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Directions information


You MUST call the number on your confirmation or the number on your confirmation when you are approximately 15 minutes from Stansted and the representative will guide you to the drop off point.

If you are early we will endeavour to accommodate your new arrival time. A minimum of 30 minute's notice is required. If you do not call us and arrive before your booked arrival time we cannot guarantee that a driver will be there to meet you. If you arrive in the Car Park before your agreed arrival time you will be subject to Short Stay Car Park charges.

If you are running late you must call us at least 30 minutes prior to your booked arrival time. We will then endeavour to re-book a new arrival time, subject to an additional cost of £15. If you do not call us and arrive after your booked arrival time we cannot guarantee a driver will be available to meet you.

Returning to Collect Your Car
After collecting your luggage you must call us on the number on your confirmation or the number on your confirmation. If you only have hand luggage please call after clearing passport control. Remain inside the Terminal Building until you reach CHECK IN ZONE D. Proceed through the sliding glass doors opposite and take the RAMP DOWN to the RED SHORT STAY CAR PARK. At the bottom turn right and your vehicle will be waiting next to the RED BOLLARDS.

Your vehicle will be ready for collection approximately 30 minutes after your flight has landed. If for any reason you experience a delay after landing you must contact us. If no contact is received after one hour of landing a waiting fee of £7.50 per hour, or part thereof, will be charged. You are required, once all luggage has been collected to contact us. A waiting fee of £7.50 per hour, or part thereof, will be charged if the vehicle is not collected within 15 minutes from the time of your call.

Arrival procedure information

Arrival procedure

You MUST call us on one of the numbers provided when you are approximately 15 minutes from Stansted. Our representative will guide you to the drop off point.

Return procedure information

Return procedure

You will be met in the short stay car park. Please follow all the instructions on your voucher carefully.

Security information


Your vehicle will be parked in a secured compound. The area is fenced with security fencing and CCTV. All our drivers are fully insured.


Stansted Airport CM24 1RW

Distance to airport

Meet and Greet.

Transfers from airport

Transfers not required as this a Meet and Greet service.

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Stansted SMG Meet and Greet reviews

Our average review score for Stansted SMG Meet and Greet is 2.5 from 12 reviews.

Avoid. This company are shocking. Customer service was poor. And after receiving my car back, my personal items were missing. Not cheap, not professional, not worth using.

October 31, 2018

Be wary of using this service if you have an evening flight - you end up paying a lot more than the advertised price! First you have to pay exit charges both ways for the short stay car park, which is at least £5 each way. I actually ended up paying £26 on the return as my flight was delayed and arrived at 2am rather than 11.40pm. The car park phoned to inform me they weren’t a 24 hour service so I could either wait until 4am when they opened again, with my 2 small children, or they could leave the car in the short stay car park at midnight and I could pay the cost. Nowhere in my email did it warn me that was a possibility even though I clearly stated my flight arrival time was nearly midnight. I regret not choosing one of the more expensive meet and greet options as it would have been cheaper in the long run. On the plus side, drop off was quick and easy.

September 2, 2018

Dreadful experience. Car delivered back to me 30 minutes after I called, covered in dust and bird excrement and with a broken driver's side mirror. No apologies or explanation - just rudeness and aggressive behaviour from one of the delivery drivers and inadequate customer service from their 'Customer Service Manager'. Avoid this company - there are much more professional ones around.

June 28, 2018

My car came back abused, misused, with the inside covered with mud and with frontal damage. The company deny all knowledge of the accident even though their driver did an inspection when we dropped the car off. Avoid this company at all costs and check the underlying limited company Whole Group Ltd (10481187) on UK Gov Companies House website for more information.

April 12, 2018

Please read ALL up to date reviews for this company- SMG They DO NOT state on email about the £5 charge for both times they come into the car park. Also DO NOT state on the email that there is a £20 charge if you have to change your time. As per information above states it's £15. When I called to change my time 3.5 hours before the original time, I was told about said charge of £20. When I queried this, I was told they don't know whats written in the paper work just what they have to charge. Great Start. I then decided to read the reviews.......whoops. Considered cancelling but budget wouldn't allow to pay more in parking. I was worried about my car (Bought new only a few weeks ago) as some reviews stated they had damage to their cars and SMG took no responsibility. Luckily my car was returned in the same condition as I left it, all be it a bit dirtier so must have been kept outside but at least it wasn't damaged. The lady who dropped it off though couldn't park for toffee..... All in all an extra £30 paid and I could have got another highly recommended company for the same cost. Not Value for money and most definatly NOT recommended

September 25, 2017