Our 2018 Travel Bucket List: Here to inspire your next adventure!

  • 11 Jan, 2018
  • Franki Napolitano
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Our 2018 travel bucket list is here to inspire your next adventure; can we tempt you with a trip to New York, Tokyo, Maldives or Amsterdam?

Ah January, the month in which we make our resolutions and goals for the year, set out a plan of where we want to go and what we want to see.

It seems only fitting then that we hit you with some travel inspo based on the Team’s own Travel Bucket List.

Meet the APS Team!

Meet the APS team and learn a little about them with their travel bucket lists

Croatian National Parks

A trip to any of the beautiful Croatian national parks is on Alice's travel bucket listMilada Vigerova

Alice visited Croatia a few years back and fell in love with it. She didn’t get much chance to explore any of the gorgeous National Parks, such as Krkr National Park so a trip back to do some trekking and wildlife spotting would be fab! 🐻


Look at those red trees!! This is one of the reasons that Canada is on Franki's travel bucket listScott Goodwill
From cosmopolitan cities and serene ski slopes, to staggering mountain ranges and apparently the best blueberries in the world, who wouldn’t want to visit Canada?! Luckily for Franki, she gets to tick this one off this year as she heads there for some snowboarding in February 🏂


Sampling the food is one of the main things Luc wants to do in Tokyo, hence why it's on his travel bucket listErik Eastman

Luc would like to visit Tokyo as he’s never been to Asia and wants to experience the culture of a busy city in that part of the world. Oh and of course sample the food!😋


Crystal clear waters, warm temperatures and only the occasional Monsoon..! Not hard to see why Maldives is on Lauren's travel bucket listIshan @seefromthesky

Quite simply, Alice wants to visit the Maldives to be surrounded by peace and tranquility in arguably one of the most beautiful places in the world. Bliss 😌


Amsterdam has been on Franki's travel bucket list since her sister told her how stunning Vondelpark was in person and not just from behind a lens!Raphael Nogueira

The floating flower market, Tuschinski Theatre, Vondelpark and bike riding around the city are all reasons Franki wants to visit Amsterdam …and not for the coffeeshops…👀

New Zealand

New Zealand is on Lauren's travel bucket list as she is highly intrigued by the Split Apple Rock on the northern coast of the countryPablo Heimplatz

New Zealand has far more to offer than simply being home to Lord of the Rings! Experience Glacier trekking, wine tasting, a dip in a hot spring or perhaps visit Split Apple Rock like Lauren wants to 🍷

A Scandi Tour

Alice is the office scandi-mad wildlife enthusiast so it's no wonder a Scandi Tour is on Alice's travel bucket listRucksack Magazine

Alice is our resident Scandi-loving Queen, so it’s no surprise a tour across the likes of Finland, Norway, Denmark, Iceland and Sweden is high on her travel bucket list! 🌲


A visit to the e11 volcano is why Reykjavik is on Lauren's travel bucket list Ryan Waring

What’s drawing Lauren to the beautiful country of Iceland? Alongside the obvious Northern Lights, geysers and hot spring jaunts, she’d really love to visit the Eyjafjallajökull Volcano! 🌋


Paris is on Luc's travel bucket list for sentimental reasons - he wants to visit his family!Augustin de Montesquiou

Next on Luc’s list is Paris  as he has family there but he hasn’t visited in a very long time and would therefore like to go back for sentimental reasons 👪


The weather, beaches and scenery are undoubtedly why Mauritius is on Alice's travel bucket list Guillaume Baudusseau

Ah, the beautiful Indian island of Mauritius, known for it’s jewel lined coast, fantastic waterfalls and wildlife at every turn. Alice would love to visit the Sir Seewoosagur Ramgoolam Botanical Gardens one day! 👙


Italy is on both Lauren and Franki's travel bucket list; Lauren wants to do the Tour d'Italia and Franki wants to visit the country of her heritage! Carissa Gan

Now Italy is a must-visit for both Lauren and Franki. Lauren would love to rent a camper van and go on her own food tour of Italy, sampling the best dishes the different regions have to offer. (uh, doesn’t that sound amazing!!) Whilst Franki would like to finally visit the country of her heritage! 🍝


Who doesn't have Fiji on their travel bucket list?! Alice would love to wander the beaches in the beautiful weatherJovi Waqa

Have you spotted a running theme with Alice’s bucket list destinations?! Gorgeous weather, breathtaking scenery and the chance of spotting some of the world’s most wonderful creatures are all high priorities, so no surprise that Fiji is also on her list! 🐢

New York

Since his first visit in 2017, Luc has wanted to return to New York. Described as his favourite holiday destination to date, it's no wonder a trip back to the Big Apple is high up on his bucket list! Redd Angelo

Lastly, a 2017 trip to the Big Apple left quite the impression on Luc.  It’s been his favourite place he’s travelled to so far and he very much enjoyed his time in Brooklyn. It’s been less than a year since that trip and he already wants to go back to explore more. 🗽

So, how many of the above are now on your bucket list? Have you been to any of them? We’d love to hear about your experiences in any of these places!


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