Cophall Parking Gatwick Meet & Greet (South Terminal) reviews

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Here are some comments that our customers have made about Cophall Parking Gatwick Meet & Greet (South Terminal)

Helen Bhoobun

Terrible service waited over 50 minutes on arrival the text never came and when we called we were advised the wait was over 30 minutes as there were a lot of flights leaving!!! Clearly the company do not manage their bookings as we had to call a second time to chase them up and lost an hour of check in time meaning we had to eat our breakfast cramped up on the plane. On our return we got exactly the same treatment and were told to wait for 30 minutes which soon became 50, they act as if it is your fault they are busy and again justified keeping us waiting as they had other customers queuing too as too many flights were arriving. _ clearly this company should not be based at an airport as they seem to have missed the nature of the location. We would have been much better off using the parking facility and getting the shuttle, in fact even walking we would have saved ourselves the almost 2 hours we lost due to choosing to book a meet and greet. We only did so to avoid have to take the baby out in the small hours in the cold during January!!
February 11, 2018


Good professional service, that made my life easier.
January 5, 2016

David Watkinson

smooth timely and effective,
June 13, 2015

Mr W Gardner

Best so far, I've used valet parking at Gatwick perhaps 20 times, Cophall was there when I arrived and when I got back, the plane landed at South rather than North Terminal, no problem, Cophall switched to South, fantastic!
April 25, 2015

Mrs H Etheridge

Great service - both pick up and delivery on time.
January 16, 2015

Peter Dorman

The arrangement worked well. I phoned the company as directed about 20 minutes before arrival at North terminal. Pickup driver turned up just after I had removed my case from the car; inspected the car, noted mileage and warned me to expect the mileage to increase by about 8 miles during Cophall's custody of the vehicle - a good thought that other providers don't usually bother with. On return, it took 19 minutes from phoning the control desk to the car arriving at the pickup point, which was just about acceptable, particularly as with this provider the collection point is under cover in Car Park 6. Both drivers were professional and courteous. Only slight niggle: the company's automated phone system expects one to enter 1 or 2 to select the appropriate desk. With my phone, to get a 1 it is necessary to enter Alt+1, which the system does not recognise. It therefore took a while to actually get through to speak to anyone.
October 11, 2014

Vickie Kemp

Very efficient. Found it all very straightforward.
July 1, 2014

Donald L Lorimer

The service was excellent as ever. Our flight was late on the return and the same excellent service was available.
September 30, 2013

Michael Cockman

First class service. Although not the cheapest I had heard all sorts of tales about cars being taken for miles and left unattended, but I was reassured by all that I read in advance. Staff were great and everthing worked like clockwork. Finding the pick up in North Terminal Gatwick is not that easy, so some better instructions might help.
July 13, 2013

Mrs Hicks

Very Good Service and will use Cophall Parking again this summer.
June 10, 2013

Rosemary Bowers

I used the meet & greet service. The 'meet' was good and driver waiting to take the car when I arrived at Gatwick. But, the 'greet' not so good. I returned late evening and waited 15 mins in the cold for the car to be returned to me.
June 3, 2013

John Corbally

The parking experience worked well, the only comment I have is that there was a wait of more than ten minutes, on our return, before the car was returned to us. Not a big problem on fine days but more of an issue with windy/rainy days.
May 1, 2013


Very good service. They were at airport when we arrived to drop off my car and we only had a short wait for car to be returned to us after our trip. In future I would call once we have our bags, not once we have passed through customs as this saves a few minutes waiting in the cold.
April 28, 2013

Deborah vine

Have used Copthall Farm Meet & Greet twice now, and they've been excellent both times. Efficient, professional and on time.23
March 30, 2013

Judy Boyd

As usual we had excellent service from Cophall Farm Meet & Greet service. All timings given to us were met; personnel were very professional; car was in similar condition on our return as had been when we left it. Excellent service and will select this service again.
March 22, 2013

oliver lazarus

seamless.. easy to contact even when at 2am the day before travel the website misbooked us (minus half star?) and we had to phone to correct. Drop off we were 10 mins late due to traffic but no gripes from them, arrival home quick and efficient and easy to contact. Car a tad dirty to rear but only noticed cos I'd washed day before.. great service and having youngish kids made a massive difference to the all important bookend bits of the holiday.. will definitely use next time
March 1, 2013

Julie Dyer

Everything was exactly as stated they were there to meet us and arrived very quickly after we phoned to get them to bring the car. Very polite and friendly. Would definitely use again.
February 10, 2013

ian gordon

very satisfactory service, two very poilite and helpful drivers
February 2, 2013

Graham Wood

Meet and Greet from Cophall is not really what it says. They weren't there to meet us when we were going, and they weren't there to meet us when we came back, despite us phoning ahead as instructed. We had a ten minute wait going, and a 15 minute wait coming back - not fun given the freezing temperatures. This seems to be because they are 20 minutes away and each time had "traffic problems"
December 12, 2012

Steve Dixon

Good service ...the only downside was that we arrived about 1 hour early and it being 5:30am ish had to wait for the driver despite phoning to register our arrival. they don't appear to have many backup drivers at this time in the morning. The return pick-up was perfect (5 star)
December 9, 2012