Gatwick Maple Manor Meet and Greet

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For the South Terminal:
Drive to the South terminal's Short Stay car park and take a ticket from the barrier. Then, go to the Orange car park on level 1 and park in rows D or E. Look for the Approved Operator area and you should see a Maple Manor vehicle nearby.

For the North Terminal:
Follow the signs to the North Terminal. As you enter the terminal, please follow signs for SHORT STAY car park and keep in the left hand lane. Take a ticket at the barrier and proceed to CAR PARK 5 (the first car park on your right). Enter Car park 5 and follow signs for “Approved Operators” (do not go to the upper levels). When you get to the Approved Operator area, please park up in an Approved Operator Bay and make yourself known to the driver.

Arrival procedure

Please check your booking conformation for details.

You should call Maple Manor on 01293 652299 and choose option 1 when you're about 20 minutes from the terminal (which will normally be when you're on the M23). If you're running more than 15 minutes early or late, you should let Maple Manor know. Your chauffeur will meet you at the terminal's Approved Operator drop-off area.

Make sure to take all of your belongings out of the car, including your car park ticket, and walk over to meet your driver. He/she will take a photo and check your car over for damage and you'll need to give them your booking confirmation and car keys, as well as your return flight information. Please make sure you leave enough time for your driver to check your car for damage. It will only take a few minutes, but if you don't leave enough time, this may affect any claim you later make for damage. All you need to do then is head to check-in while your car is parked for you in Maple Manor's secured car park.

Return procedure

Please check your booking conformation for details.

When you've cleared security and picked up your bags, call the car park on 01293 652 299, option 1 to let the car park know that you are ready for your car.

South Terminal:
Once you've gone through security, please head to the Short Stay car park, where you dropped your car off, where you will be able to collect your car and drive home.

North Terminal:
As you exit North terminal customs turn right following signs to Exit and Car Rentals. When you get to the Car Rental Desks, exit the terminal building. Car Park 5 is directly opposite the terminal building and can be seen from the exit doors. Proceed to the Approved meeting point at the ground floor of Car park 5 - Rows B to J to collect your car.

You'll be given some documentation to sign and asked to check over your car again, then your keys will be handed back to you along with a ticket to get out of the car park.

Please be aware that if you are late in collecting your car after your phone call, you may incur additional charges from the Short Stay Car Parks. The instructions to drop off or pick up your car may change at short notice due to ongoing work so you'll need to make sure you follow the details given over the phone.


While you're away, your car will be stored in one of Maple Manor's secured car parks. All have been awarded the police Park Mark award, the Trading Standards Authority's Buy With Confidence award and are approved by Gatwick airport. All of the car parks are surrounded by a fence and are either manned 24 hours, have CCTV in use, or have dedicated 24 hour security patrols.


Parking is always at the vehicle owner's own risk and subject to the car park's Terms & Conditions of storage.

The car park use experienced drivers who are fully insured to drive your vehicle on the public highway. All cars parked or stored with Maple Manor will be on a proven direct negligence basis. Any claims for loss or damage must be made prior to the vehicle being handed over.


Disabled facilities

The car park welcomes bookings from owners of specially adapted vehicles but please note that this must be by prior arrangement to ensure availability of appropriately-trained drivers. To see if the car park can take your vehicle, please call the car park prior to placing your booking.

Additional information

Maple Manor Meet and Greet is a member of the Gatwick Airport Approved Operator scheme, which means that they have been audited and inspected by the airport to ensure they meet customer service standards.

It is the customer's responsibility to make sure that their vehicle's road tax is valid, it holds a valid MOT certificate and is roadworthy. If your car isn't legal or safe to drive, Maple Manor won't be able to drive it to the car park and you also won't be entitled to a refund.

If you park for longer than you booked, you'll be charged at a rate of £10 per day.

If you return early, please call Maple Manor as soon as you can. They need as much notice as possible to get your car ready so you aren't kept waiting. You won't be able to get a refund for any unused parking time.

Maple Manor can only take cars that fit into a standard size parking space, which is 2.4m x 4.8m. You'll be charged extra if your car is too large. Minibuses and vehicles with 8 or more seats can't be taken for Meet and Greet services and will cost extra for other packages. If you have a specially adapted vehicle this will need to be checked with the car park. To see if Maple Manor can take your vehicle, please call the provider prior to placing your booking.

Maple Manor Meet & Greet + Car Wash

The Maple Manor Meet & Greet + Car Wash package includes your car being cleaned inside and out ready for your return to Gatwick.

The Gold valet includes a hand shampoo, wash and rinse, wheel wash, hand leather dry, dashboard and interior vinyl and leather clean, and the interior of your car will be vacuumed, excluding the boot.

Maple Manor Meet & Greet - Premium North

There's no waiting with Maple Manor Meet and Greet Premium service at the North terminal. Please see your confirmation email for detailed instructions.

Gatwick Maple Manor Meet and Greet reviews

Our average review score for Gatwick Maple Manor Meet and Greet is 3 from 29 reviews.
Roly Lumm

I have never had an issue before with Maple Manor. However upon returning back to the UK, I noticed my key fob had been damaged and has huge crack in it. They did not tell me, I found it and then when challenged did not apologise and just left me with an email address to contact.
October 29, 2018

Ed & Carol Hughes

Such poor form. Parked with Maple last weekend and picked the car up after 11.00 at night in dark hotel car park next to Gatwick North terminal. Noticed the following day (the car on my drive overnight) that the rear light cover was smashed on the passenger side. Took photos and forwarded to Customer Services to be told that no responsibility accepted as I did not report it at the time in a poorly lit car park! Not expecting to have to check my car after a long flight in the dark! Poorly dealt with by customer services who seemed sure I was try to cheat their company in some way. Beware!
October 3, 2018

Jamie Buttigieg

I must let everyone know our experience and advise people not to use Maple Manor Parking. We got stuck on traffic and we were running late for our flight so we left the car with Maple Manor Parking driver. We check in and my other half realised he forgot his brand new sunglasses in the car, don’t think anything about it and we purchased new ones on duty free. A week later We arrive back from my holiday got in the car and drove off. We stopped at service and realised that sunglasses wasn’t in the car. We looked everywhere and contacted Maple Manor Parking straight away. They response was that all drivers are CRB checked and that they interviewed all drivers but no one seen the sunglasses. This is a very poor service and I would like to think that any item in the car should be there on my return.
August 20, 2018


Worst meet and greet we have used. No organisation car late.
August 5, 2018


It transpires when your car comes back damaged, that they use such out of date camera equipment that the image is so grainy and unclear (which they freely admitted in writing) that it means they decline to admit there was no damage when they took the car as the picture isn't clear enough to confirm it. Since my iPhone 6, now generations out of date, could produce crystal clear images of all the scratches and gouges with its camera, this must be done on purpose to avoid admitting liability (otherwise, why not just give Maple Manor staff phones that are 4 years old and you'll get perfect pictures to confirm one way or the other). Have used on multiple occasions previously, including when left waiting one occasion 1.5 hours for the car to be returned as accept these things do happen, but it would appear our luck has run out with Maple Manor and will revert to self parking.
June 17, 2018

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