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What to do in the event of an airport parking fine: Your rights

  • 03 Feb, 2020
  • Alice Fowler

airport parking fines

IIt is unlikely that you will incur a parking fine when using a long-term airport car park, provided you have given the correct information when booking. These car parks charge per 24-hour period, so it is unlikely, even if your flight is delayed, that you will have overstayed your welcome.

IIn extenuating circumstances, such as the case of the Icelandic volcanic ash cloud a couple of years ago, which meant many passengers returned days late from their holiday, a common-sense approach was adopted by the vast majority of car park operators

As far as short-term parking goes, most car parks operate a pay on exit system meaning that even if the person you are picking up is delayed for hours you will not incur a parking fine.

When could I get an airport parking fine?

Most airport parking fines are incurred when dropping off or picking up passengers without using the short-term car park, and stories abound of drivers being hit with punitive fines for stopping on approach roads. Automatic number plate recognition technology makes it easy for the operator to monitor your comings and goings.

Many airports provide a drop-off zone and charge a fee of a few pounds for a short stop. If you decide to leave your car to help your passenger in to the terminal or overstay the allotted time, then fines of £80 are commonplace. At other airports it is forbidden to stop at all, and if you should grind to a halt briefly to read a notice, for instance, you can expect to be faced with a fine.

However, nowadays, most airports employ private parking companies and thus, their parking fines rules are applied. But this rule relies on the majority of the people not knowing the difference between the two and end up paying up the fine regardless. Airports tend to do this as they generate revenue from employing these private parking firms to police the parking at the airport. Therefore, if you’re ever fined, it is most likely from the private parking company. Yet, legally, these parking firms have no jurisdiction as the only bodies allowed to issue fines are the police and councils. Thus, in reality, they are not legally able to ‘fine’ you and indeed are even prohibited from using the word “penalty” on their notices.

PARKING Charge notices and PENALTY Charge Notices – they are different!

They do their best though to dress their notices up to look like official Penalty Charge Notices, even using the same initial letters, PCN, standing in this case for Parking Charge Notice (PCN). Some even go as far as using the word “enforcement” even although there are legally no powers of enforcement.

These so-called PCNs are in fact invoices for payment for breaching the parking company’s terms and conditions. The relationship between parking company and motorist is governed by contract law, and in cases where the terms and conditions are broken, the parking company can only claim the actual loss of revenue rather than the huge sums demanded by some.

airport parking fine

Therefore, be sure to check out what it actually states in the notice because if it is stated by a private firm, you may be able to ignore it. In the majority of the cases, the only way they can make you pay is by taking you to a claims court. So, if the fine wasn’t much and it’s less than their court fees, they might not bother! However, please read it properly because the notice is in conjunction with local council, they are able to enforce it. This means some airports have local byelaws which give them the power to give out fines under the authority of local council rules. Therefore, if the airport parking company can prove you’ve breached the byelaws, you will have to pay. So, read the notice carefully before taking any action.

The Parking on Private Land Appeals (POPLA) was introduced in 2012 to help customers deals with non-council related parking fines. POPLA governs appeals from people who have been given a fine for parking on private land. However, they will only take your case if your appeal has been rejected by the parking firm first. POPLA is an independent body; they are not affiliated with any operators. If you are successful in your appeal with them, your charges can be cancelled. However, if POPLA disagree, then you would have to pay the fine and if you refuse, the parking firm could take you to a claims court.

Appealing with POPLA

you can appeal with popla
A few points to note are as follows:

1. Be prepared
  • You will need to have a 10 character verification code ready which the private parking firm should have provided you with. This, alongside the other evidence will quicken the process
  • 2. Appeal Online
  • Ditch the paperwork and upload your evidence and the verification code as this will mean they will reach their decision far quicker.
  • 3. Don’t lie
  • Honesty is very important. Pick one of the categories provided and add supporting details or documents when asked.
  • 4. Don’t rely on someone else’s words
  • The process is pretty straightforward so try not to use templates where they describe what to say. Because the chances are, it won’t make much sense.
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    172 responses to “What to do in the event of an airport parking fine: Your rights”

    1. My Wife accidently reversed into the Disabled parking bay 1 , she went past the main entrance and reversed in through an exit and parked on the side parking. the side parking bays had no disabled signs painted on them and in the day light it looked just like any other parking place. we had a PCN stuck to the windscreen requesting payment, should I ignore this or what irs the best advice.

      Kind Regards

      • Hi there, thanks for your comment. If this was at the airport then it might be worth talking to the guys at, who help with appeals on fines on private land. It helps if you managed to get some photos of the area!

    2. Hi there, we dropped our mum off (at 6am) at Birmingham airport by a crossing, she was out so quick because she only had a small handbag no luggage or cabin bag at all, but a man came up to us and told us we were caught on camera and will be fined £100, can we do anything even though we are British citizen I’ve just moved back from Germany after living there for 15 years and my sister lives in America so we had no idea this happens here, not even my mum.

      • Hi Sandra,

        I’m sorry to hear this, our suggestion would be to contact Birmingham Airport directly to discuss. You can call the Airport on 0871 222 0072

        We hope you get things sorted!

    3. Hi

      I unknowingly picked up my mate at drop off point at Heathrow airport terminal 2, when he got it in the car I realised the sign saying drop off only. I’m worried about getting a fine through the post.

      • I actually did the same today, i was picking up my friend from drop off, when i reached there my friend was already waiting and then i saw a sign no picking up, my friend quickly jumped in and we drive off the road no body stopped us, but then i saw a camera, now i am worried that i may get a ticket or points ? i heard only if police stopped me they can issue ticket there at heathrow terminal 2 drop off. Please let me know.

    4. I picked up my cousin from the drop off point at Manchester airport t2, I left my car for 2 mins to give him a hand with luggage, came back to see a uniformed guy writing my car details, he just said thT I wasn’t allowed to pick up from here and that I would get a fine, but he never stuck a fine on my windscreen, will I get a fine through the post or do they have to fine me there and then?

      • Hi Tariq

        I’m sorry to hear about your experience!

        I’ve had a quick look online and have found the below;

        “When can the PCN (Penalty Charge Notice) be sent by post?

        The PCN can be sent by post if:

        It was being issued as the vehicle was driven away, or
        The driver or passengers were abusive, or
        Evidence of the parking rule being broken was caught on camera – my guess is that this is why – especially if he was already issuing the ticket before you got back to the car.

        Once you get it through, check that it is legitimate. Once happy with this, it’s advisable to pay the fine ASAP as you usually only have to pay half if paid within 14 days (or 21 days if it’s on CCTV)

        I hope this helps! Good Luck,

      • Hi, had you received fine through post? I was in similar situation today at manchester AP T1 drop off when the guy noted down my Car’s number and informed to police or higher authority. However, I had left before any police or others would have arrived so I’m worried that would I get ticket over post?

    5. I have just sropped smeone outside t3 manchester but could not get into any drop off space so pulled in to bus lane / stop for 30 seconds to drop them off where this guys looked at me smiling and said you have just been fine….are these council or airport laws ? Thank you

      • Hi Tracy

        They are rules set out by the airport itself, in line with a Road Traffic Order.

        They state that if the drop off areas aren’t available, you should use the short stay parking. If you are concerned about your use of the bus stop, I’d suggest contacting the airport directly on 08713 102 200 to discuss with them.

        Good luck!

    6. Hi ,I drove to Heathrow yesterday evening to collect my son and daughter in law returning from there honeymoon ,I picked them up from the drop off point at t3 ,same place as I dropped them off ,but they were delayed getting there bags and I was waiting approx 45 minutes in that area ,I am now worried that I might receive a fine ,no one approached me to tell me to move but I did notice a camera ,also other people were waiting for that length of time as well ,what do you think ,,,,thankyou martin

    7. Hi, I was on short parking at Stansted, I took my ticket at the barrier. when leaving I tried to pay by pay machine, didn’t work. On machine was sign to pay by exit. So I drove to exit barrier. When I wanted to put my ticket to the machine, there was some ticket I removed the ticket and the barrier opened. I did not know if I can drive or not I panicked and drove. I am now worried that I will receive some penalty. what should I do? Contact stansted,? Thanks

    8. Love it! Thank you so much for sharing this one really well defined all peaceful info,well really like it,Keep it up! –

    9. Hi I collected my stepson from Gatwick airport north terminal collection point, literally for 10 secs while he got in the car, and my numberplate was photographed, by phone. I did’nt want to park the car, I just wanted to collect them, worried I will be fined now? help

      • Hi Caroline,

        I suppose it would depend on who took the photo – was it an official parking attendant? Gatwicks website states that the collection point is within one of the short stay car parks, so if this was the collection point you were in, you shouldn’t need to worry


        • Hi i droped my dad off at manchester airport today i left my car at drop off only i came back as a officer booked my car i have read the leaflet in the package it doesnt say anything about getting fined or penalty points im worried will i get penalty point or a fine?

          • Hello Hafiz

            Not sure with this one – the drop off area is to do just that, just drop off passengers, the fact that you left your car is probably why an officer booked your car – I would contact the helpline in your booklet to determine if you’ll be fined or not

            Good Luck!

    10. Hi i droped my dad off at manchester airport today i left my at drop off only i came back as a officer booked my car 🙁 i have read the leaflet in the package it doesnt say anything about getting fined or penalty point im worried will i get penalty point?

    11. I stopped at a stop junction to a traffic Island at Birmingham Airport, could not cross as there was heavy traffic crossing, my son inlaw and my daughter got in the car. I was’nt parked on any red or yellow lines. Now this APCOA company has sent me an Invoice for £100 saying I pick up in a designated parking area.. if I was parked where I should not have parked I could understand. But it was stop line to a round about.

    12. Hello.

      I dropped my wife off outside of the drop off zone to run in a coat to my daughter whom I was collecting from the airport. I then went into the drop off zone and picked up my daughter there and paid the drop off fee as normal.

      I’ve received a ticket for dropping my wife off to run in with the coat. Do I have to pay this?


      • Hi there,

        You haven’t specified which airport this is, so I can’t comment specifically, but if this fine is a result of a ANPR camera, then yes, you probably do need to pay the fine. Airports are becoming extremely strict with drop offs and pick ups outside of the designated areas. My suggestion would be to contact whoever has sent you the fine and see if you can appeal it.

        Good Luck!

    13. Hi,

      I was picking up a family member at Aberdeen airport and there was some delays in the flight. I ended up waiting longer than usual (around 25 mins as apposed to the advised 15 mins) and have received a PCN of £60 from the private firm. I understand that I could have left the pick up area and driven round but likely would have lost my space (it was very busy).

      My question is: Do I have to legally pay the charge for this or if I just ignore the company all together what is the likely outcome?


      • Hi there

        I wouldn’t suggest you ignore the PCN as doing so could result in it being taken to court, which you certainly don’t want!

        In this case, I’d say you need to research the company that issued the PCN (ie make sure they’re associated with the airport), bite the bullet and pay the fine I’m afraid. They usually half the fine if paid within a certain time frame, so may not be £60 that you need to pay. Airports are getting hot on people parking for too long, so next time, use the short stay car park to avoid a potential fine caused by a delay

    14. Hi i just dropped my brothers family off to manchester airport t1 in the drop off section. My brother got dropped off the same place by a friend at the same time, he parked 1 bay away from mine. I wentbover to help with the 11 suitcases he had and put them on a trolly for him. Got back to my car and the attendant who saw me doing all this as she was standing infront of me the whole time, said i left the car unattended so ahe did a police call out now ill get a fine through the post. I contested and asked for her name she wouldnt give it so i took her picture. Please can you advise what I should so?

      • Hi Waqar

        My suggestion would be to contact Manchester Airport and explain what happened – if they have this on CCTV – ie proof you were with the other party and helping them unload – you may be able to use that to contest a postal fine

    15. Hello. I just helped drop my sister and brother in law off at Gatwick – I drive their car home for them to save on parking. As I was getting myself ready to set off again I was having trouble getting the car started – I haven’t driven it before and it’s an odd set up. I had been there less than a minute and an attendant was waving at me and telling me to move in a pretty irate manner – there was no queue for people to park and plenty of space in front of me anyway. I wound the window down and told him to be patient as I was having trouble getting going. He then started writing in his pad and looked like he was writing down the registration number. I’m worried now that there will be a fine in the post – is there a limit on how long you can stop for?

      • Hi Joe

        I suppose it depends on how long you were in the drop off lane for; they are there purely for a swift drop off to ease congestion at the terminal approaches.

        If you are worried about a fine, I would contact Gatwick directly and explain what happened, but be mindful that it is at Gatwick’s discretion.

    16. Hi. I stopped on double yellow lines on the perimeter road leafing to the various car parks at stansted airport today to drop my son off. Am i likely to incur a parking fine as a result?
      Does anyone have any thoughts on this?

      • Hi Jackie

        It’s hard to say either way really; Double Yellows are there for a reason and if there are cameras in operation, then you may very well receive a fine.

        Fingers crossed for no fine though!

    17. Hi, I did collect my brother in law fro Belfast international airport. I waited in the pick zone for about 40 minutes as the flight was delayed. According to their signs, if I stayed more than 10 min and less than one hour I should pay 5£ , which Iwas planning to do.But on exit the machine allowed me to pay only 1 £, then barrier opened and couldn’t put more coins in the machine as it won’t allow to do so.So I left the airport. Now should I expect a fine, and what can I do to avoid.

      • Hi Ashraf

        I can’t comment on this as I don’t know how the system is operated other than the way in which you have described (which matches up to their official website). I did notice however there was some disruption to their car parks from June to August due to refurbishment which may have had an impact.

        If you’re worried about a fine, you could perhaps call them on 028 9448 4848 to discuss

    18. I was waiting for my gf to land at Birmingham, I waited outside of JLR car park (who I work for) I wasn’t on double yellow or red lines but still got a fine. Is this legal?? You can even see in the picture no double lines

      • Hi Warren,

        I’m not too sure about this one; they do say stopping is prohibited anywhere along the Red Route, but you mention there were no red lines?

        My first suggestion would be to contact whoever issued the fine (assuming it was APCOA?) and speak with them. However, it does state on the Birmingham Car Parking page that “APCOA Parking UK Ltd may issue Parking Charge Notices for breaches of the restrictions, including but not limited to:

        Failing to park in a designated parking area
        Dropping off/picking up outside of a designated parking area
        Stopping on double red lines

        The charge payable for a Parking Charge Notice is £100 if paid within 28 days, reduced to £50 if paid within 14 days.”

    19. Hi, this morning I was collecting people from Heathrow airport T2
      When I dropped them off some ten days ago they suggested I pick them up where I left them (T2 Departures drop off) I thought to myself it would be a good time saver as it can take a while to get a ideal space for my large people carrier and it can take a while to get out of the multi story car park.
      I timed it just right, I just stopped to the side on T3 which is just a couple of mins away and as soon as I pulled over I had a call to say they are just about to leave the building.

      As I drove into T2 departures they waved to me and I pulled in to the layby and got out and the guys quickly dropped their rucksacks in the back, out from nowhere this guy appears wearing one of those yellow shiny jackets.
      He said out to me straight away did you not know you are not allowed to pick here and do you not see the signs? I replied no I had no idea and I did not see the signs (the signs are there if you look up high at the top of the tall posts) and asked how long how long has that been and since when, he replied always and you’ll be getting a forty pound fine in the post.
      Even my passengers commented on how patronising he was, if he hadn’t have come to me for a descussion I wouldn’t have been there for two minutes.
      I could understand it if it was a busy Monday morning and I was obstructing vehicles dropping off but this was 9am Sunday morning.

      Would you say I should be expecting a forty pound fine in the post ? Also if so am I liable to pay it and can I despite it in anyway ?

      • Hi Ken,

        As per Heathrow’s website, they state;

        “All our forecourts are drop-off only – just follow the signs for departures and use the outside lane (except Terminal 5, where you can use either lane). Please use our convenient Short Stay car parks for picking up travellers (charges apply).”

        So I can’t state that you won’t get a fine and that you shouldn’t dispute it if you do receive one if they have stated you cannot pick up from the drop off lay-bys.

        Fingers crossed one doesn’t drop through your letter box, though!


    20. Hello
      I dropped my girlfriend and her family off at Manchester airport terminal 2 at the weekend. My girlfriend and her mother then parked their car in a pre-booked long term space whilst I helped her sister and father in with the suitcases. When returning to the car a lady then explained to me I would be receiving a £80 fine and said there are signs everywhere, which none of us saw on the way in.. I would estimate I stayed around 5 – 10 minutes at a maximum. Where do you think I stand on this? Should I pay the fine?

      Thank you

      • Hi Stuart,

        You don’t state where it is that you parked and unloaded the car. They do have a dedicated space at the front of the terminal for drop offs, and their website says “Pull up directly outside departures where you can touch down just long enough to unload luggage at no charge.” – So maybe 10 minutes is too long in their eyes?

        Most fines are halved if you pay them early but we’d never advise not to pay a fine as this could result in further escalation and more hassle for you!

        Hope that helps


    21. Hi, I have just dropped my grandparents off at Bristol Airport.. Our first time with an airport.. There were numerous cars dropping off outside so we did the same.. Literally 60 seconds.. A man drove past shouting I would receive 3 points and a fine due to not using a car park? Is this right?

      • Hi Meesh,

        They do state they have a car park specifically for dropping off passengers that you should use – at £1 for up to 10 minutes. We haven’t heard of people getting points for this, but a fine is likely if ANPR is in operation. You are within your right to dispute it if others were doing the same and there is evidence of this.

        Hope that helps

    22. I picked up my sister in Gatwick North Terminal this morning.
      I had no idea where i was going and wanted to head to the drop off area but instead went to the short stay car park (too late to reverse!) where i had to get a ticket. I drove around the car park ground floor in a panic and my sister got into the car there. I then went to the exit, I asked a steward where i pay for the ticket and he told me at the exit barrier. Sure enough, there was a pin code pad and card slot for me to pay for my ticket. However as i was at the barrier, it opened without me even putting the ticket in the machine. I am confused?? will i get a fine as i haven’t payed the parking even though it let me out? (surely has number plate recognition and decided to let me out?)

      • Hi Sophie

        It’s hard to say really – they do offer a pick up location within the Orange Short Stay car park, but they don’t state if it’s free, unlike the bays outside the terminal that you were aiming for! I would suggest contacting the airport directly to ask them about a potential fine – their car parks are monitored by both ANPR and CCTV so it shouldn’t be too difficult to look into if need be!

        Good luck,

    23. Hi, I dropped some family off at Manchester T1, at the departures but pulled up slightly over the yellow do not stop lines? Will I receive a fine? And if so how much are they?? Thanks

      • Hi Antony

        We wouldn’t know in this instance – if you pulled up in an approved drop off area then it shouldn’t be a problem. If it wasn’t a drop off area, it may be an issue. If you are concerned, maybe contact the airport directly. Fines will vary in cost depending on the company operating / issuing the fine.



      • Hi there,

        £400 sounds pretty excessive for a fine! I would call them on +44 (0)20 7646 0088/0000 to ask them about this and whether or not you have been implicated as it isn’t clear on their website


    25. Good morning, I am PCO driver and I dropped off my customer this morning in gatwick airport north terminal. There are bays on the right and left hand side of the terminal approach. There was a small qeue of cars. Just before arriving at the bays, the guy in front of me stopped in the middle of the terminal approach to drop off. My customer took the opportunity to do the same thing even though I was telling her not to do so. She stepped out of the car without shutting the door properly and trying opening the boot. I knew i will get a fine so I did not step out of the car, but she did not managed to open the trunk and started banging on the trunk causing damage to my car. I could not drive to the bays as the door was not closed properly and so I was forced to step out of my car in the middle of the approach so ai can give her the bag. As soon as I stepped out of my car the ticketing officers came accross started taking pictures of my cars reg. I dropped of loads of ppl in gatwick but this is the first time something like this happened. Is there a telephone number so I can call gatwick to discuss this? Is gatwick airport also private land? Which authority issues the fines at gatwick?

      Thanks in advance

      • Hi Mo,

        Sorry to hear of your trouble this morning; I would suggest calling the general enquiry line on 0344 892 0322 or emailing to tell them about what happened. The airport is monitored by CCTV and so this may very well be clear for them to see.

        I hope you can get this sorted.


    26. Hi there,

      A few weeks ago I was picking. Up family from Heathrow airport, terminal 3. Didn’t read the signs properly and accidentally pick up in the drop off zone. A woman approached us and said we would be recievejnf a fine in the mail, we asked if we could have t now but she said it would be mailed out to us. We’ve moved house since then and haven’t received a fine or forward mail of it but we are worried about the fine increasing ect as we both need to drive for our jobs. Is there a contact number or email that we can find out if we have an outstanding fine?

    27. Terminal 5 Heathrow now have signs in the Drop-off saying drop-off only and another smaller notice telling you fines will be applied of £15 if you try a pick-up.

    28. At T3 Heathrow tonight I drove into the drop off area just as my wife came out of the terminal so I pulled over and picked her up, I was stationary for less than 30secs in total as I was shutting my door one of the attendants ran up to me and said had I seen the sign, to which I replied that I had not as I was concentrating on my wife, he then started to write my number down as I drove off.
      Will this result in a fine and as they are not a traffic warden or a police officer should I ignore it?

    29. I collected a friend from the drop-off zone at t5 earlier today. I’ve done this many times before in the past, but on this occasion when I pulled up next to him I clocked the big notices saying that they issue £40 fine for people picking up in the drop off areas.

      I was stopped for 90seconds max and didn’t see any enforcement officers around. Should I expect to get a fine in the post?

      • It’s hard to be sure, Andy. According to their website under Setting Down Passengers, they state “You may unload on the terminal forecourt but waiting is not permitted. Police and airport staff patrol the forecourts and will ask waiting vehicles to move on.” Whilst under picking up, they state “If you are meeting someone from a flight you must use the Short Stay Car Park. Waiting is not permitted on the departure forecourt according to the Heathrow Traffic Regulation Orders.”

        They don’t say anything about the fines, but that’s not to say they won’t issue one. Your best bet is to keep your eyes on the post and if one comes through, pay it sooner rather than later, as they can sometimes only require 50% payment when paid within 14 days (depending on issuer)

    30. Hi I hope you guys can help,

      I have just picked my girlfriend and her friend up from the North Terminal at Gatwick airport. I drove down the wrong road which lead me into the entrance to the car park, as I did not want to enter and as it was the first time at gatwick airport I reversed out and went down the correct road. When I parked up to collect my girlfriend one of the Traffic Marshalls approached me and said “I should read the signs as you’ve reversed down a one way street and you will get a letter with a £100 fine and 6 points on your license. Has anyone had this before? I know I messed up and feel really stupid but any help would be greatly appreciated.

      • Hi John,

        Not too sure on this one I’m afraid. Points on your license can be issued by a variety of enforcement officers depending on their permissions and points are given depending on the offence. For a full list, have a look on the site.

        You may also find this article from the AA helpful as it breaks down what constitutes as an offence and what the penalty could be.

        Hope this helps!

    31. Hi
      I want to know how many times i can drop off customers in same Terminal Heathrow
      I drove through drop off bay with out stopping and I came back to the same drop off after 5 minutes and drop off my customers
      Is there any fine?

      • Hi Sam,

        As per the page on the official Heathrow Site;

        “There are set-down lanes outside the terminals. You may unload on the terminal forecourt but waiting is not permitted. Police and airport staff patrol the forecourts and will ask waiting vehicles to move on.” So if you weren’t waiting, you shouldn’t be fined

    32. Hi
      I drove through abus lane and permitted cars only at Terminal 4 Heathrow twice as I didn’t know where I can park my car till I saw the short stay signs
      Do you think if I drive my car through bus routes and bus lane or permit car only
      The will issue fine ticket and send by post
      I noticed there was cctv in the bus route

      • Hi Sam,

        As there were cameras on the bus lane, it may mean you receive a fine yes, unless it was stated anywhere that the lane can be used by other vehicles at certain times.

    33. Hi, I was picking up someone so I thought they will turn up within half an hour I’ve paid for that half an hour but apparently they didn’t turn up and I ended up waiting for over two hours so When I was coming out I was thinking to pay but then I was quite close to the car in front and actually the barrier was open so I came out without paying anything I will get a penalty?and if yes then what shall I do

      • Hi there,

        If you receive a fine, you should pay it sooner rather than later as technically, you were in breach of the parking agreement (by over staying for what you had paid for). Also tailgating out of a car park is not taken lightly by airports as they lose out on money.

        My suggestion for future? Pay for the length of time you have parked for and leave through the barrier with your own ticket – that way, you run no risk of a fine 🙂

    34. I have been given a PCN at Newcastle Airport for stopping for 5 seconds on a road outside the airport and picked up a friend. I have now been issued a £100 fine. I have appealed to the company and they rejected saying it was foolish. There saying I was braking 6.3 of the bye laws.

      6.3 Parking in Prohibited Areas
      Wait in, leave or park a vehicle where waiting or parking is prohibited by notice.

      But the way I see it I did not wait, park or leave my vehicle.

      Can you advise thank you

      • Hi James,

        In this instance if you wanted to dispute the fine, you’d need CCTV evidence to prove you weren’t waiting. However if it was marked as a prohibited area and you stopped, it can be classed as waiting, hence the fine.

        There are a differences between PENALTY Charge Notices and PARKING Charge notices; notable that one is official and the other is private. Use this guide from Money Saving Expert if you need further clarification on whether or not the ticket is fair

        Hope that helps

    35. My wife works at Heathrow T2. Since she started last year, I’ve been picking her up every day from the car park, generally being there less than 1-2 minutes. Every day, the barrier goes up letting us out without charge. Today, I was in there for 30 seconds, yes, just 30 seconds and the barrier stayed down and I was charged £3.80. I buzzed through to the office and they said that the rules changed today and that you get charged even for less than a minute. Question for people here…..has anyone actually been fined for picking up in the drop off zone?

    36. Hi
      I am london minicab driver.
      I toke my customer from express pick up at Stansted airport normaly it is 10 minutes for £3 and was very fogy and I over stayed about 3 minutes they fine me £50 can any help me for this issue.
      When I called parking help desk they said I have to pay.

    37. My wife dropped me off at the Zebra crossing at Humberside airport so I could book a hire car in the terminal. We have just received a fine for £100, £60 if we pay within 14 days. Should we pay this it’s daylight robbery.

      • Hi Al,

        Details of how to appeal the fine are in the article- follow the link to POPLA.
        As airports are private land, if they say no stopping, they will strictly enforce it.

        Good luck!

    38. Same happened today at Stansted airport. early morning 6.30 am. We dropped dad at drop off place and it was sign £3.50 up to 10 min. Let dad off and just about to leave it was huge traffic ahead to leave drop off zone. Two long queues in 5 lanes. We stayed more then 15 min queuing. Some barriers was not working properly maybe as assistant was keep running from one booth to another. We payed £25 pound for waiting to leave that zone! Any advice how to complain or get money back?

      • Hi Laura,

        I’d suggest contacting Stansted directly to discuss as if there were queues, it was unlikely that you were the only car to have to pay that extra sum! I’d contact them with the dates and times of the incident and hopefully there is CCTV to back up your claim.

        Good Luck!

    39. Hi,

      I was at Stansted airport earlier- never having driven their before I managed to get myself lost and confused and ended up turning around in a short stay car park entrance just off a red non drop zone (I didn’t realise at the time) as looking for the free drop down (I stupidly missed) and paniced.

      I was wondering if I get fined for this how does it work? I was literally two seconds in the bay trying to reverse out. How do the cameras work as I then turned around and went back on myself to find the carpark.

      Thanks in advance,

    40. Good afternoon. I recently attended Manchester airport royal plaza hotel to pick up my daughter in law as she is an air stewardess. I am a disabled driver and did not know that it was breaking rules to wait in the vehicle whilst the engine remained running. I have now received a parking notification for £60 which will increase to £100 if I do not pay within a certain period of time. I don’t want to be or have the energy to be chased by bailiffs nor do I want to be hassled by pushy demanding mail. Please help what should I do.

      • Hi Barrie,

        The fine will depend on where it was you stopped; if there were any signs around to suggest that parking was prohibited, the fine stands unfortunately. Take a look at the POPLA link in the article above for details on what you need to do if you want to appeal the fine.

        Good Luck!

    41. Hi idont know I got fine from Doncaster airport just my wife she drop me and she is waiting after whit van come she say take here numbers what can I do if fine is coming????

      • Hi there,

        If you get a fine for stopping in a marked “no stopping zone”, then you’ll have to pay it. If you feel the fine is unfair, use the link in the blog to find details on how to appeal it

    42. Hi there,
      City airport, I pulled into the car park. Stopped to pick my passenger up, but was in a yellow box. A very angry, man shouting at me that I know I should not stop there and proceeded to take photos of my car, and continued shouting, “£125 fine £125 fine”. Now as this is in the car park, do these yellow lines count? I couldn’t see anything on the signage and as I was in the box less than 1 minute. … well seriously?
      Any advice would be appreciated

      • Hi Glenn,

        It would be hard for me to comment as I have not heard of yellow lines within a car park before, not in this instance.

        If you happen to receive a fine in the post, I recommend reading this post from Money Saving Expert on private parking charges, what they mean and how to fight them

        Hope this helps

    43. Hi, we were v late for a flight from Stansted due to bad accident on M11.. Prepaid car park.. Not one space!! Lots of cars driving round in similar situation. We resorted to a disabled space.. Very wrong but no where else to park…expecting a fine…is this the worst scenario?

      • Hi Julie,

        Yes, a fine is probably the worst case scenario. Have you had anything through in the post?

    44. Hi – I stopped in level 3 yesterday whilst picking up relatives in Heathrow Terminal 3. I was there for 4 minutes as we loaded up, paid the ticket and left, but it was then that I realised we were in a “meet and greet” spot. Is this in breach of any regulations?

      • Hi Dhru,

        We’re not sure to be honest, you paid for parking so it should be ok. An issue would have arose had you stayed there and effectively taken up a space.

    45. Advice please. I have just dropped my parents off at Newcastle airport in the short stay car park. It was extremely busy and trying to get get them dropped off was a nightmare. I did eventually but was slightly on red lines for approx 30 seconds. I paid my £1 exit fee. After reading lots of comments will I get a fine and how long does it take to get. Thanks

    46. I was picking up somebody from Gatwick South terminal but instead of going to the shortstay area I entered in the no entry which is for authorised vehicles only, once there I turned around and got out from a side road, will I get a ticket?

      • Hard to say Harry; unless there were cameras. I doubt it as you didn’t park. Although restricted areas for Authorised vehicles usually use APNR for the access…

    47. Hi. I used bus lane in Heathrow terminal 4.i was going in parking area but by mistake i went in bus parking area. I am confused what will be happened

    48. Hi i dropped my aunt with her disabled child in T3 central bus station for 1 min. Only.. I followed the satnav and it brings me there because it’s already night time I didn’t notice the sign that it’s for bus and coach already… one of the staff took a picture and she said we will get a ticket… will I get penalty points of it?

    49. Hi,

      I just picked up my family from Heathrow terminal 4, while i went into the sort stay carpark my sister called to say to go to the pick up and drop off point instead of parking, so i literaly drove in and tried to put my ticket in to drive out in the exit but it said i still had to pay £3.80 at the barrier by card which i did not have on me only cash. So i reversed back and parked on the left which had double yellow lines and ran to the ticket machine to pay as i ran back i saw my family also just came out of arrivals into the carpark next to my car in the carpark opposite arrivals entrance as my father is disabled on crutches i just quickly told them to get in the car and put there bags in, during this time an airpot staff walking by said mate you will get a ticket from the camera and walked off. I hesistated and drove off as quick as i could. I am stressing now that i might get a ticket which i had no option to but reverse back to the double yellow to go and pay for my ticket in the machine, can you shed any light on this please or what i can do if i do get a ticket.



      • Hi Ray,

        Our advice if you get a ticket would be to pay it on time (for a reduced fee) and then dispute it. Regardless of the situation, airports are really cracking down on parking zones to minimise congestion, so if you do get a ticket, it’s best to take it up with Heathrow.

        Hope that helps

    50. Hi, I picked up my friends from Bristol Airport, I was on my way to the pick up zone when I saw them on the side of the road so stopped to pick them up. I then realised it said no stopping allowed. Will I get fined?


    51. Am I the only person confused and frustrated by the signs at Gatwick Airport South, when you arrive by car to collect someone?
      On arrival, one is presented with 3 options. Fork left, which is for rental cars and authorised vehicles only. Go straight on to the 2 drop off lanes with a notice saying: “Strictly No Picking Up.” Or take the right fork into the Short Stay Car Park. This also has an Express Pickup sign with no indication of how long you can stay in the Express Pickup bays or how much they’ll charge you for waiting. Oh and once you get there, you are greeted with notices saying you cannot leave your vehicle unattended. So if you are collecting someone on your own, you cannot stop at the Drop off zone. You cannot drive to the arrivals lane. You cannot leave your vehicle unattended, if you park in the express pickup zone. What you can do is park in the short stay car park and pay £17.00 an hour hoping the person you are meeting is not delayed collecting baggage or clearing customs.
      I am now awaiting my PCN, because I am sure to have been picked a camera.

      • Hi Nicholas,

        Sorry to hear of this confusion and the fact it isn’t signposted!

        Hopefully, you and other readers will find this information from Gatwick Airport Guide handy next time. There’s info on where to park for both picking up and dropping off, and the short stay parking starts at £3.80 for half an hour. It also advises that the Express Pick Up is charged at the same rate, but I’m not sure if this is a ticketed system or not.

    52. Hi,

      I dropped my wife off at Southampton Airport, whilst I did not stop on the double Red, I pulled into a side road called Tinker Alley which was a dead a end and she got out. As it was off the main the road there were no double red lines. I’m now worried though in case I should not have stopped in the side road. There arn’t any pictures on street view to double check.

    53. Hi . I just dropped friends off at Gatwick north terminal. Accidentally turned down the wrong lane which lead me to short stay cat park. I ask a guy in a high vis jacket for help on where to go. At this point my passengers just quickly jumped out the car and then the guy just laughed and said expect a 200 pound fine in two weeks. I never even went in the car park as there was an exit lane to go out. He kept saying the camera has got you. This feels unfair as i made a mistake on there confusing lanes but no one was there to assist.

    54. I dropped my partner off at Liverpool airport a week ago (I had to stop on double red lines) and this was due to my son who is autistic having a meltdown due to the fact his mum was going away. There was a ANPR camera behind me which I didn’t see so I think the fine will be coming, however do I have mitigating circumstances to appeal and should the fine have been delivered by now?

      • Hi Kenny,

        If you do end up with a fine, the best thing to do is to pay it (at usually a reduced fee) and then dispute it afterwards

    55. Hi ,
      I mini cab driver , I pick passengers from Stansted airport and sometime find car park barriers open and I go but they have send me fine on it £450 saying you did not pay the car park what should I do.

      • Hi Sid,

        In the first instance, pay the fines as you hadn’t paid for parking and airports are hot on this. If you have reason and evidence to, you can dispute the fine afterwards

        Good luck!

    56. I unknowingly picked up my girlfriend at drop off point at Heathrow airport terminal 4, when she got it in the car I realised the sign saying drop off only. I’m worried about getting a fine through the post?

      Has anyone else received a fine for this? My dad said they have now started issuing fines

    57. On 28 December 2018 I picked up a hire car from Liverpool Airport. As we left the carpark my son who has severe anxiety took a panic attack. I in turn panicked and made my way back to the Europcar office which was adjacent. They told me I was on a double red line and I immediately moved my car back into the carpark. I saw two enforcement vans and went to speak to the drivers. I explained what had happened nd they said not to worry as no photo had been taken. About a week later I received a letter from Europcar billing me £40 for sending my details Vehicle Control Services.
      About two weeks later I received a fine from the said company for £100 but on the address they just put an apartment number and the city (100k population) It actually got to me and I was honest to contact them with my full address and appealed the fine stating everything above especially the extenuating circumstances. They rejected this o the grounds that there are loads of signs at the entrance and around the airport. I pointed out that I could not have seen these as I had hired the car and had not driven into the airport. They gave me an independent appeals service but said if I went ahead with this they would immediately charge the full fee and not the reduced fee. I went ahead and the IAP rejected my appeal stating that they don’t deal with extenuating circumstances. I asked Vehicle Control Services for the names of the drivers who told me I would be ok but these were not forthcoming. In their responses they made mistakes beginning with the vague address on the letter, quoting signs that I could not have seen, ignoring my panic situation, ignoring the fact that I had discussed this with their employees and they even got the name of the hire firm wrong I their deliberations.
      I am sickened at the way this has been handled and the bullying attitude that you will be charged fill price if you appeal and them not telling me that the IAP do not deal with extenuating circumstances. I am now face with £100 to the company and £40 to Europcar which I don’t feel I should pay. What options have I left?

      • Hi Patrick

        This does certainly seem like an unfair and un just situation, which unfortunately comes down to a “your word against theirs” situation, which is probably why it’s ended up this way!

        Our advice would be to pursue the small claims court route, although this will probably end up costing more than the fine. may be a good place to seek further advice on this matter

        Good luck, and we hope you and your son are ok

    58. Today I went to Heathrow Terminal 3 to pick up my cousin, I was in the car park Parking my car in the disabaled bay for only 2 minutes so I could put my cousins luggage in the boot, a man came to me and asked me to show him my disabled badge, I told him I only parked for two minutes to put the luggage in the boot. He then asked me my details and noted down my mini cab licence number.He then told me that I will receive something in the post regarding this incident.

      Has anyone else experienced this kind of incident before, if yes then what did you receive?
      Thank you!

    59. We made an error and ended up at the car park and not drop offs at Heathrow terminal 2 with no safe option to get back to drop offs we proceeded and headed straight for the exit going back round to drop offs spending no time parked in the car park and have received a penalty notice from euro car parks with inccorect times implying that we was there for hours that is not the case at all ….any advice is welcomed

      • We wouldn’t advise not paying the fine, but we would advise that this is disputed – ask them to provide the CCTV or ANPR evidence they used to issue the fine, that will say how long you were in the car park for!

    60. Hi there,I m cab driver and this morning I was expect on the main road at Heatrow Term 2 at the gate parking car,they open at 5 am,it was 4.45 and the car from Heatrow enforcement trafic he caught me and they wright down my plate number,what hapened,I have to pay the penalty

      • Hi

        If you were parked in a none-parking zone, you will probably get a fine, yes. Their argument would be that you could have driven around until 5am / found somewhere else to wait. Airports are hot on enforcing the no stopping / parking rules. If you receive a fine, pay it early as you’ll usually get a reduced fee.

    61. Hi I was picking family up from t3 Manchester airport and I went into the drop off zone and picked them up.. a man came and wrote my registration down on a card and said I would receive a fine.. I explained that I didn’t understand the signage properly and went down the wrong way.. I picked them up not even one minute and paid the 3 pound to exit the drop off area.. will I receive a fine for this?! To me it looked like the left lane was drop off and right lane was pick up.. I was with my pregnant girlfriend who was dieing for the toilet and too hot me couldn’t breathe. Should I expect a fine?! Thanks Anthony

    62. Hi there i have pickedup my Customer from gatwick north in shortstay parking but I didn’t park inside parking lot , when i entered in the short stay car park my Customer was standing on main road and i picked him from there , some parking attendent came and took my car pictures and said I cannot pickup from here and then i drove away.
      Worried now will i get a ticket?

    63. Hi I dropped my wife off in the drop off carpark at Newcastle Airport and stopped g for about a minute as I was leaving a taxi driver stopped and told me I had just got a £60 as park as my car was on a double red line. Is this correct and can it be I forced?

    64. Hi there.. I go to Heathrow T4 sometimes to pick up my cousin at the DROP OFF site. I have noticed there is a sine, “only for drop off & there is a penalty”. I never wait more then 2 minutes & pick up my cousin. Is there any camera so they send any penalty by the post? Please reply.

      • Hey Prakesh,

        You may have been lucky so far as the airports are cracking down on people stopping in the drop off areas of the airport to collect passengers. There is a dedicated pick up zone in the the Short Stay car parks which is £4.20 for up to 30 mins or free for up to 2 hours in the long stay car parks.

        £4.20 might sound a little steep, but we bet it’s a lot cheaper than the fine that may come through your door..!

    65. Hi, wonder if someone could advise me of what I can expect… My mum & I (who aren’t familiar with airport parking or drop off zones etc) dropped a friend off at Belfast international Airport today at the set down / pick-up zone, there are no tickets issued when entering for this, u just wait for barrier to go up & pay what the screen says when exiting. However, when we were leaving the bay to pay at the barrier there were no cars in front of us, the barriers were up in the air on both lanes & there was just a blank screen! After a moment we decided to drive on because we had school runs to do & we weren’t sure what to do & there was no airport staff around. We thought if we dropped any amount of money in machine that it might not even registercause screen was blank & we could get charged twice! Can we be fined for this!

    66. Is it possible to get the Telephone number of the parking machines on Terminal One Manchester airport as the machines were not working properly. It would not take a visa card ,it took a ten pound note no change and did not give a proper token. So I had to pay on another machine 4 pounds to get out. 14 pounds for less than 5 minutes every body was having the same problem

      • Hi Dennis,

        Oh, how frustrating! You can call the airport on 0808 168 6111 for car park related matters

    67. We went to drop of a friend at the airport she was female she had a lot of luggage and two young children

      My husband kindly helped her to the terminal and came back we were 5 minutes over yhe limit time unfortunately we were not aware of this my husband said he saw a notice whilst driving into the terminal which said £3 for 5 minute and £4 for 10 minute unfortunately he was tied up looking for her trolley and by the time he managed to get change it delayed it for him we had no intention on going in however as we left they gave us a fee of £25 we rang them y we were charged such a high amount we were told that we were over the time we said we wanted to appeal but yhey said we couldn’t we had to pay that it was a penalty we had no choice but to pay for them to open barriers for us to be let out

      We said we wanted to appeal he said we couldn’t i think it was unfair he said there were plenty of notices showing the penalty but we saw none and my husband we did not see yhe notices which he insisted were very but weren’t very clear at all

      The fees were but not the penalty

    68. Hi,
      I would highly appreciate if anyone can reply my post. Tonight around 8:50pm I went to London City Airport to pick up a customer, but my navigation (uber and also waze) took me through wrong way where there was “no entry” sign displayed which I missed seeing. well, when I was in short stay car park loading customer’s luggage security guys stopped by me to tell me that my car’s position is wrong way. then I told him that I came from other side. He then smiled and congratulated me and told me that I had just incurred three points on my licence. when I turned the car round and going out the guys showed me the no entry signs and also camera on the sky. I am panicking. is it really true or how potential it is to have three points for this wrong entry? Thanks in advance.

      • Hi there,

        We don’t know how true that is so we wouldn’t want to say either way. You’re best off calling the airport car park directly on 0344 332 1237 and discussing it with them.

    69. Hi, this afternoon I picked up my wife from City Airport – it was my first time at City and was passing her coming out of the terminal building so pulled up in the drop off area. There was a guy in a hi viz jacket and body cam standing there, not saying anything until my wife was in the car, then he came round to say we could expect a fine. I’ve looked online but don’t seem to be able to find what amount I’ll be charged – would you be able to help? Thanks!

      • Hi Martin,

        We can’t seem to find any info on how much the fine will be either, however from experience we know that if you pay it within the first 14 days or so, it’s usually half the cost. Fingers crossed!

    70. At LCY today, I had to stop at the zebra crossing on the road in front of the drop off point, a lady was crossing.
      Immediately on front of the zebra crossing is a yellow hatched area. To stop for the crossing, I had to stop in the hatched area.
      I was heading down to the pickup point further down, but by coincidence, my pick up saw me, ran over and jumped in.
      A guy in hi vis jumped out with his mobile phone, laughed at me, took a photo and shouted, “ha, you getting a heavy fine”
      Should I challenge this?

      • Hi Mike,

        Oh, what a cheeky way to get people! I can understand why you stopped as it’s a zebra crossing, but they may contest that you stopped in a hatched area and should have stopped before it. I think you have grounds to challenge the fine if you do receive one, especially if there is CCTV around the area that would show the lady crossing the road. But we wouldn’t suggest you don’t pay it. We suggest contacting them as soon as you receive the fine (if you do end up with one) with your challenge. Where you can, provide as much detail and evidence as you can to back up your claim. Good luck!

    71. Is the road itself owned by LCY?
      Surely the private parking company only have jurisdiction on LCY property.
      “If” the road is owned by Highways/council, surely they have no power
      Please correct me if I’m wrong.

      • I’m afraid Mike I don’t know who owns the land!

        But yes, if it is council owned, they wouldn’t have jurisdiction – as far as I’m aware! Have you had anything through at all?

    72. Hi Franki.
      I parked in the Long stay (NCP) car park at Gatwick for 5 days.
      Not realising you had to pre-book for a reduced cost, I returned to a £125 fee for the 5 days parking. I explained I didn’t have the funds to pay it, and they gave me 30 days to pay.
      I phoned them to ask for a reduction, to pay the £40-£50 it should/could have been, as there was not sufficient info, when booking my flight, or signage at the car park to inform me.
      I took photos of the small signage at the gate.
      They said there was no appeals process, and I must pay up, or it’ll be handed to Bailiffs.
      Can I appeal?
      Must I pay?
      Best regards, Michael

      • Hi Micheal,

        In this instance, you’ll need to pay the full fee I’m afraid, the cheaper rates are usually only available if you pre-book, hence why this has happened.

        Be sure to sign up to our newsletter for reminders of booking in advance to save money on your future airport parking 🙂

    73. I went to pick my son up from birmingham airport , as i got there he jumped the fence and got in my Car , week later 3100 pound fine . last week i returned to birmingham airport to collect him again . This time i drove into the old pick up area , only to be told it was drop off only , but i had paid for a ticket and he was there waiting , so he jumped in my car and we drove off , should i expect a fine . hy any one uses Airports , ill never know . I have not been abroad for over 3 years and i dont miss it at all , UK for me .

    74. Hi
      I picked up a friend from a drop off only point at city of London airport.
      I never left the car and the process was very quick however as my friend was approaching the car one of the parking officer took a photo of the number plate and told me the fine is 400 pounds. is this true?

    75. i recently parked on verge within airport grounds for half hour leaving car unattended. the police are now intending to prosecute myself under airport bylaws. do you know what the fine will be?

      • Hi there,

        Without knowing the airport I am unable to help you with this issue. Each fine will be different depending on location.

    76. Hi i have been sent a 100£ Ticket for picking up a passenger in drop off zone only. If I remember correctly there were not enough signs saying that i can be fined by picking up passengers from drop off zone. Can someone please help me how to deal with this.

      • In this instance Max we would suggest you pay the fine and then contest the decision if you feel it to be on unfair grounds.

    77. Hi –

      I’ve just picked up in the drop off area at London city airport , I didn’t leave my car attended and was parked for all of 30 seconds , there is a lot of building works at LCY and it is very confusing as to where to go. They did have parking help people on but no one stopped me or directed me and as my partner got in the car they shouted at us the cameras will get you.

      If we do receive a fine for this, would we have to pay this as reading in the previous posts, it won’t be issued by the police or council, I asume it will be a private company

      Thanks for your help – very worried as have see. The fine could be £400


      • Hi Emily, we suggest if you do receive a fine then to pay it, in most cases the fine is cheaper within the first 14 days, and then contest the decision should you feel it to be made on unfair grounds.

        Fingers crossed for you!

    78. I was picking up a friend from birmingham airport after going around a few times due to not really knowing where i was going i had to stop for less than 15 seconds due to feeling like i was about to vomit I was suffering from morning sickness at the time i didnt stop for more than 15 seconds the time on the picture evidence also corresponds with this….do i really need to pay £170?! thanks in advance

      • Hi Katie,

        I’m sorry to hear that! If you read our blog above it takes you through the appeal process if you feel you have a case, unfortunately we cannot advise you on how likely you will be to be successful.

    79. Hi
      I was in the drop off area at the London City Airport and possibly stopped on the pedestrian crossing for under 5 seconds to drop a friend off. There was no one trying to cross the crossing. A guy wearing a high-vis jacket with “Airport Transport Officer” written on it’s back took down my number on a piece of paper. Can I expect a fine or penalty points or both?

      • Hi,

        These areas are down to the Airport and the companies that they employ to police them, so we can’t say for sure what their rules are as to whether you will get a fine or not. It would be unlikely to be penalty points, however.

    80. Hi there,
      I’ve received today 2 Parking Charge Notice from Southend airport!!, from the same day. 1 for pick up, for less than 1 minute, shown on the pictures timings (obviously, I didn’t know or see any singes/cameras). And the second one, as a was leaving the airport, I stopped in a hard shoulder type that was on the side of the road, just before leaving the airport, to set up the sat nav, without leaving the car, for exactly 1 minute and 1 second… is there any possible appeal in those rare cases?
      My biggest concern is if am I going to get another 2 ”fines”, because a week later I did exactly the same while I was dropping my parents at the same airport… God help me!
      Can anyone tell me if I should appeal, please?

      Many thanks,

      • Hi there Davinia, sorry to hear about the situation you are in. You are well within your right to contact the issuer of your fine and explain you are unwilling to pay the fine if it’s based off unfair grounds. You must follow the internal procedure of the parking firm involved. As well as that you are well within your right to as for a breakdown of the prices if you are unsure on the total amount. In most cases you will be given a discount on your fine if you pay within the first 14 days of receiving it. Best of luck!

    81. So, in most recent cases written on this board, what i am seeing, is that you recommend the complainant to pay the charge and then contest it. This is very helpful for all airports who have recently decided to increase their drop off charges and less helpful to people who have been taxed for dropping someone off.
      Bristol airport is a case in point. (i am unsure of any bylaws) but this is private ground, double red lines, unenforceable by the police, but a private company driving around in a van with a camera and also signage saying that up to £1000 fine may be enforced.

    82. I have been fined twice for picking up prebooked passengers in the Edinburgh airport drop off area. These fines were for incidents that occurred 3 and a half months ago too.
      Anyway my point and question is…what is the difference between me picking up a prebooked passenger up and someone else picking up a friend or relative?
      Now all that is happening in the pick up area is that there is a log jam of people and cars which is much more dangerous than being able to drive through without reverse parking in and out of parking spaces whilst passengers are walking round looking for their own lift.
      I have paid £160 to this company and cannot see at all how this is justified as they would only have generated £4 less if I drove through the drop off area instead.
      This is not about health and safety etc, it’s about making sure passengers have to use over priced airport taxis and to rip everyone off.
      Should I appeal if any more fines come because I may well have been caught in the 3 months meantime since this last incident?

      • Hi Michael, Unfortunately this is up to the airport to decide where/how to enforce parking rules no matter how little sense they may make. If you do decide to appeal fingers crossed for you.

    83. Hi, I stopped to pick up my wife on the road side in East midlands airport. Was literally stopped for less than 5 sec for her to get in the car but a mobile cctv captured us as it was a double red line zone.
      This was on 1st Oct, I received a parking fine from a private company on the 12th of November and the issue date on the letter was 06 November 2019. This is 22 working days (over a month if including weekends) after the incident.

      I understand that these PCN’s must be issued / sent within 14days of the incident. Is it possible to contest this based on the fact that the letter wasn’t issued in time?

    84. Was picking up at City Airport heading to signs for short stay and the person I was picking up was walking to meet me. I saw her and pulled over while she quickly jumped in the car, not realising that I’d pulled over in a bus stop! Two men in high viz jackets explained to my friend next time use the car park. She offered to get out and asked them what to do. They said it’s already done but use car park next time. I felt dreadful and it was purely a quick reaction to stop to get her.
      Will I get a ticket? and what about stopping all be it for less than 30 seconds in a bus stop? Feel dreadful!

      • Hi Gill, you will have to wait and see if you receive a fine in the post, unfortunately the airport decides the rules on where you can/can’t stop. Fingers crossed their cameras didn’t catch it.

    85. Hi, I was driving around Bristol airport trying to find my airport parking. After driving around for twenty minutes I seen a Bristol work van behind me in the distance ( I had two kids in the car so couldn’t just nip out and ask somebody in the airport) I then pulled over so the work van could come closer and when he did I got out and asked him where I need to be he told me straight away and even took me there! I then have a letter when I get back from holiday saying I was parked in a no stopping area and now been fined 100 pound can any one tell me what I can do

      • Hi Daniel, we suggest you contact the company who charged you with the fine and follow their appeals process. Best of luck from us!

    86. Hi I dropped my son off at the hotel at the Birmingham airport because he had a 5 hour wait – dropping him off in the hotel dropping off bay. I have received a Parking Charge Notice even though he went into the hotel. He wasn’t staying there and has no receipts but the CCTV should clearly show that he went into the hotel. I appealed to APCOA but they claim their images do not show this – which I don’t believe. I think I was stopped for about a minute (the APCOA images are only for 40 secondes).

      I’d like to think that you shouldn’t get a fine for stopping in a hotel drop off bay to drop someone off at a hotel!

      Presumably there should be more onus on them to prove he did not go into the hotel.

      Any advice? – do I now appeal via POPLA. I can’t bring myself to pay a fine when I genuinely believe I did nothing wrong.

      • Hi there, sorry to hear about your situation, and yes we suggest you go down the route of appealing via POPLA. Best of luck from us!

    87. Hi, I parked at Heathrow Terminal 2 drop off point for a pick up, but was waiting for the passengers for 15 minutes.
      After this I noticed cameras, will I get a fine?

      • Hi Michael, we can only suggest for you to wait for the outcome and see if you receive a fine. Best of luck!

    88. I dropped mum off at lba. Its normally a £3 charge. It was torrential rain at the time. I stopped behind another car at the barrier for a minute and the car put it in reverse as it was not working. I noticed same problem at another barrier. Another barrier was was just left in open upright position so exited through that without paying as i couldnt read the screen along with other cars doing the same. I presumed we were free to go. Can i expect a ticket through my door as this seem to be some kind of malfunction.

      • Hi Andrew, we suggest you wait until you are charged with a fine and then contact the company and follow their appeals process. Best of luck from us!

    89. I was on Luton airport and make a wrong turn, when I realise restricted access sign and no stopping underneath I decide it to turn around but there was a lorry parallel to me so I had to wait. My friend then jump out to catch his flight. I have receive a letter from debt collection company for car parking fine. I contacted to them and they told me they have send me letter which I didn’t receive. What is my rights?
      I have not informed about fine this is the first letter I have received and letter from debt recovery company looks like junk mail.

      Thank you for your help in advance.

      • Hi Nedim, Sorry to hear about your situation – We suggest you contact the company who charged you with the fine and follow their appeals process. Best of luck from us!

    90. I went down the “authorized “ vechicle only lane by mistake at Gatwick North terminal and then found the short stay car park, I ve got my short stay ticket to prove I packed legally , but will I get fined for driving through that lane (without stopping)

      • Hi Michael,

        I would assume it would depend on whether or not there was a camera that caught you using the lane so I couldn’t say I’m afraid

    91. I accidentally missed the short stay drop off point at Gatwick, I went through the car park, taking a ticket and driving straight through, when I approached the barriers my number plate appeared on the screen and barriers opened without asking for payment. I then stopped on the yellow lines just outside the barriers, will I get a fine?

    92. My Dad went to collect his friend from Bristol airport and is the dark was unsure of how to access the short stay car park. He pulled over for about 30-40 seconds to get his bearings and then entered and parked in the car park.

      He then received a ‘charge notice’ for £100. Is this enforceable? It seems extreme when it was a matter of seconds and then he parked in the correct short stay car park after he got his bearings. Can we ignore this charge? It is from a company called Vehicle Control Services Ltd.

      • Hi Sharon,

        I wouldn’t ignore it but I would contest it and ask them to review security footage. It will also depend on if there were any notices around advising you not to park and pulling over is sometimes considered so.

    93. Can anyone advise me on my case plz.
      My friend picked me up from east Midlands Airport , i walked to the bp station and she drove in and went in to the petrol station and purchased goods from there.
      I put my hand luggage in the car and we drove off.
      The car was mobility car and the registered kerper doesn’t drive at all and wasn’t present at the Airport.
      We haven’t not responded to any correspondence been sent to us at all.
      Because the the registered owner doesn’t driver are they “obliged to” provide the other drivers details to these ppl?
      We have now been sent cc letter but we are not sure if it genuine or not.
      Any advice is appreciated
      Thank you

    94. Hi my husband has just dropped my 78 old farther off at Bristol airport on road he never seen any signs and had trouble even trying to see where he had to go as he never been there at all before from wales he was very unsure as to where to go he never been there before and he said signs wasn’t really helpful with him having the disabled son with him he dropped him at the steps will he get a fine

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