Stansted Official Short Stay Premium - Yellow Zone reviews

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Here are some comments that our customers have made about Stansted Official Short Stay Premium - Yellow Zone

N Dybisz

Easy in, easy out. Short covered walk from terminal. Perfect
May 5, 2018

R Mcdowell

The parking experience is to me the only good part about Stansted Airport. You arrive at the nominated time , select a parking space and secure the car. The Terminal is stressful, the security checks are rushed;there is no common sense applied. the route through the retail section should be by- passed as it is a torture chamber. Accessing the gates and embarking is not fluid , with passengers and their luggage being requested to wait in the weather outside whilst the plane service crew undertake simple tasks. On the return you wait to disembark for over half an hour whilst the support team are contracted to undertake the task. The delayed return flight takes the flight outside the normal working hours at Stansted. Then the luggage is delayed getting to the carousel for a further hour. Finally you get to leave the Terminal building without a cheerio from anyone in authority or access to a drink of water. A healthy stroll to your car which starts first time and whisks you off to a good nights sleep. - Car parking is great - please sort out Stansted Airport
April 6, 2018

William newell

Entry was fine and very close to the terminal but on exit the barrier wouldn’t lift and the card machine demanded £180 outstanding charge even though I’d paid in advance. Being small hours, very dark and the exit area being un lit, I couldn’t see the call button and this caused stress as a queue was behind me. Same thing happened to the car in front of me so I was already wound up. Once I spoke to someone and gave name and reg the barrier was lifted. Doubt I’ll use it again.
March 13, 2018

B Silva

Great park!
February 19, 2018

Mr G Shorrock

Outrageously expensive. Everything else great.
February 17, 2018

IAN Black

All coolio! Car park near the terminal, 5-10 minute walk depending where you are parked. Entry/exit no problem. Go on, book it!
February 14, 2018

D Robertson

Straight through on arrival at car park, found a space easily and only a few minutes walk to the terminal. Then on exit it was as easy as driving to the barrier and going straight through. Would definitely recommend this car park to anyone flying from Stansted airport.
February 12, 2018

P Derda

Easy and without stress.
October 22, 2017

J Sarmiento

A good experience overall.
October 6, 2017

L Whitehead

convenient, reasonable amount of room for parking and standard cost for short stay. i will use again
July 6, 2017

A Wordley

Excellent. Easy to book. Good discount. Short walk to and from the terminal.
May 26, 2017

M Hume

We managed to get access OK in the morning. As we tried to leave in the evening, there was a considerable queue to leave and I had to rely on a willing driver to allow me to reverse out of my spot after several minutes. My passenger has medical needs and we had a meeting booked so we kept calm but this was challenging after a day that started at 4am! When we got to the exit barriers the one on the right was blocked as a driver was trying to sort out a difficulty including that the barrier was not fully raised. Drivers behind were getting very angry . I pulled up at the other barrier, and my ticket was rejected ( machine couldn`t read it) I pressed the assistance button - eventually got a response and with some checks with the staff member I was then allowed to leave but so slow- causing even greater jams in the car park! I`m unsure whether i`d use Stansted again - it was considerable walking back to the car park plus the experience mentioned above. We are both able to walk distances but ... tour experience could have been potentially dangerous to safe onward road journey in the depths of winter. More proactive supervision of the car park efficiency is needed.
January 19, 2017

A Utley

good price and easy location. just a bit slow getting out with the auto recognition not working for a few of us (including us) so had to call up at the barrier
January 16, 2017

P Levin

Simple - easy and serves its purpose well.
December 17, 2016

L Semetilo

It was brilliant, quick and easy. Thank you, I will use it again.
November 14, 2016

Ms J Powell

Car not recognised, had to take ticket to get in. To get out, car registration not recognised, took a while to call for help, find my details and let me out without paying more...I paid in advance. So , not smooth, but resolved quickly
August 13, 2016

A Oconnor

Car parking was ok. The rest of Stansted. The flight was twice the price it should be. The passport scanner didn't work (again). 2 fire alarms went off and nearly missed my plane. Security is an absolute nonsense. I will never fly from Stansted again.
June 23, 2016

Neil Berry

Do not use this car park!!!!!...My car was damaged and the CCTV does not work and you are told 'tough'. Also the number plate recognition does not work resulting in lengthy queues to exit. Totally disorganised and unhelpful in the event of any query or problem. Empark UK just aren't interested in customer service or satisfaction.
December 10, 2015

Mrs C Kearns

My car registration was not recognised at the barrier so I had to call for assistance which spoit the experience a little as the operator was grumpy. Otherwise easy and straightforward. Strongly advise you anyone takes a copy of all the paperwork as proof of purchase.
January 22, 2015

C Harris

Easy to book and no problems
January 20, 2015