Stansted Official Mid Stay reviews

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Here are some comments that our customers have made about Stansted Official Mid Stay

James Mumford

Has changed car (wrote off the one I originaly booked with). Did this online & fortunately keit the booking receipt. Arrived at the Exit. The System did not recognise this booked change. Needed printed receipt with New cars number on it to proove the point.
November 6, 2019

Mark Duckett

Cheaper to pay at the Airport than on line !! Total Con
September 11, 2019

Terry Godden

Pre booked and paid in advance. Car park was easy to find and enter. Bus transfer was very efficient. On return transfer buses came very fast. Couldn't get on first bus but next one came within five minutes.
August 12, 2019

Kyran Findlater

Excellent service, showed me exactly what I needed, and I found a good rate and from the official airport parking itself. Booking went smoothly, everything worked well.
May 26, 2019

Patrick Hall

A car park has one main job to do - provide parking. We arrived on Saturday morning for one of the first flights out of Stansted to find that there were no car parking spaces left in any of the open car parking zones. None. We know this because we drove around each one at least once trying to find a space over a period of 25 minutes. Eventually we followed a car into a closed zone which had cars in and found that there was a single space available which we took. Needless to say the bus stop was closed so we had a lug our luggage to one for a zone that was open. I can definitely say that our experience was not a one off as we observed cars parked on verges - no doubt by travellers desperate not to miss their flights - with frost of their windows. This indicated that they had been parked at least the day before. Perhaps if you arrive after the first inbound flights have arrived you may be okay finding a space as the inbound travellers will be collecting their cars and freeing up spaces. However, on our experience I would definitely say beware using this car park particularly if your flight is early in the morning.
April 21, 2019


Disastrous. Paid and on arrival the APNR did not work. On exit I had to pay £120 as my booking had not been recognised. Absolutely a failed service.
March 16, 2019

Jacqueline Briggs

Simple to book, easy to find, regular buses so no hanging around. Couldn’t fault the service from start to finish
November 25, 2018


Our trip worked exactly as we had expected. Once through the barrier we quickly found parking and a bus arrived 6 minutes after we entered the bus stop. On returning we had a few minutes wait for the bus. Overall we got exactly what we paid for and will use the service again. Both drivers were chatty and helpful. So in offering some other comments please don't take these as a compliant, they are just a customer comment: the road arrows in the parking area are worn away. I drove against the traffic and I noticed others also doing so. There are colored panels over the entrance barriers suggesting you need to follow particular routs but they appear to be meaningless - why not use one color? Why did the bus driver ask for area letters rather than bus stop numbers? It caused confusion for passengers on our return journey.
October 30, 2018

David Reeder

Easy to use. Driver was a little erratic however and people were queue jumping outside the terminal.
October 27, 2018

Nicole Trundle

For the first flights of the day, around 6.30am flight, four buses went past full, eventually waited for 30mins to get on a bus. Yes they are every 10 minutes, but are not big enough, or need to be more often early in the morning.
October 18, 2018


Great services, easy to use and good price too. Happy to recommend to friends and family.
October 13, 2018

Dillwyn Rosser

I used the two hour set down and collection for £1. The flight was delayed and it took a long time to get through passport control. The bus was also late by about 20 mins. We were a few minutes over the 2 hours but after trying to explain the situation at the barrier, we had to pay £26 to get out of the car park. The staff were unhelpful and instructed us to pay the money or we could not get out. It was 1.00 am. I had elderly people in the car. Surely the staff know about delays and problems at the airport and can treat customers with courtesy. This service was expensive and very poor. The staff told us to claim the money back on a National Express website, but did not give us any proper details. I looked on the mid stay site but there was nowhere to do this. The whole situation was very stressful for an elderly driver and it affected the drive back home during which I had to stop a number of times due to the stress I encountered at the car park. If there were friendly and helpful staff at the barrier they could have checked with the airport and then allowed us to leave the car park without being financially penalised for events which were not our fault. We are now looking for another airport to use.
October 5, 2018

Jim Nash

Don’t believe the pricing! Very deceiving. It is £2 for 2hrs (you would do well to get to terminal and back in the one hour “free”!).. then it jumps to £26 for 2hrs 1minute. The “Free Set Down is at the end of the bus route. So you are lucky if there is any space left on the buses when they get to you. A cynic would say to ensure maximum income!
September 2, 2018

K Cook

Perhaps a little more clarity re remembering your Zone/Bus Stop number when first dropping car - otherwise an excellent service AND good value: thank you.
August 25, 2018


Bus took ages, bus driver was terrible, did not know how to drive property, gas and break use was horrendous! Families almost falling over, most zones were full, barrier would not open after we prepaid, too much of a risky service to use, had much easier experience with the private firms used in the past
August 18, 2018

I Gibbins

I was returning to my car last night 050818 at 19:30 approx. to the midterm by the overcrowded shuttle bus. I’d parked in zone M1 last Monday as directed the signs. When I asked the bus driver if he could drop me and my family (2yrd old) there he refused. Then started to rant at me that I shouldn’t have parked there and he doesn’t cover these areas. So we had to get off the bus in a different zone and walk till we reached our parking space with all the bags, pram etc... I’m very unhappy at the way this man spoke to me as we were clearly in the right, as we had followed the signs. And what authority does he have refusing to drop me off at the zone.???? Clearly you have not offered the full shuttle service and would like to know what airport parking will do about this ???
August 6, 2018

A Greatrex

excellent service, bus was there ready when I returned so no hanging about.
July 17, 2018

R Laurence

It was entirely trouble free and as expected!
July 17, 2018

S Dempsey

Absolutely no complaints about the Purple Parking service. My experience was entirely positive and I shall definitely use this service again. The parking is somewhat over-priced but nonetheless competitive with what others charge.
July 13, 2018

stuart merry

belated review for the 28.05.18. Getting to the car park fine and exiting no worries. I arrived at the airport just after the lightening strike. No updates from the airport regarding additional people at airport. Real issue is the numbers of buses for the amount of people requiring a bus. Ended up missing the flight as waited for a bus we could get on for 45 minutes (several drove past full) and now being told that this is not the responsibility of the Airport. Could not advise anyone to use the service with confidence and poor response to any service issues encountered.
June 15, 2018