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Let's dive into improving your parking habits and avoid large fees or fines. We've got whatever airport parking advice you need, from tips on booking in advance to how to park correctly when you get to the airport... we've got you covered!

What to do in the event of an airport parking fine: Your rights

  • 24 Aug, 2021
  • Alice Fowler

airport parking fines

It is unlikely that you will incur a parking fine when using a long-term airport car park, provided you have given the correct information when booking. These car parks charge per 24-hour period, so it is unlikely, even if your flight is delayed, that you will have overstayed your welcome.

In extenuating circumstances, such as the case of the Icelandic volcanic ash cloud a couple of years ago, which meant many passengers returned days late from their holiday, a common-sense approach was adopted by the vast majority of car park operators

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Leaving Your Car Parked for Long Periods

  • 22 Sep, 2021
  • Alice Fowler
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Leaving Your Car

Are you going to be leaving your car parked for a long period of time? If so, we have come up with a few useful tips to help you! This way, leaving your car parked should be less of a hassle as you’ll feel more prepared and ready. Not to mention, you’ll have a stress-free holiday! 

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Airport Parking for Motorbikes

  • 06 Feb, 2023
  • Alice Fowler

Find out which UK airports have free motorcycle parking

We get it, people don’t just drove cars to the airport; plenty of you have motorcycles too and often have the question of “Is motorbike parking free at my airport?” Read More

What is the Park Mark award and why is it a good thing?

  • 15 Oct, 2021
  • Alice Fowler
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park mark logo

If you are thinking of parking your car at the airport, instead of forking out for taxis or having to rely on friends or family, how do you know the car park is safe? We have all seen horror stories on TV about travellers returning from their trips and discovering that their vehicles have been damaged or that there are hundreds of extra miles on the clocks. What guarantee is there that you are not going to fall prey to the cowboy element when you leave your car at the airport? The answer to the thorny question of car park security lies with the Park Mark award scheme, a nationally recognised benchmark for a secure parking environment for both vehicles and drivers. Read More