Stansted Valet Parking - Meet and Greet reviews

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Here are some comments that our customers have made about Stansted Valet Parking - Meet and Greet

Mrs M J Cave

Excellent service, everyone I spoke with were very helpful. Would definitely use this service again
March 3, 2015

Mr S Hancock

I don't normally write reviews.....But really feel like I should. Service was great and took all the hassle away and made flying a breeze, was only me and my partner traveling and only for the weekend on this occasion. But from now on will always be using this service for business, weekends and family holidays. And I though the price was really good, only £5 more than having to find the car park and grabbing a bus!!
March 3, 2015

Robertas Lakstutis

This time was everything like Swiss watch, I wish my real car was working like that, but Mercury deserved 5 of 5 this time price including, big thanks!!!
February 28, 2015

Mr D T Lawson

There on time, both away and return, very polite and caring.
February 24, 2015

Mrs Em Collins

Very polite and professional service. Might be an idea to remind customers to keep £2 handy for exit from airport. Could add on to price and give to customer on return of vehicle for even more user friendly service!
February 18, 2015

Miss N M J Holland

Amazing service, super speedy and very friendly staff. English speaking man collected and returned my car - nice to see the same face. Car returned in one piece (always a reassureance!!). Service was efficient. Value for money was superb. The drop off and pick up point is directly outside so it's the most convenient location and means less distance to carry luggage. NOTE; Paid £2 exit fee to leave the drop off point. I will 100% recommend to others and I will use again.
January 5, 2015

Seamus Moran

All good, could not ask for better....
December 18, 2014

Mrs Mary Crimes

Very good service...quick and efficient. Everything worked according to the instructions with no waiting. However, 24 miles were used so we don't know where the parking was!
December 15, 2014

Mr A Turner

The service on meeting was excellent. They should note that it is NOT convenient & often illegal when calling in from a mobile while driving. It is also not straightforward to have to return to the keypad to make a number selection for options. They should have separate dialling numbers for this. The car was also delivered within 10 mins of my calling on return in good condition. My serious complaint is from the Mileage & trip computer, the car had done 36 miles & the engine been running for over 1.5 hours between dropoff & collection. This is ridiculous & I feel I am entitled to an explanation/refund for the Fuel/wear & tear on the car. In additional, all the Airconditioning controls had been reset. What were they up to??
November 10, 2014

A Bolger

Great service. Everything worked smoothly !!!
November 4, 2014

Karina Betteridge

A very efficient and professional service. We were severely delayed by traffic which meant we arrived nearly two hours late. SVP called to ask where we were and when we explained the situation they were were very accommodating and were ready to take delivery of the car when we arrived. We did have to pull in at the services for 10 minutes until they had returned from another delivery but that was expected as they had warned us that might happen. Collection took a little longer than we had expected (around 25 minutes) but we were very quick to get through the airport so we'll take it easy next time! We would definitely use them again.
November 2, 2014

A P Crossley

Very smooth and efficient service, will definitely recommend and use the again, drop off right at the departures entrance, takes away the bus transfer hassle too
November 2, 2014

Mrslj Corp

Excellent takes the stress away would definitely use again 4
October 31, 2014

Philippa Mathews

FANTASTIC - an excellent meet and greet provider. I fly from Stansted on numerous occasions each year and have used many companies. This has been the best so far - cost effective, efficient, prompt collection and delivery. I will certainly be using them again.
October 29, 2014

Graham Till

Great service, couldn't fault it. The best option.
October 27, 2014

j howarth

Amazing service... they knew our flight was cancelled before WE did!!! And knew what time the rescheduled flight was arriving too..... perfect and would recommend to all.
October 25, 2014

Martin Cizek

Very good service. I will be using it again. No waiting for service buses and having to find your car.
October 14, 2014


Excellent service, timing and cost.
October 13, 2014

Lesley Boost

Very good service both on arrival and departure.
October 12, 2014

Janice Corbett

All was well organised at our arrival at Stansted on 30th September. On our return on 9th October we went through passport control and collected our luggage then phoned your office to advise. We continued to where our vehicle was parked and advised that at the exit to put £2 parking fee in the basket. We did this only to discover we had to put another £10 to exit the car park!! We can only assume our vehicle had been returned some while before we phoned. Obviously this was an expense we did not expect and never experienced before in the many times we have used a Meet and Greet service. We would be very careful on using this system at. Stansted in the future. I look forward to receiving some kind of explanation.
October 11, 2014