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Tony hewson

Not to far to walk from car Will be better if they finish the pathway that’s more direct Easy to park and anpr is brilliant no ticket needed which is always a problem to keep safe for a week
January 4, 2020

Alan Crisp

Hard to find a space to park, signage to Terminal is way out making the walk far longer than necessary, no bus arrived, nd to walk a long, long, long way in freezing conditions. On return had the same long walk but without the unnecessary route around the car park as signage advises. Awful.....better to use mid-term and get the bus.....although that has been abroad for us in the past too. I advise, get a taxi to and from airportif you can afford it. This place is a bloody nightmare.
March 16, 2019


I arrived at Stansted Blue short stay after midnight in freezing conditions. I had discarded my record of the booking number as the ticket said on return barrier would open automatically as I had prepaid. It did not. I booked on airport parking as I had an important day at work and wanted to get home as early as possible as it was a late evening flight. The staff were atrocious, telling me I had to pay £184 or they would not let me out. This now was early hours, very cold and understandably I was upset. They told me to 'calm down' and nothing could be done. I would have to pay the 'ransome' there and then or they would not let me out. I would question the legality let alone the humanity of this. They said the manger agreed and when I asked about complaints they said google it. This was their error, not mine! I spoke today to a colleague who had had a similar experience. I finally got home much later than expected and consequently was exhausted for work. I complained (of course) and got a standard reply saying if it happens again i should call for assistance. Grrrr! They hadn't even read the complaint!
February 18, 2019

Andrew Creaney

Driver not the most polite person all comment on boarding bus to return was blue stay no greeting when asked to stop near row F only comment bus stop. No other passengers on bus. that left us to walk in misty rain. Very surprised if that is what you would call good customer service never again.
January 17, 2019

Alexandar Vlahov

Very happy, 7 minutes from the terminal, no complications at all, no transfers, no waste of time. Used it couple of times already and will use it again.
November 21, 2018

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Mrs Howard

After booking this carpark online and then reading the reviews, I was starting to get worried! However our experience was absolutely problem free! Directions were straightforward and we entered with no problem. The barrier just lifted after the machine issued a ticket and we found a space. We took a picture of the zone we were in to help us find car on return. We then expected to walk to the terminal...however a small bus was wating outside the carpark in the Blue Zone space and we just got on it! We were the only ones so no problem with space. Driver dropped us off right outside terminal. On return, a bus was waiting in the Blue Zone pick up so we literally got on it straight away...again, we were the only ones! So for us it was all smooth and hassel free. In fairness, I don't know how long it would have taken to walk, it is said about 20 mins and I didn't know there was a bus service for these short stay carparks, so for others reviewers, I can appreciate it would have been hassel to walk especially if it was raining. But there is a bus service and we were fortunate both ways. The barrier lifted to exit, no ticket required. A positive experience!! :)
October 21, 2018

John Fenton

Book mid stay it will be quicker! On arrival had to drive slowly around looking for a space car park was nearly full. Loads of one way systems which added to the hassle of the search. Rows did not appear to be numbered just signs giving the zones. Having found the space do not follow signage to terminal as it is not in that direction. Given the time of finding a space and the the LONG walk to the terminal this is a car park I will avoid on future bookings. There is no shelter for most of the walk so if raining expect to be get wet!
September 30, 2018

Steve de Looze

Dreadful experience. It's advertised as Short Stay and close to the terminal. It's anything but! It's a long way from the terminal and there's a bus at the end of it with no bus stops throughout the car park itself! I could only find a space at the very far end of the car park and so had to lug my case a quarter of a mile to the bus. On my return, I followed the signs, expecting them to take me to the bus stop but no! The signs take you outside down a long walkway (about half a mile to the car park) and then I had another quarter mile to my car! All the while you're lugging your case. Good job it wasn't raining. You have been warned. Gross misrepresentation - you might as well park in the Long Term one.
September 22, 2018

Claire Hobson

Best carpark ever.
September 17, 2018

W Ocallaghan

Easy to find and enter and exit
August 29, 2018