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Punctual Quick
April 4, 2021

Hussein Ramadan

I found it strange that I was called and told to meet the representative at Departures, both when I dropped the car off and on my return. No inspection report was made of the car when dropping off. On my return I had to walk the length of the departures road to find my car. When I did, the guy asked for my name, gave me the keys, and just ran off. The whole thing felt very dodgy - why was my car not at the short term car park? Thankfully my car was OK, but the whole experience made me feel very uncomfortable so I will not be using this 'company' again. This is definitely not 5 Star meet and greet.
October 28, 2020


Excellent service. The company was in contact with me on the day of travel to help co-ordinate car pick up. Courteous staff who provide precise instructions and always available when we called. Upon return to Heathrow - again - the staff picked up our phone calls right away and had the car ready for us. Will certainly use again!
October 25, 2020

Andrew James Hudson

I can't express how pleased I was with the parking... I arrived at the airport and they were waiting for me and when I arrived it was 5 mins for them to get to me and the driver so friendly and careful about wiping down the car surfaces for Corona
October 18, 2020

Paul Cooper

Very efficient when dropping the car off. When returning we followed the instructions and still had to pay for the parking ticket on the way out of the car park. An extra £7.80 - NOT IMPRESSED. I have tried to call, their lines are working. I have sent an email and it states it takes weeks to get a refund.
September 28, 2020

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Jon Compson

Good communication, fast collection and drop off, but i'm only giving 2 stars because both drivers were not wearing masks or gloves, which feels irresponsible during these Covid times and meant that I had to wipe down and air my car before I could let my family go inside, which at 9.30pm with two young children was very frustrating.
September 11, 2020

Mr. James Logan

Everything worked fine. Car looks fine, too.
September 1, 2020

Vari Atri

This is the worst service I have ever received. DO NOT USE THIS SERVICE. My car was returned to me with extremely bad damage -full driver wing badly damaged, dented and scraped. The back of the car had also been reversed into something with bad damage. The driver returned the vehicle stated I have good and bad news for you -your car is damaged but will get fixed, contact customer service and left! What awful service....My car looks like it has been used with a discarded male deodourant can in front passenger seat and only 15 miles in the tank when it was left with 90. Avoid using this company!
August 27, 2020

Joni Kumpulainen

Drop off: I called the driver 30min earlier before I dropped the car off at the airport and he managed to be nearly 20min late of the agreed time. At the airport I had to call him back many times and I was told repeatedly 5 more minutes. It is not allowed to park for a long time in the drop off area, also waiting with a baby can be challenging. The driver didn’t apologise being late. Collecting: driver came quickly, only 5 minutes wait. For a car owner it’s a routine to check the car condition and when I asked the driver to wait while I check he responded in rudely manner; “you can check it” and then walked away. The car was extremely dirty in thick layer of dust. It’s understandable to have a little dirt after 3 weeks, but this was a lot. 13 extra miles in the meter means the parking place must have been far. To be 5 five star service you need to improve your drivers’ customer care skills and timing. So 3 stars due the inconvenience that happened.
August 11, 2020

Diane Donaldson

Due to COVID-19, I was unable to fly from Heathrow and consequently had to cancel the parking I had booked with Park and Go. However, their customer service was excellent. They responded to my email immediately, agreed to refund my payment (less a small admin charge), gave me a date by which I would receive the refund and paid up as promised. I was really happy with their service, particularly given the difficult times so many companies are experiencing, and will go straight to them next time I need to book parking.
June 25, 2020