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If the point of meet and greet is so that you can exit the airport and collect your car within a few short minutes then there is no point going here. Had to queue for a solid 30 minutes to get my keys back. Kind of defeats the object. Honestly not worth the money and it'd be better to go for cheaper park and ride options. I live close enough that I may even consider a taxi in future. Stansted Meet and Greet with a total waste of money.
May 25, 2019

Terence Barry

This is the response we received when we collected our damaged car. We was reassured at the airport that the car would be repaired, not problems. Please read below. Unbelievable. Wish I could connect photos. Stansted airport meet and greet is going under reconstruction. Our car was so badly parked, it was protruding out far more than any other car in the so called lane. "Dear Mr Barry, We are sorry to hear that you have contacted us with regards to your visit to Meet & Greet at Stansted Airport. We have received an Incident Report in relation to your claim that your vehicle was damaged whilst using the Official Meet & Greet Service at Stansted Airport. Having received the documentation that is used throughout the Meet & Greet Service we are unable to accept that the damage was caused by the negligence of Stansted Airport Ltd. We can see that your vehicle was returned to Meet & Greet with no damage and our driver parked your car with no issues reported. We can conclude that the damage to your car was caused by a third party vehicle when they left Meet & Greet, it is the responsibility of the owner of that vehicle that has caused damage to leave a note and inform you. There is no indication as to where any damage to your vehicle occurred under the Terms and Conditions of the Official Meet & Greet Service. Please see below: 7.2 M&G vehicle claims cannot be considered unless they are reported and documented prior to departure from the car park. We accept no liability for loss or damage, including any damage to your vehicles paintwork (including where caused by a third-party) unless proved to be caused by our negligence. We are therefore unable to accept liability for the damage on your vehicle. Kind regards, Customer Service Team Car Parks."
February 19, 2019

Alexandra Willard

My Porsche Cayenne Turbo was driven 80 miles by a short driver who changed my seat settings and air conditioning- about a quarter of a tank of petrol used! The car was parked under the flight path as it was covered in jet fuel which would not have happened in the normal lot. Clearly taken for a jolly for the week! Never again. AVOID
January 5, 2019

Shamina Ahmed

The name is very misleading as there is no one to meet you, it’s very badly signposted and the parking guys at the airport were no help in giving directions to the meet and greet office. It would have been better to stay at short stay car park. All in all avoid!
December 7, 2018

Ariful latif

My car was crack when I returned it after my holiday. I made a complained but meet and greet respond made me so sad. I like to take this irresponsible parking company to court. Please any one do not park or give you car to this cow boy company. They will damage your car and say liability is yours. I had to spend hundreds of pound to repair it. Please any authority reading it, please take some action. I also know it will be just a another review. Nothing will be done. No justice for this horrible cow boy parking company. So sad sorry.
November 13, 2018

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Georgia Carter

The day I come back from my holiday, I had forgotten where I parked my car. I spoke to a man called Tony at the long stay car park, he assisted us in finding my car, and putting our luggage inside, as well as making sure we left safetly. He was a very polite and helpful man.
November 3, 2018

James Murphy

This service should be renamed “car park”! There was no meeting or greeting involved. We have used meet and greet at other airports on many occasions and I can safely say this is the worst one. We booked it as our return flight was landing at 12:30am and with children travelling with us we didn’t want to mess around walking or shuttling back to the car. After walking out the terminal we found we had to walk to the office to collect our car key and was then directed to the furthest “Opal” section to retrieve our car. This is not my idea of meet and greet. Will not be using this service again at Stansted, could have book a standard car park for less and been closer!
October 28, 2018

S Elliott

When I arrived at the airport after my holiday I discovered that the car had been damaged - at first I was told that the person who had moved my car into the pound had had trouble getting the car into gear, then I discovered that the bumper and paintwork were damaged. When I reported the damage to the office, I was given a case number but I've written to the company twice to lodge a complaint and had no response for a month. I suspect that the whole operation is run by cowboys - it's impossible to get in touch with them and if there's an issue they clearly avoid any contact.
October 21, 2018

Simon Hughes

DO NOT PAY FOR THIS SERVICE - It is not Meet and greet at any stretch of the imagination. A flipping rip off just to give some people some work and pay them your money. They lost my car on return and I waited 50 neonates for them to locate it. Bunch of idiots. This service should be renamed pull up, walk off and search for car. The worst service I have ever had, and I travel 5 times each year. Use the orange parking, much much easier
September 30, 2018

Janet Salmon

Perfect parking option,staff are friendly and very helpful. Easy to find both going and returning. Excellent.
September 27, 2018