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Mr Blackmore

Very helpful and does exactly what it says on the tin,
March 27, 2018

Mr Adams

Great service no problems brilliant
February 28, 2018

Mr Demetri

The car park is not far from the airport, but if your driving there at night for the first time it seems further away than it actually is. There is a shuttle service which takes you to the airport and picks you up on your return for £1 each way. But why is this not included in the quoted price?
February 24, 2018

Mr Cindea

Good customer services the only thing is that it was a bit to far from the airport. I would recommend if you do not mind the distance of 10 min to be drop off.
February 18, 2018

Ms Mason

Easy fast and value for money
February 12, 2018

Mr Manuel

A really great friendly experience at a competitive price. Would definitely recommend. Follow the directions on the booking form.
December 21, 2017

Mr Maciej Michalak

Hello, Unfortunately this is not going to be a good one! I have been waiting for the feedback from the S.o.S 'The old corn barn' car park for nearly 3 months , issue reported on 12 Sept over the phone, then sent 3 emails with pictures, videos, garage statement updates and finally talked to the office staff (three times) and (I presume) the owner about month ago who ensured me that they would go back to me within 7 days...still waiting... Finally got to the point that I am not waiting for anything from them any more enough is enough I Don't want to have anything to do with this business anymore. Just in a nutshell I dropped my car of at S.o.S car park on the 8 Sep ( full tank of petrol at that time in as no to worry about petrol when returned from holiday) I cam back on Monday 11 Sep - picked up the car, drove off and realized that the petrol level was nearly at the bottom level, decided to put a petrol in first and go back to car park to ask them what happened, leak etc?. Got to the petrol station, put the petrol in just to find out that it all ended up (a second after ) on the floor like a waterfall !! I called my insurance, they sent mechanic who provided me with his report of petrol theft/petrol tank been tampered with - there is literally hole from the screwdriver in my tank. I had to cover the cost of towing the car to my town (£270) - done by 2 cars so it took 8 hours to get back home at 2 am , estimated repair would cost more than the car was worth ( old Vauxhall) so after couple of weeks of trying to fix it (commuting to work by bus and cycling) decided to scrap it. When I phoned the S.O.S Parking on 12th Sept the gentleman on the phone told me that indeed they noticed there was a lot of petrol left on the grass when my car was parked and after and had driven off... The most annoying thing is that I really tired to get any feedback from them ( I have reported the case with Essex police but it was closed as they couldn't find anything) contacting the car park several time and all I heard was we will get back to you. I am not a scammer and not trying to get compensated for nothing. The bottom line is I brought them a car with petrol in , and picked it up with a hole in the tank !! I have used this car park before once an it was all good hence my even more disappointment from the customer service I got on this occasion. I will not use this facility any more and just wanted to warn others. Thank you
December 10, 2017

Mr Osita Ugbolue

October 30, 2017

Mr John Wells

Very helpful staff and efficient service. Would definitely recommend and would use again.
October 2, 2017

Mr Wesolowski

Quick and simple
September 28, 2017

Don Mac

Charged extra £2.00 cash per person to take to terminal and return to car. Did not see this till after booking as it is tucked away. Also, took 12 minute (with clear roads to drive to car, NOT 6 minutes).
September 27, 2017

Diana Parkinson

Our return was fine - although we had to wait about 20 minutes at the airport to be picked up - but the process of leaving the car on departure was a nightmare! It was really hard to find the place and it was much further from the airport than we had expected. The van was waiting to leave with a bunch of people, some of whom had been waiting 25 minutes to leave and were really stressed about missing their flight. The driver then drove like a lunatic down the dark lanes. It was not a good experience.
September 20, 2017

Miss Sarah Thomason

The staff are rude. On departure we had to wait 20 minutes for the bus to pick us up with no apology. On arrival back to the UK the driver was more interested in checking his mobile phone than helping us with our suitcases. We were 2 ladies who had to struggle loading them on. Would not recommend. Perhaps the staff might consider attending a customer service course.
September 18, 2017

Mr Steffen Folgert

The car park is not 6 min from terminal. 15 minutes more like it. The car park is muddy and gravelled. The reception in a filthy barn. Minibus smelled of animal manure. Driver friendly. However the time from calling to driver arriving in agreed location took too long. Close to 25-30 min after i called. Would not use again.
September 12, 2017

Mr Maciej Michalak

Very good experience, quick and smooth Value for £. Thanks
September 6, 2017

Mr T Mrozek

Easy to get, however a bit far from the airport.
September 2, 2017

Mr Leon Twigg

Do exactly what you would expect and to a very efficient standard. From drop off to pick up it was punctual and stress free.
August 30, 2017

Mr Bukola Olalekan

It served the purpose
August 29, 2017

Mrs Carol Ireland

The staff seemed a bit flustered and not the most pleasant . When dropped off I asked the lady where we would find our car she said just go out and press ca key and watch for lights as she had no time to help we were walking about in the field then the man came and said it would be parked down the side what were we thinking walking in the field !
August 22, 2017

Miss Jill Gottlieb

Easy to use and great service. Just a bit hard to find and looked literally like a farm! Would use again
August 18, 2017

Mrs Jen Skym

I was shocked and appalled that on the return journey, our minibus driver was on his mobile phone. No handsfree or bluetooth headset. The driver took several calls whilst driving back, with a full minibus including my unseatbelted 2 year old son. It is just inexcusable and I wish I had said something at the time. Otherwise he was polite, friendly and helpful, as were all the staff and I was happy with the parking and transfer times. I cannot get past a bus driver being on his phone. Safety is clearly not a priority and for that reason I will never use your parking again and will be certain not to recommend you.
August 16, 2017

Mr Paul Saunders

Customer experience confused, concerned regarding legitimacy of operation leaving car in a farmers yard. Considered expensive compared to similar experience at Gatwick Would I use again, need a hard consideration to do so
August 15, 2017

Mr Tom Devlin

Very pleased with the service I would recommend .dropping off and pickup on time don't delay phone today u won't be disappointed 170
August 10, 2017


We rang as requested 15mins before arriving at carpark so that connecting transport would be waiting. Reception closed, and waited further 20mins before bus turned up. We were then charged £6.00 for the bus connection. On returning, we had to wait 30mins to be picked up from airport. The coach driver was the only member of staff working and took phone calls whilst driving, picking up a clip board to tick off waiting clients details also whist still driving. I would not park my car with SOS parking again.
August 6, 2017

Mr Malgorzata Msichili

Excellent customer service and great value for money
August 4, 2017

Mrs Pauline Davies

We booked our parking at Stanstead airport with directions from M11. We were completely stuck on the M25 and had to leave the M25 and try to find an alternative route in order to make our flight. I phoned the office of purple parking and explained that we would have to get to them a different way and was told that we need to get back on specified route in order to follow directions. The lady then said that they closed at 6 and offered no alternative to help. We had been on route for 5 hours on a trip that should only have taken 2 and only 35 minutes left to the flight when we arrived at Stanstead so had to make the decision to find parking at the airport. On our return we were charged £100 for the 3 nights parked and also lost the £35 paid to purple parking. We were disappointed With the response from purple parking and maybe a sorry might have helped. Needless to say we will not be using them again.
August 1, 2017

Dr Katrina Inch

Overall I don't get the impression the car was as secure as the description stated, and was a little disappointed I had to wait 20-25 minutes for a pick up, even though I called after I had collected my luggage, as was going through customs.
July 14, 2017


Used it twice and definitely wouldn't use it again. Both times had to wait about 40 minutes to be picked up. It's cheaper than other parking companies but I would rather pay a little bit more and get a better service.
May 29, 2017

Mr Gareth Lewis

Staff were friendly and the small family run business works hard to make things run smooth. The price was very competitive. I would use them again. The only thing to be aware of is that transfers cost an extra £1 per person each way when you arrive but this is probably caused by the airport charging for you to be dropped off so is not an unfair request
May 10, 2017

Mrs Dawn Thompson

Very easy process would definitely use again
April 30, 2017