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Colin Winterburn

Did exactly as required, ie easy to find and quick check-in, and car waiting on return. Would certainly use again.
September 11, 2019

Wayne Anthony

Terrible avoid at all costs. Had to call 3 times twice told had no record of call despite me screen shot of calls waited over 45 mins for car return. Quicker to use bus off site parking. Definitely not worth the extra cost.
May 11, 2019

Louise Hume

On our departure we tried to ring as per instructions but no one answered the phone for 30 mins. When they finally answered we were made to wait a further 30 mins before they collected the car when I complained the man on the phone just laughed. On return from our holiday we rang again over 30 mins until someone answered. When they finally picked up we were told we should have phoned! They then threatened to make us get a taxi when we complained. Writing review whilst still waiting for our car, so far since first phone call it has been 40 mins and no car. Do not use.
February 27, 2019

Simon Gill

2nd time using this company ( Maple Manor / Ace Parking/ Agent is Sky Park). First time was generally ok. This last weekend my car has been with them for just 4 days. Returning to airport I called them as soon as I got off plane as I have no luggage to collect. I arrived at car park as instructed and waited a further 35 mins for my car to be delivered despite me being told by 2 separate phone calls that it was on its way. When the car was dropped off it was spotless. 4 days parked with this company and it is totally filthy upon return. very thick dust, sand and cat paw prints all over the car. Extremely rude drivers who clearly don't care about the state of the cars returned or providing a decent level of customer service. In fact they just sit in their cars all the time eating sandwiches. Totally Unprofessional all round. I will def not use this company again !!
June 26, 2018

Aly Nicholson

Rang company when received luggage as instructed. Was told 20 minutes, waited 30 minutes. Defeats the object of ‘meet And greet’. I could of waited for the coach to the car park in the same time and saved my money!
February 18, 2018

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Inge Smith

An effecient way to park at the airport. The process was relatively straightforward. In future, I would call for the car to be returned earlier as it took longer than expected for the car to come back to the airport.
September 8, 2017

Keith Williams

really quick, very informative and speedy service. I am very happy and will use again
October 27, 2016


They damaged the car but despite photgraphic evidence refused to accept liability. This is because they are actually only a booking house and their subcontractor takes the car. So they blame them but the subcontractor doesn't accept liability either. Apart from that they were courteous & timely.
October 28, 2007


Overall the service was good, however, my car was in a Disgusting state when it was delivered back to me, i was embassassed to get into it at the airport. it must have been parked in an a farm or somewhere.
September 23, 2007

Shaun Carter

Our experience was a good one. We were met at exactly the planned time right outside our terminal. Handover took less than 5 minutes. On our return, we followed the instructions and rang as soon as we had our bags through customs. It took us about 5 minutes to walk outside and our car was returned within another 3 minutes. I honestly cannot think how we could have had a better service (I suppose that they could have valeted the car as well - is that asking a bit much???) Would we use skypark again - 100% yes!
September 16, 2007