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Directions information


Please check your booking confirmation for details.

Arrival procedure information

Arrival procedure

On your way to the airport, please call the car park prior to arrival to confirm the meeting point. Please follow signs for Short Stay (multistorey) car park, enter it and take a ticket at the barrier. The ticket will have to be handed to the driver. An exact meeting point will be confirmed when you call 15 min prior your arrival.

Return procedure information

Return procedure

On your return, please call the car park to confirm your return once you have collected your baggage from the carousel, so the driver will advise you about an exact meeting point at Short Stay car park. A pre-paid exit ticket will be issued to you.

Please note the exit ticket is only valid for 10min so you will be required to pay for any overstay.

Security information


Your car is stored in a secure compound with perimeter fencing, entry barriers and CCTV coverage.

Departure information

Additional information

Short Stay exit fee (as well as the entrance fee) is included in the price.

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Distance to airport

This service operates from the Short stay (multistorey) car park outside the North and South Terminals, but your car is stored away from airport in fully secure car park.

Transfers from airport

Transfers do not apply for this service, as you will be met at the Terminal itself.

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Gatwick LGParking - Meet and Greet reviews

Our average review score for Gatwick LGParking - Meet and Greet is 4.5 from 468 reviews.

I parked my car at Gatwick using LG Parking. They sub the work out to Sure who took my car away to park it SECURELY. When I picked my car up 6 days later the car had a dent on the rear above the wheel arch (Looked like a another car had opened its door on it). I mentioned this to the valet (Sure) and stated on the sheet to accept the car that it had been damaged, I asked for a callback from their office as I was not happy. The call never came. I took this matter up with LG Parking who said this would be looked into and a resolution would be put in place. This has never been followed up by them. I have mailed LG Parking several emails along with a photo of the damage to the car asking for this to be chased. But they have not got back to me. Has anyone else experienced this sort of thing and how did you get it resolved.... My advise as it stands would not to touch this company or Sure as they take your money but that is where the service stops.

January 10, 2019

Very good. Drivers were there to meet us at the start of and were very prompt on arrival back in the UK. No hanging around. Would highly recommend.

December 28, 2018

Booked on line with 'Park and Go'. When confirmation arrived the service was through 'Sure' Parking. Thought I'd got a really good deal when I booked this. However, the instructions said to call a number 20 minutes before arriving at the airport. When I did so the number was constantly engaged and on the 8th attempt just rang and rang before getting a voicemail message saying the number was not available. No option but to go to the airport and try to sort it out there. When arrived the 'Sure' Parking representative - in very broken English - told us we should have phoned the number first and was NOT helpful at all. Don't think he had the language skills to actually assist us. We were left ourselves to continually ring said number again until we finally did get a reply. A very stressful start to our holiday. The return trip was better. Rang from baggage reclaim and car was returned in about 10 minutes of arriving at parking area. I will NOT use these people again. Would prefer to pay more for better customer service.

December 4, 2018

Great experience, always has been. Would use them again, no problem.

November 25, 2018

Have used this company several times and would thoroughly recommend them. They are competitively priced and both the collection and delivery service has always been timely.

November 25, 2018