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Scott G

Left my car with this meet and greet service at Stansted, this weekend just gone. When I left my car, it was with an eastern European man with a tracksuit on, why didn’t take any photos of my car, just took my keys and went. So I was rather concerned as to the whereabouts of my car all weekend. When I Came to pick the car up, I walked up to the car park barrier to wait as there was plenty to time. I saw my car being drove at speed along the road. The same driver, with tracksuit on, stopped when I waved him down, and I told him this was my car. He asked me why I was waiting at the barrier, to which I replied I had been waiting a long time. He swore a couple of “f” words at me, threw my keys at me and left my car at the car park entrance. A very unprofessional, third rate service. I use park and ride around once a month on average from Gatwick. I will never be using this service from Stansted again, and will not be recommending it to anyone. I was worried about the whereabouts of my car all weekend.
March 25, 2019


Avoid. This company are shocking. Customer service was poor. And after receiving my car back, my personal items were missing. Not cheap, not professional, not worth using.
October 31, 2018

Luci Etheridge

Be wary of using this service if you have an evening flight - you end up paying a lot more than the advertised price! First you have to pay exit charges both ways for the short stay car park, which is at least £5 each way. I actually ended up paying £26 on the return as my flight was delayed and arrived at 2am rather than 11.40pm. The car park phoned to inform me they weren’t a 24 hour service so I could either wait until 4am when they opened again, with my 2 small children, or they could leave the car in the short stay car park at midnight and I could pay the cost. Nowhere in my email did it warn me that was a possibility even though I clearly stated my flight arrival time was nearly midnight. I regret not choosing one of the more expensive meet and greet options as it would have been cheaper in the long run. On the plus side, drop off was quick and easy.
September 2, 2018

Patrick Perez-Lopez

Dreadful experience. Car delivered back to me 30 minutes after I called, covered in dust and bird excrement and with a broken driver's side mirror. No apologies or explanation - just rudeness and aggressive behaviour from one of the delivery drivers and inadequate customer service from their 'Customer Service Manager'. Avoid this company - there are much more professional ones around.
June 28, 2018

Stephen Rapicano

My car came back abused, misused, with the inside covered with mud and with frontal damage. The company deny all knowledge of the accident even though their driver did an inspection when we dropped the car off. Avoid this company at all costs and check the underlying limited company Whole Group Ltd (10481187) on UK Gov Companies House website for more information.
April 12, 2018

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K Rod

Please read ALL up to date reviews for this company- SMG They DO NOT state on email about the £5 charge for both times they come into the car park. Also DO NOT state on the email that there is a £20 charge if you have to change your time. As per information above states it's £15. When I called to change my time 3.5 hours before the original time, I was told about said charge of £20. When I queried this, I was told they don't know whats written in the paper work just what they have to charge. Great Start. I then decided to read the reviews.......whoops. Considered cancelling but budget wouldn't allow to pay more in parking. I was worried about my car (Bought new only a few weeks ago) as some reviews stated they had damage to their cars and SMG took no responsibility. Luckily my car was returned in the same condition as I left it, all be it a bit dirtier so must have been kept outside but at least it wasn't damaged. The lady who dropped it off though couldn't park for toffee..... All in all an extra £30 paid and I could have got another highly recommended company for the same cost. Not Value for money and most definatly NOT recommended
September 25, 2017

Diane Doe

Booked SMG through UK Park & Fly. Have to say this was the worst experience of meet and greet we have ever had! Operator refused to acknowledge evidence of flight changes made 6 months prior to arrival, charged us £30 for an extra day that we had already paid UKPF for and then informed us that we wouldn't be able to collect our car until 2 hours after our landing time as they were closed between 12 and 4 am. They refused to contact their manager themselves, I had to him ring from my phone. Attitude of manager was most unhelpful and we were left with the impression that "if you don't like it, lump it!" Customer service skills zero! All that being said, the gentleman who returned our car at the end of our holiday was courteous and polite and wasn't surprised to hear about our unpleasant issues at the start of our holiday. UKPF assured me that changes had been sent to SMG and provided evidence to substantiate this. Will NEVER use this operator again!!
September 17, 2017

Liz Cave

Very disappointing customer service team. The extra £10 charge was not explained to us, when the booking was made. Non flexible apparently didnt covers us, if we broke our leg???? Unable to cancel booking without incurring additional £20 charge?? Lairy operator accused us of "penny pinching" after selling us "Flexible option" Also said his time was more important than mine?? AVOID THIS COMPANY.
September 6, 2017

Paul Hawkings

Both arrival & return meetings were fine, BUT, petrol went missing during the time they had my car. I only had just enough left to reach a petrol station to fill up upon our return. When I left the car there was more than enough fuel to complete my journey home. I didn't notice this until after the delivery driver had left so I have no explanation but suspect that my car was used as a shuttle for other drivers whilst we were away. I'm not happy and will not use this company again.
March 26, 2017


Very good service, very quick and hassle free. They also seem flexible if you arrive early. However, i felt duped this year at having to pay short stay parking fees(about £6) on top of what we had already paid when this had not been the case in the past. I would definitely use the service again but the extra charges are worth bearing in mind, especially if you are on a tight budget.
October 29, 2013