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Would not recommend. They damaged my car and did not take responsibility for it. If you ever do use this company, make sure you get a copy of the car condition report when you hand the car over.
March 19, 2017

D Donoghue

DO NOT USE!!! Shocking service.Used meet and greet - car returned to us late and filthy inside and outside! Complained and sent photos - two months later they still have not replied. Will be taking complaint to Ombudsman.
March 1, 2016


We've used First choice before, in the warmer weather, with no problems. We will NEVER use them again at any time of year. We came back from a lovely Christmas break only to find, first choice had no car for us. They kept us waiting at the airport, only to phone and tell us, that our car was stuck in a compound with another broken down car in front of it. It was stuck all right, in MUD. We were then told the compound was locked up and that they would deliver our car the next day. They paid for a taxi to get us home and we awaited the car the next day. After many phone calls, by 4 O'clock that afternoon, I realised my car, wasn't being returned as promised. I called various numbers and told them to have my car at their office as I would be picking it up. having done the 50 mile trip again, my car was indeed at the office and Yusaf (manager) was full of apologies and excuses. Promising to pay for the taxi I had needed for work and refunding the cost of the parking. Once home, we looked at our washed car and found that the boot was drenched inside and light bulbs had blown. Apparently (Yusaf told us) our car had been boot high in water and mud. After many Emails, No refund has been given, as Yusaf has not replied to any of them. I will ALWAYS use Gatwick parking from now on.
February 22, 2016


DO NOT USE AT ANY COST!! Our car was returned with £3,000 WORTH OF DAMAGE - deep scratches on every single panel and the company are ignoring emails and phone calls from me - I do not believe for one moment our vehicle was kept in a secure compound nor that this company have insurance in place. I strongly suspect these are rogue traders - USE AT YOUR PERIL!
February 15, 2016

Corin Hames

Do not use this car parking service when my car came back to me it was covered in mud, my tow hook was missing which meant it must have been stuck in the mud and had to tow it out!! I have been contacting them about this and still no answers!! You would not think spending £90 on parking you would receive this sort of service !!
January 24, 2016

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Terrible, ruined my car. Car was returned with towing eye in the glove box (was originally in the boot) no explanation, also towing eye cover was missing from the front bumper. Mud all over the vehicle both inside and out. I trusted these people with my car and have no idea what they done with it. It cost me £40 to get it cleaned after I got it back.
January 9, 2016

Paul Buckland-White

I went with 1st choice through Looking 4 Parking, as they came up with a great price. The usual method of contacting them half an hour before dropping of the vehicle was expected, however we called them for 45 minutes without response. We also called their pickup number, again without response. In the end we had to pay for a different car parking service as it was obvious we weren't going to be able to use what we had paid for. Since coming back we've been trying to reclaim the money for the failed service. I've sent in call logs to Looking 4 Parking, who have communicated with 1st Choice who admitted they had failed us, and advised that they would refund my money. I've since sent on my bank details, however 3 and a half months later I still am yet to receive my refund. Yusuf at 1st Choice refuses to answer emails. The annoying thing is that I've used so many meet and greet services over the years, and never had an issue. This one occasion of awful service combined with an ostrich response when requesting my refund has really put me off using a meet and greet again. As far as I'm concerned, 1st Choice are the last choice, and I wouldn't recommend them to anyone
December 22, 2015

Mrs V A Powell

Used for the first time. No problems either way. Courteous and friendly.
October 19, 2015

Barry A Huxleu

Inconsistent charge on car parking tariff. First time used did not have to pay to exit car park - this time required to pay exit fee of £3.50. Why? Are there x2 methods if paying in entry? Otherwise efficient service. BAH
October 18, 2015

P E Cebis

We were charged for being too early, then the driver went to the wrong terminal we were then charged again for having a delay and waited nearly an hour for the return of the car, don't think they know the definition of meet and greet.
October 4, 2015