be using Happy Days again, stick to the other ones they are better.
December 21, 2019

Marc Oaten

Drop off was ok. Good communication. However, on my return I noticed that my car had been sat in by at least 4 people as there were muddy footprints in every foot well and the passenger seat had been moved. I had a few bits to leave in the car so placed them in the rear passenger side foot well and covered them with my coat. This now is covered in mud as well. My car had also travelled nearly 35 miles?? So I'm not really happy with the service at all.
December 9, 2019

Liz Frain

Really great service, very friendly people.
August 29, 2019

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Nicolas Wilczak

What you expect from a valet service it someone waiting for you when you drop the car and the car available when you arrive. We had to wait about 10min when we arrived and about 1hour when we came back. I sincerely recommend to remove this option from your choice list as it's misleading and really believe it harms your website to list some bad company like this.
August 20, 2019


Arrived 30 minutes late for both drop off and pick up despite calls with ample warning and follow up calls
August 14, 2019

Michael Bromley

Do not use Happy Days Meet & Greet. The only time you know a Company is good is when something goes wrong. I excused them for difficulty in ringing them 30minutes before arrival as we eventually got through 10minutes before we arrived and then the man did meet us fairly quickly. What I can't excuse them for is the fact that we have been back 4 weeks and no one from Happy Days has still contacted us about scratches on rear corner of the bumper even though the drop of man and me took pictures of the damage. Dee from Heathrow Parking has been helpful in chasing Happy Days several times but they still haven't contacted me. Please be warned.
May 22, 2019

Karen Crawford

Excellent service. The driver was waiting when I arrived to leave my car and when I returned it all ran very smoothly. Especially handy as I flew out of one terminal and back into another but my car was brought to the correct terminal and it saved me having to get a bus on my return!
April 27, 2019

Victoria Gray

AVOID. AVOID. AVOID... Happy Days is a number of different named parking vendors. Our meet and greet was terrible. Told to take car somewhere different from where the instructions on the site said. Had to wait for someone to take the car, they refused to take photos there and then... On our return they took 30 minutes to return the car... DAMAGED on front & back. After about 6 weeks of rarely returned phone calls, they finally agreed to pay for the scratch repair on our 1 year old car, but only with 'chips away'. Weirdly they did not want the insurance companies nor the police involved. No shock there after everything we witnessed... Awaiting the transfer of cash before we go ahead with booking the repair... Do yourself a favour and book the official parking people!
April 12, 2019