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Mr Richard Templeton

You listed Pink Elephant as a suitable Stansted Park and Ride car park. Accordingly we paid £80 for two weeks parking. During this two weeks, Pink Elephant went into liquidation! As a result we had to pay a further £80 to CSL Stansted Parking to recover our car! As you recommended Pink Elephant in the first place, the fault and responsibility must lie with you for our £80 loss. We expect therefore to receive a refund of our parking fee from Airport Parking Shop with immediate effect. Please refund this sum to the account from which the original fee was paid. Failure to do so will leave you liable for further action. Mr R Templeton
November 13, 2017

desislava dimitrova

WORST PLACE!!! THESE PEOPLE ARE COWBOYS!! AVOID!!! DAMAGE TO MY CAR!!! DODGY PEOPLE!!!Left my car there for 12 days. When we came back the front number plate was damaged-hanging on one side, also there was damage to my front bumper.The car was covered with bird poo everywhere the tyres had mud on them. The staff tried to cover it and to convince me that it was like that when we arrived, when we said that that is not true they gave us some piece of paper called a 'complain form' which has no use. Absolutely disgusting. COWBOYS!!!
November 8, 2017

Miss Berrebha

Perfect only 3min from airport-shuttle departs and arrive promptly very smooth transit-thank you
November 2, 2017

Mrs Alison Herdman

Sat nav took me to the back of beyond! Once found all went well
November 2, 2017

Mr Ronnie Osullivan

Great parking
November 1, 2017

Tony Farley

All went well except for the instructions to find the Pink Elephant park and Ride site - poorly worded instructions and badly signposted so allow extra time to find them.
October 29, 2017

Mr Slawomir Spalek

Nowhere was it written that we still had to pay 4 pounds for two for the transfer, it was not nice and waited for the transfer back is not 3 minutes as written but 20 minutes
October 24, 2017

Mr Christopher Rafferty

Not one single problem. Would certainly use again. Return was great and didn't wait long at all. Drivers and staff courteous. Good all round.
September 29, 2017

Robert Batty

This is much more convenient than the normal Stansted parking (Pink Elephant) Instead of standing in the cold at a bus-stop at 4.30am for 15 minutes and then taking what seems like 20 minutes journey I got straight into a minibus which took about 4 minutes. It is slightly cheaper too. I was quoted £103 for Pink Elephant while this site was £89. Be aware that you pay £1 each way for minibus so it's really £91 for one person - but still cheaper and much more convenient. Also there's a toilet by office but none at Pink Elephant.
September 15, 2017

Miss Samantha Wenzel

Really great service and staff. Drop off and pick up really quick and smooth . Would definitely use again .
September 4, 2017

Mr Ioan Florin Paul

The best
September 3, 2017

Mr Gary Lyons

Brilliant from start to finish, professional and prompt service.
August 14, 2017

Mr F Ward

Quick, efficient, handy and friendly. Would recommend and will use again.
August 6, 2017

Mr Michael Stimpson

I have generally found UK airport parking expensive and poor quality. Pink elephant joins the bunch. I arrived at 4.10 am, after parking the car a guy comes out asking me to move to another space. I then waited 40 minutes for the shuttle to the terminal. While waiting I saw a staff member take a customer's car for a spin. When I arrived back at Stansted nobody picked up the phone. I noticed the shuttle coming about 10 mins later. Back at the "car park" i was shown the general direction where my car was to be found. After I located it, found it to be standing in water 1" deep beside a barn. It was fairly close parked end to end and took some time to get it out, no assistance given. All this for £90 for 2 weeks!
July 31, 2017

Mr Peter O'donnell

Good value, great location a couple of mins from the terminal, regular shuttles.
July 23, 2017

Mr Colin Allen Foulkes

We have always found this service very well run staff drivers etc are courteous and busses excellent. However the reason we marked it down a little was for the reason that the untidyness of area A was bad rubbish and untidyness not a good advert for Britain ? Also in area A the car when we returned was coverred in a sticky substance I would think sap from the bushes or trees surrounding that area , otherwise thanks for years of exc ellent service ..Regards Colin A Foulkes
June 23, 2017

Dr Kris Kuczera

Good service on the way out; not so pleasant on the way back.
June 9, 2017

Ms Angela Knight

Service were good and reasonable. Would use their parking facilities again.
May 10, 2017

Miss Sarah-jane Hamilton

Quick, easy & great value will use again
May 9, 2017

Mrs Emma Brotherton

Pro's: •The paperwork was correct upon arriving at 'Purple Parking Pink Elephant Park and Ride'. •The booking was easy to make via 'The Airport Parking Shop'. • Competitive price Con's: • It wasn't clear in the paperwork that the 2-3 minute transfer in the small mini bus was going to cost £2 per head. A small fee but unexpected (and can add up to a significant amount for families like ours). •Slow processing of clients, (considering the minimal paperwork required). •Staff could have been better communicators and friendly. • There should have been a thorough process for checking the condition of the car. The staff said they would take photographs of the car after we left. I felt uncomfortable not having signed a diagram to show that there was one small scuff on the back bumper and a scuff on one alloy. (I wanted to photograph the car before leaving, but was unable due to circumstances). Unfortunately, I cannot now prove an alloy wheel was damaged in their care. • It isn't made clear that the staff would be frequently moving the car. I only found out on the day, and had I known at the time of searching for parking, I would have chosen a different option.
April 14, 2017

Mr Gytis Siurna

February 22, 2017

Mrs Susan Leech

I was very pleased with the service that I got from the Pink Elephant Park and Ride. The staff were very pleasant quick service with a smile and then quickly taken by Mini Bus for a short ride to the Airport. Also excellent service for picking you up from a return flight to collect your car. Being the first I used this service which I will use again I think it would be a good idea to have a larger sign displayed at the entrance to the parking. I now know where it is but for future reference this it would be better for people using this excellent service for the first time. Many Thanks.
February 21, 2017

Mr Andrew Bear

Both buses arrived within minutes. On return driver announced all stop and zone numbers, which is always helpful.
February 17, 2017

Mr Michael Moore

Very good service . No delays , quick and easy check in process . No waiting for transport . Direct shuttle to and from airport . I would use this service again .
January 10, 2017

Miss Shathi Haque

Service overall great, quick to process admin on both sides. Very close to the airport transfer quick and smooth. Few points to improve 1. The drop off point isn't marked very clearly. We were running late and drove straight past it as it wasn't lit up in anyway. 2 some communication could be done either on line or via text. Having to use paper work to find telephone numbers seemed old school 3 the company we used were called CSL not pink elephant so a little confusing on pick up. All together great service, friendly polite staff. Super quick transfers
November 14, 2016


Excellent service each time we have used them. Handled a change of return date very professionally.
October 13, 2016

David Nichols

This was all done last minute so the normal Meet & Greet option was well over priced at Stanstead - so found a competitive rate here with Pink Elephant. It's the cheapest option and you get what you pay for. The guys at the desk are polite and organised but short on staff. Having to wait on someone else's times scales when travelling out and back home are not something I appreciated. We sat in the taxi for 15 minutes before it left and waited 20 minutes for it to pick us up outside the terminal. Pink elephant and CSI are one and the same by the way. Don't forget your £1 per person each way additional charge for the taxi.
September 20, 2016

Mr Timothy Philpot

The transitions were fast, quick slick paper work. Very efficient, good price and friendly. Approximately 15 min peak time traffic que delay getting into the airport, which i think would have been bypassed with the Stansted long stay busses (more expensive though).
September 6, 2016

Mrs Lesley Walker

Drop off and collection went smoothly and employees were polite and friendly . Negative points were that transport was not clean internally and it was very much " sort yourself " attitude when getting cases and person on board. This was particularly noticeable when a lady with four children was left to load all her bags and cases alone and one of her children found a dress making pin in the seat! We were left to close boot and side door whilst the driver was on his phone. Maybe more staff would help and allow a degree of service when boarding the transport/ cleaning etc?
August 31, 2016

Mr Charles Chaney

Parking and pick up were fine. The car however was very dirty and had obviously been standing in the rain in a muddy area.
August 18, 2016