Gatwick ACE Meet and Greet reviews

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Here are some comments that our customers have made about Gatwick ACE Meet and Greet

Kevin O'Keefe

Thrives. They nicked all the pound coins from the ashtray. Never again
January 8, 2019

Eamonn Doherty

Good service, reasonable price.
December 19, 2018

S Addison

Brilliant service, we rang as instructed 15 mins before arriving at hotel; a gentleman was there waiting. He took photos of our car to check for damage, etc. before he took it, very friendly and efficient. On returning at 1.45 in the morning again rang as we picked up our luggage and the car was waiting for us. Again friendly service, just paid an extra £7.50 for an extra day as agreed. Car in good order. Would highly recommend.
September 25, 2018

Christopher Berry

On return from holiday the car had been used and the dashboard under passenger side was damaged. Reported it to staff at time, on the contact number and numerous emails - they are not interested in the slightest. Have refused all requests regarding a claim. Trading standards contacted but they are not complying with their requests either. Avoid this company and go to one that looks after your vehicle.
September 17, 2018


Worst ever service. Wish I had read other reviews first. Meet and Wait not Meet and Greet. Was advised after leaving customs with no bags to collect would be a 25 min wait. After 30 mins called to be told would be another 7 mins due to traffic. No apology just rude and aggressive. Won’t use again.
September 8, 2018

Noel Gorvett

In and out very efficient this time thanks. But why, oh why I ask does the driver need to mess with the radio. If you don't like my choice, just turn it off!
September 3, 2018

Louise Rohan

Very easy dropping car off. No good upon return. Having given them my flight number I thought they'd notice any delays. No point giving flight numbers, they take no notice. Obviously you can't call during the flight but after calling ahead asap after landing, we were still left waiting 25 mins for the car. Not ideal when you've already been delayed, it's nearly 2am in the morning and it's cold. No other flights at that time so the "too busy" excuse doesn't apply. I asked the man at the time and he said it takes on average 20 mins to get your car back. This isn't mentioned on their website. Better off making your own way to the car park.
August 15, 2018

Mark fisher

Hard to find when coming back. Car scuffed better off parking yourself in a car pack at least you know where to find it. Worst meet and greet I have ever used, would not recommend and definitely would not use again!
August 9, 2018

Sarah Thomson

Average at best. Have used similar companies previously and they definately didn’t match up to other experiences. Longer wait than used to with other companies. Not awful - but unlikely to use again. Would not recomend
August 8, 2018

Paul Burnett

Awful service - rang them on return from holiday once luggage collected as instructed and told over phone to go to car park 5. The same as we dropped off and the same as on the paperwork issued. After waiting 25 mins rang to chase and was told we are in wrong car park and they are now using the car park at Hamilton by Hilton on other side of Terminal and our car is there waiting for us. On arrival at the 'new' car park was told our car was on its way. After another 20 mins we discover that our car has now been delivered to the original car park and they don't have a driver to bring it round so we have to walk round again to where we started!! Will never use again - completely incompetent service.
July 24, 2018

Natasha Woodhouse

AVOID - Theft from vehicle! On my way to the airport I left £38 of £1 coins (out of use) in the glove compartment to be changed at the Post Office for current coinage. I did not get a chance to stop at the PO on my way so left these hidden in the glove compartment. Assumed that no one would access this whilst my car was left with this company. Upon return discovered that the glove compartment had been accessed and only £14 worth of coins remained in the money bag. I know for certain the exact amount as changed these with my daughter for current coinage. We stayed at the Hilton Gatwick South Terminal the evening before departure and this is the parking company affiliated with the hotel. I travel frequently and always stay the night prior to flying with onsite meet & greet parking. Although a petty theft unsure that I will use this service again. Why should the company that I have trusted with my car be searching through my vehicle? Why access the glove compartment? The company have been contacted for comment and also notified the police. Assume that they have CCTV in place and can identify the staff member who decided to search through my vehicle and commit a crime by stealing from our vehicle! I would avoid this company and like myself think twice before you leave your car keys with a company whilst travelling.
June 29, 2018

Jodie Ansell

ABSOLUTELY DREADFUL, rang as instructed to once we had got our luggage, baring in mind our flight arrived at 12.30am with two very tired kids. We sat there waiting for nearly an hour in a freezing cold car park, had to ring them 3 times and the woman on the end of the phone was really rude! When our car turned up the man got out hopping!!!! He was in no state to drive a car letterlone someone else's! Don't use! DREADFUL SERVICE! will NEVER use again!!!!!!
June 26, 2018

Nicola dunhill

We arrived at Gatwick and phoned the number . Currently we have been waiting twenty five minutes and still not here ! Meet and greet more like wait for ages . We could have been on the bus and in our car . At Heathrow they have the car waiting for u in the parking spaces allocated . Will not use this company again
June 18, 2018


Where do I start........ACE? waste of spACE. I called them upon landing last night, to be told it would be a 25-30 minute wait as it was busy and lots of flights had come in. Errrrrrrr, its an airport. That's generally the idea. I got to the 'Meet and Greet' area (joke) and had to call again after waiting 45 minutes. With two very tired children in tow too. I was told it was 7-10 minutes away. I waited a further 15 minutes and called again. Only to be told that the car hadn't been dispatched as they hadn't left the keys out for it. So the previous responses to my questions of 'how long' were lies. In total we waited for over an hour. When the driver reached us with our car at 1.00am (we landed at 11.45 pm) he said he'd been told 10 minutes ago to get our car, and didn't know what was going on as our car had been parked literally 2 minutes away from where we were waiting. Do not use this company. I'm taking this further and expect a full refund. It's utterly shambolic and a massive rip off. You'd be better off, parking at Stanstead and walking from there. Much quicker!
June 3, 2018


SHOCKINGLY BAD. DO NOT USE! Waited for over an hour for car to be returned to us and lied to on multiple phone calls to enquire where our car was. Apparently it was only parked two minutes away all along, the driver was given keys over an hour after our first (of many) phone calls to them.
June 3, 2018

Michelle Thomas

Dropping car off ok but return was waiting 25 minutes could have used normal parking which was cheaper
May 21, 2018

Mr A Adar

Excellent service. Booked the reservation 4 hours before the flight found the parking without any problems. Had no problem on my return. Would defiantly recommend this service.
May 21, 2018

Wendy Bratton

Really smooth drop off and pick up Will definitely use again and recommend 55558
April 17, 2018

Maureen Cleall

3/3/18 still waiting in the cold 40 minutes for my car and still not arrived!!! Phoned twice, 2nd time clearly lied and the car I’m guessing still wasn’t on its way. Don’t use these cowboys.
March 3, 2018

Nicole woodrow

If I could rate ace parking less than 1 star I would. I booked parking with this company only to return to Gatwick and be told it would be 2 hours or more to pick up my car. Not worth the money or the hassle, avoid at all costs!
November 21, 2017